Do Their Lives Matter? People Killed During the 2020 Riots: RAIR Series on Far-Left 2020 Riots

RAIR Foundation USA presents a series documenting events from the Far-Left 2020 Riots as they unfold.

RAIR Foundation USA presents a series documenting events from the Far-Left 2020 Riots as they unfold. In this installment, RAIR covers the cases of people who have been killed during the riots. The riots are fluid and the information will be continually revised. Check back for updates.

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Radical left-wing organizations and individuals are using the death of George Floyd to destroy America from within. This movement exploits the death of Mr. Floyd in an effort to promote communist revolution.

Some of the lives lost during the 2020 Riots


  • Indianapolis, Indiana: Chris Beaty, 38 and Dorian Murrell, 18

From the New York Post: “The Marion County Coroner’s Office identified [Chris] Beaty and 18-year-old Dorian Murrell as the two victims killed during separate shootings that occurred late Saturday and early Sunday. Beaty reportedly suffered multiple gunshot wounds.” Dorian Murrell was “found shot in the area of Market and Pennsylvania Streets around 2:30 a.m. Sunday.”

An arrest has been made in the murder of Dorian Murrell. Tyler Newby, 29, is being held without bond.

  • Detroit, Michigan: Unidentified Man, 19

From CNN Wire: “A 19-year-old man was killed after shots were fired into a crowd of protesters in Detroit late Friday, the city’s police department said in a statement.

Police said the shots were fired by an unknown suspect in a gray Dodge Durango. The victim later died at a hospital.”


Earlier, Detroit Police Chief James Craig said a person had been arrested after trying to run an officer over. A command officer was struck by a rock thrown by a protestor and was taken to the hospital.

  • St. Louis, Missouri: Retired St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn 

St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn was murdered last night outside of Lee’s Pawn and Jewelry in North St. Louis City. Dorn was 77-years-old when he was gunned down by looters.

  • Omaha, Nebraska: James Scurlock, 22 (in self defense)

This story received attention because a white small business owner shot a black rioter who attacked him according to witnesses and video.

According to NBC affiliate WOWT, Scurlock was seen tackling the man from behind while he was trying to stand. The man told police Scurlock had him in a choke hold and witnesses said they heard the man say ‘Get off me,’ several times.” 

  • Oakland, California: Patrick Underwood, 53 and Unidentified Officer (in Critical Condition)

Federal Protective Service officer Patrick Underwood was shot and killed at the Federal Building on Friday night. According to the local ABC affiliate:

A senior official with the Department of Homeland Security tells ABC News that the shooting is related to the protest over George Floyd’s death. A second FPS officer was wounded and is in critical condition. His identity has not yet been released.

Federal officials say the two were at the Ronald Dellums Federal Building on Clay Street when a vehicle approached just before 10 p.m. Authorities say someone inside the vehicle fired shots at the contract security officers.

Federal officials announced later Saturday afternoon that the officers were watching over the protests when the shooting occurred.

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota: Unidentified Female in her 30s

From the local ABC Affiliate:

“At 3:16 a.m., Minneapolis police officers who were on patrol in the area were flagged down by a motorist, who told them they found a car with a person who looked to be deceased…

Inside the car, a woman in her 30s was found deceased in the backseat. Due to “trauma visible” on the victim’s body, a suspicious death investigation was initiated.

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota: Unidentified rioter killed by business owner

According to the local CBS affiliate, a small business owner is in custody after killing a rioter:

A man was shot and killed Wednesday night as protests broke out near East Lake Street and Bloomington Avenue. The owner of a nearby business is under arrest.

Hector Henandez captured the unrest as it unfolded in front of his restaurant.

“I start to see like thousands of people running around. Next thing you know we have probably 100 people banging on the windows throwing rocks,” Hernandez said.

Somewhere in the chaos, shots rang out. Abi Baires and her employees heard the unmistakable sound.

“That was like what’s happening. All of a sudden a man is running over here and he just collapsed right there in the corner,” Baires said.

We’re told a business owner on East Lake Street had opened fire.

  • Davenport, Iowa: Italia Marie Kelly, 22 among four people shot, two killed.

The Des Moines Register identified Italia Marie Kelly, 22 as one of two people killed during the riots in Davenport, Iowa. The others have not been identified. According to the article:

Mayor Mike Matson said during a news conference Monday morning that that the violence that spread across the city originated with the crowd that gathered in about 100 cars in the parking lot. He said first responders had answered 20 shooting calls during the night and reports of three suspicious fires.

The sister of Italia Marie Kelly made an emotional statement about the murder of her sister:

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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  • plantation owners Schumer, Pelosi and other democrats who do not condemn the violence but use it for political reasons to gain minority votes. These voters are sheep.
    Schumer and Pelosi called George Floyd the following names: George Kirby, Floyd Taylor, George Taylor in their speech to remember his name in the fight for justice against brutality and racism.
    EVERYONE KNOWS HIS NAME BUT THESE DEMOCRATS, WHY? Because it is not about Mr. Floyd it is about their racist battle to get votes for their plantation with the media using all people of color as their sheep.
    Wake up minorities we are being used!


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