Doctor and Retired US Army Colonel Lawrence Sellin: Covid Created in Lab as Part of China's Biowarfare Program (Video)

There has been for years an abundance of speculation and scientific evidence that suggest that the novel coronavirus was created in the laboratories of China by scientists of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to infect people and evade the human immune response.

Dr. Lawrence Sellin, who has been investigating the origins of this virus since the onset of the pandemic, believes China created the virus as part of its biowarfare program. Dr. Sellin also said that many country’s virus research programs had been infiltrated by the PLA and CCP scientists.

Dr. Sellin retired as a US Army Colonel and veteran of Afghanistan, Iraq, and West Africa. He has decades of experience in medical and pharmaceutical research and has been investigating the origins of Covid since the onset of the pandemic.

Sellin recently detailed his finding to a packed audience in the Netherlands. He also addressed how the CCP can exert its influence in the Netherlands through its well-maintained network:

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