Dizziness and Breathing Problems Forces Top Seed Tennis Star Grigor Dimitrov to Retire in Opening Match

In May 2020, the 31-year-old tennis professional made a video advocating for the controversial Covid “vaccines.”

Top-seed tennis player Grigor Dimitrov was forced to retire this week in his opening match at the Winston Salem Open. As a result, the top 31-year-old Bulgarian player and Covid vaccine advocate had to give up in the second round against Dominic Thiem from Austria. The tournament is part of the US Open Series. It was the last tournament before the US Open in New York.

The first set was total domination from the Bulgarian, winning 80 percent (12-of-15) of the points against Thiem’s serve as he breezed through the opening frame in 25 minutes. Still, after experiencing dizziness and shortness of breath in the second set, he had to pull the plug on his match after a visit from the doctor on the court.

In May 2020, Dimitrov made a video advocating for the controversial Covid “vaccines”:

Despite Dimitrov receiving the Covid “vaccine,” he tested positive in February and had to withdraw from the Dallas Open:

‘Fit and Healthy Athletes.

Dimitrov’s decision to retires come after many “fit and healthy athletes” have been “mysteriously” dropping dead of “unknown causes” or heart complications after receiving the experimental Covid “vaccines.” 

As reported at RAIR Foundation USA last Tuesday, another so-called “unexplained” and “sudden” death of a top athlete tragically occurred. Rob Wardell. A 37-year-old Scottish pro-athlete mountain biker died in his sleep after going into cardiac arrest. Two days before that, Rob won the elite men’s title at the Scottish MTB XC Championships against expectations.

In July, a famous cyclist, 26-year-old Victor Lafay, retired from Tour De France Stage after a ‘mysterious’ sickness. The top athlete and many others in the cycling competition complained of difficulty breathing. Lafay himself said, “I’m having a very hard time breathing. I feel like I don’t have enough oxygen, pain everywhere, legs, etc., no strength, and it’s only getting worse after each stage,” said the rider.”

Just recently, commentator Mark Steyn detailed the many deaths of healthy athletes who have been vaccinated in cycling, rugby, football, boxing, and many other sports:

Moderna Sponsered tournament

Dimitrov will try again to compete during the US Open, depending on his health status. Serbian professional tennis player Novak Djokovic, the number 1 in the world, is not participating in this tournament. This is because the popular, healthy, fit player does not want to receive the controversial “vaccine” for Covid, a condition for entering the United States. Sadly, this has cost him several important matches.

Djokovic made the announcement Thursday morning, shortly before the draw was to be revealed, tweeting, “Sadly, I will not be able to travel to NY this time for US Open.”

He wished luck to his fellow players and said he would “keep in good shape and positive spirit and wait for an opportunity to compete again.”

The US Tennis Association signed a one-year sponsorship deal with the mRNA biotech for this year’s US Open tennis championships, which kicks off Friday, Aug. 29. Moderna will also get signage space at Arthur Ashe Stadium and aims to spread the message about its mRNA work.

As Moderna is gearing up to run a new Covid booster campaign this year in the US, it has recruited tennis legend, Billie Jean King, as part of its US Open sponsorship.

Tagging King in its tweet about the controversial campaign this week, Moderna’s official corporate account said:

Moderna has also created a #ChangeMakers hashtag that runs with an accompanying 30-second video. The video has a dramatic violin overture and shows an old TV sitting on a tennis court playing clips of King’s matches.

It then quickly flips to a full-screen version of King winning a point in a 1970s match, with Moderna’s text saying: “She changed tennis. She changed the way women get paid. She changed history.”

We flip again to King today, sitting courtside and saying directly to the camera: “Be ahead of your time. That’s how you transform the world.” It ends with a quote: “Here’s to the change makers.”

This is a clear message about Moderna itself, which identifies as a so-called “change-maker” by being one of the first companies in the world to use mRNA technology in vaccines.

Just this week, Moderna finished its submission to the FDA for a new emergency use authorization for its tweaked Covid vaccine. Now the pharmaceutical giant claims that unlike its original Covid vaccine, which was authorized in late 2020, the new shot targets “subvariants” of the omicron variant.

In 2021, Moderna reaped $17.7 billion in Spikevax (Covid “vaccine”) sales. For 2022, the biotech has already locked up advanced purchase agreements for its shot worth $21 billion.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • The Vaxxed seem to fall into two camps: “I’m bulletproof, cause I’m not dead yet. Any symptoms will pass quickly because I’m bulletproof.” while the others think, “Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all. Maybe there’s some cure for these symptoms.” The former will always mock the Unvaxxed with smug superiority. The latter (the Awakened) are reachable, and hopefully, curable.

  • Dimitrov: Just take more Covid-19 boosters and everything will be fine.
    The boosters will fix everything.
    You have been paid millions to advocating for Covid “vaccines” so you must live as you teach!

  • The “Inconvenient” Sarrazin has also released a new book:

    Reason and its enemies – The dangers of ideological thinking for our society

    Where logic and empiricism are replaced by so-called “alternative facts,” the space for ideological thinking widens and tolerance declines. Thilo Sarrazin observed this tendency in recent years on all sides of the political spectrum and in many media. It does not fit in with the spirit of the occidental enlightenment and can call into question the foundations of our democratic and liberal social order.

    In his latest work, Sarrazin explains the dangers of ideological thinking for our society and our political culture and describes typical aberrations. He addresses the question, “Is ideologization destroying our society?” and analyzes the threat to our democracy posed by left-wing and right-wing ideologies in a fearless, perceptive and crystal-clear manner. One of Germany’s most widely read political thinkers, he presents a compelling case for critical reason in the spirit of the Western Enlightenment.

    Ideologies seem alluring because of the deceptive clarity of their prescriptions and the simplicity with which they separate good from evil. But this is how humanity stumbles into ever new errors.

  • Clarke had absolutely no financial need to produce this “show” that basically reached no one. He still pulled it off for two years. After all, he is now even a member of the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame” (he didn’t even show up for the award presentation!).

    My only brother (54 years old) has had glioblastoma grade 4 for half a year. He will die in all probability in a few months. It is the most terrible time of my life. Our 80 year old mother is sacrificially taking care of him around the clock, he is already in a wheelchair. I definitely attribute this “sickness” to his multiple vaccinations from “Johnson & Johnson” (he was absolutely perfectly healthy), which ruined his immunity. Whoever wants to vaccinate me, I’ll wring his neck!

    • Admit they were wrong? And are doomed? No, they’d rather force everyone else to join them, they’d rather everyone dies than that they die alone while we who they mocked, watch them. Eventually the remainder of them will lose it and go full on zombie and then we’ll probably have to sweep the last of them up and into mass graves. I’m looking forward to it.

  • @amy

    My grandmother fled first to Denmark, then to France, then to Sweden. She was a very very pretty and loving woman. It means something to me in that I’m emphasizing your Jewish identity, connecting to myself. Of course, I have been dealing with the issue for decades.

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    I can’t see anything “specifically Jewish” about me, except that I rebel against any kind of assumed “authority.” I am also extremely aspirational. I always wanted to make something out of my life. My IQ, according to several authenticated test procedures, is 140. Is all this “Jewish”? Maybe. I constantly ask (the right) questions, that is probably also something Jewish. But I think you’re great, maybe that’s my Jewishness.

  • @amy

    I have a son who is almost 17 years old. He looks extremely “Aryan”. His mother does not know that my grandmother was Jewish (maybe I uttered something in a drunken stupor, because her grandparents were Nazis). I am reluctant to burden him with this, because for myself this certainty was a burden.

  • @amy

    Self-proclaimed hardcore Nazis claim that Jews “do not possess a core”. They were only shells, mimicry, which had transformed themselves to the environment (the “host people”). Although there was no “German people” before 1870. I am indeed extremely pliable, agile and flexible. Something “progressive” surrounds my “Geist”. I want equality, not egalitarianism. Everyone should have his chance and also get and use.

    • Listen sweety. You seem to be someone with issues. For your own sake, find a better forum for this drivel.

  • Dimitrov will try again to compete during the US Open, depending on his health status.

    Aaand, if he trains for that, I won’t be shokked if he clutches his chest,drops to his knees and keels over dead.

  • Don’t you even realize that you yourself are getting pissed on by canine mutts? You have said yes to my openness, and say yes to my enemies, but no to me on it. You all belong in the loony bin! Then be in perverse way “proud” on this achievement, but self-respect looks different.

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