Doctor Reveals: 'People Who Receive Covid 'Vaccines' Are 4x More Likely to Get Covid', 95% of People in ICU are Fully 'Vaccinated' (Interview)

The covid “vaccine” kills 2 out of every 1,000 children within a year. Do you want your child to be one of those two who will die?” – Dr. Chris Alan Shoemaker

The doctors are speaking out. 

A former Eastern Ontario Covid Response Team member, Dr. Chris Alan Shoemaker, gave a speech to hundreds on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on the deadly dangers of the experimental mRNA covid shots. Holding the national flag of Demark to acknowledge that country’s recent withdrawal of covid shots for those under 50, he followed this with an exclusive interview with RAIR Foundation USA

Dr. Shoemaker, a licensed Ontario physician with 45 years of experience, has worked in emergency medicine, family practice, and on military bases. From 2020 through 2022, he worked in direct patient care at the West Ottawa Covid Care Clinic and was part of the Eastern Ontario Response Team to Covid-19. His experience with the vaccines has convinced him that “the vaccine is a more toxic version than the virus. More toxic, more damaging and more lethal, especially in the long term as it damages your t-cells,” he explains. “Your t-cells are an important part of your immune system to fight viruses and cancer. It will kill you quickly or slowly.” 

Dr. Shoemaker, who traveled to Ottawa from London, Ontario, for a weekend demonstration, is calling on the Canadian government to stop all covid shots on children. “Keep your needles out of the shoulders of our children. The medical facts on this are beyond dispute. Children are given zero help by these vaccines,” he said. “It kills two out every 1,000 within a year. Do you want your child to be one of those two who will die?”

Covid vaccines also appear to be killing young doctors in record numbers. Thirty-eight doctors have died across Canada in recent weeks. “Many of them died within ten days of their fourth jab. They were just following the rules. They were good people,” said Dr. Shoemaker. 

The numbers are in, and the death statistics are too damning. According to the good doctor, the shots don’t even work. “They make you four times more likely to get covid. In the last eight months, 95 percent of the people in the ICU are fully vaccinated. The vaccinated have been harmed. Their immune systems are being harmed. Stop harming your immune systems. You are only going to perpetuate the pandemic.”

And it’s also killing children. Britain’s Office of National Statistics recently released a report showing the vaccine’s horrific toll on children. After studying the first eight months of children’s vaccination, they hoped for a 10% reduction in death rates. They found the opposite. Dr. Shoemaker found that the doubled-vaccinated children died by 5,200%, more than a non-vaccinated child. “Your 10 to 14-year-old is now, by proven statistics out of the United Kingdom, 100 times more likely to die in the following six months than a non-vaccinated child. This is a horrible number. This is why I hold Denmark’s flag proudly at this point.” 

Dr. Shoemaker also went on to compare covid numbers in South Africa, where the rate of vaccination is just six percent, and disease from covid is minimal, to that of Israel and New Zealand, where vaccination rates are extremely high, disease rates are climbing, and those countries are seeing Vaccine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. “It’s all junk. It has bad stuff in it. The toxicity of this human-designed genome injected into your shoulder is 100 times worse than getting the virus. The shots go straight into your bloodstream, into your bone marrow, your brain, to your myocardium, ovaries, testicles.”

As vaccine recipients awake to the dangers to their health, Dr. Shoemaker fingered spike protein production in the vaccinated as an ongoing risk. “The effect on the generalized immune system (is bad), the fact that your immune system has been turned into dust if you’ve taken four shots – that is not good for your longevity. Basically, it means that 50 is the new 70. Fifty-year-olds will be dying at the rate of 70-year-olds.” 

This is already being confirmed by funeral directors and morticians around the world. Recent reports from an Alabama-based embalmer, Richard Hirschman, disclose that the age of death is dropping, and he and his colleagues are finding the formation of bizarre, calamari-like clots in the veins and arteries of vaccinated patients. “Prior to effects from these vaccines, these have never been found in human arteries. These proteinaceous clots, proteinaceous jamming, have never been found in human arteries for the last 100 years. So, it’s only happening in the arteries of vaccinated people. And it’s only happened since April, May, and June of 2021,” said Dr. Shoemaker. “People are dying from something that’s propagating within them. And it’s being propagated because of the body’s reaction to the vaccine. It’s happening only since the vaccines have come into play.”

In his powerful speech on Parliament Hill, Dr. Shoemaker touched on the dangers of the vaccine to pregnant women, the sheer toxic load imparted with each shot – 40 trillion mRNA strands – and the normalizing of myocarditis, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, and a host of other diseases in otherwise healthy people. He talked about the deliberate stifling of an effective, safe treatment in Ivermectin and appealed directly to the government. 

“They’re lethal to people, both in the short and long term. I have to say to our premier, Mr. Ford, and to our prime minister, Mr. Trudeau, please make these vaccinations banned in Canada just like they’ve been banned in Denmark. Do it before the 1st of October, and save some Canadian children’s lives. You are killing children in Canada by foisting these vaccinations onto them.” To the gathered crowds, Dr. Shoemaker implored, “Stop believing in government. They are feeding you a line. They are perpetuating a myth. They are not making you safer.” 

Miranda Sellick

Miranda Sellick has been a journalist for more than 25 years. She has worked for newspapers in the U.K. and Canada and is the author of two books. She was aware that the covid play was not what it appeared to be very soon after it was unleashed on the world.


  • Very likely that Dr. Chris Alan Shoemaker will be deleted by the criminal cabal Trudeau (real name: Just-in Through-The-Ass), Soros, Schwab, Gates, etc.
    And the genocide criminals von der Leyen, Marin, Merkel and Scholz, make sure nothing funny happens to Dr. Shoemaker. Verstehen Sie?

  • Our side can’t afford to use any hyperbole when reporting events like this, or we will be accused of disseminating misinformation. I was there for that speech, and there may have been hundreds there, but definitely not “thousands.”

    One crank kept hollering “not a vaccine!” every time Dr. Shoemaker referred to the “experimental gene therapies” as a “vaccine.” That kind of nonsense doesn’t exactly help get our message out in a positive light either.

  • Thank Trump for the “vaccines” and the scamdemic. He’s the one that shut the country down and the world followed suit. He pushed operation warp speed for the jabs.

    • You are a moron. Trump with his advisers which are supposed to be on his side had the vaccines made. He is not a doctor or a scientist. It was Fauci and Birks that shut down everything. Trump opened every thing back up within a couple of weeks. It is not Trump that can be blamed for these shots. Dr Fauci is the criminal he is the one that advised Trump the vaccines were safe and effective. As I said before no one can blame Trump this is all on the medical frauds. Trump did not allow the shutdowns for very long all republican states opened after a couple of weeks it was the democrat states that didnt because their governors and mayors etc are the ones that kept everything closed. NOT TRUMP AT ALL.

    • At least you are not hiding yourself behind a deceptive moniker.
      However, I would posit that another possible scenario is that the former President was a victim of conspiracy and possibly poor judgement. When he talked about HCQ, the “media” called it a horse de-wormer (negative connotation). Who cares, if it works – it works (Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread – study from 2005)(Supposedly HCQ is a “friendlier” version of Chloriquine).
      So, he put the “warp-speed” into play. He knew he had to do something “acceptable”.
      I would remind you that our current WH resident perpetuated “the shut-down”.

  • Dr Shoemaker…..thank you for stating these facts so clearly; they are truly horrifying.
    The parents have been lied to. Thank you for fighting for the lives of our children.

  • Finally, finally a traditional MD who follows his oath – the hippocratic oath of medicine. Enough with the grotesquely wealthy who want to depopulate our planet of humans. Thank you, Doc.

  • Hopefully people are finally waking up to the dangers of this poison! Many, many people regret ever getting the shot and now realize they were played for fools. The government and the MSM purposely made them afraid so they would comply with these vaccine mandates. I don’t feel any sympathy for those who foolishly took this experimental drug…I do feel sorry for the children who’s ignorant, idiot parents made them get it!!!

  • The very people that examine their food labels to make sure there’s no GMO ingredients are the ones getting injected with experimental genetic “vaccines” and hating on those of us that resist. The world has gone mad. Thank you to Dr. Shoemaker for speaking out.

  • “Biden declared the pandemic over, but unvaxxed Air Force pilots are still grounded
    Attorneys for grounded Air Force pilots say the military is trying to drive out people with strongly held religious beliefs by denying religious exemptions to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate”



  • OT

    Never Girlcott, but always Boycott

    The animal protection organization PETA has called on men to radically change their diet. Anyone who continues to eat meat should be “banned from having sex,” the group appealed to women. They could thus “save the world.”

    “Men are much worse for the environment than women because they eat too much meat,” Peta campaign leader Daniel Cox told Bild newspaper. He said he hopes for female allies against “suburban dads wielding barbecue tongs and sizzling 70-cent sausages on their 700-euro grills.”

    Background is a study published in November 2021, according to which men are to contribute in particular by the consumption of meat on average approximately 41 per cent more to the climatic change than women. “Therefore, a hefty meat tax of 41 percent for men would be appropriate,” a contribution to the campaign continues.

    According to Cox, the benefit of a sex strike would also likely be a lower birth rate. Each fewer child would also mean 58.6 fewer tons of CO₂ equivalents per year.

    CSU member of the Bundestag Dorothee Bär called the argument “cynical” in an interview with the Bild newspaper. Politics and society were saving the climate for the children. To set them off against CO₂ is repulsive, she said. Her party colleague Florian Hahn called for a “ban on thinking about divisive ideologues” like PETA.

    What enormous luck for Germoney that Ame-
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    If it were really about that, moron Cox could
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    Is there an economic interest in the meat boy-
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    Beyond Meat (artificial meat from the chem
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    so far, over 100 million alone in going public?

  • “Fauci admits he knew his ‘draconian’ lockdowns would have ‘collateral negative consequences’ on schoolchildren
    ‘Sometimes when you do draconian things, it has collateral negative consequences,’ Fauci said about his COVID pandemic policies”


  • (completely) OT

    At the moment I am reading “Reflections on History” (1905) by Jacob Burckhardt A wise man with mature thoughts in elevated language. It is a pleasure to read what he has to say. No one talks like that anymore these days. And that, although (or precisely because?) he is a recognizable universalist who vehemently rejects any provincial narrow-mindedness. At that time, one could still afford such an ornamental “cosmopolitanism”. An excerpt:

    “Intentions, however, are particularly prone to make their appearance in the guise of patriotism, so that true knowledge finds its chief rival in our preoccupation with the history of our own country.

    There are certainly things in which the history of a man’s own country will always take precedence, and it is our bounden duty to occupy ourselves with it.

    Yet it should always be balanced by some other great line of study, if only because it is so intimately interwoven with our desires and fears, and because the bias it imparts to our mind is always towards intentions and away from knowledge. Its greater intelligibility is merely apparent, and arises in part from an optical illusion, namely our own much livelier readiness to understand, which may go hand in hand with great blindness.

    Our imagined patriotism is often mere pride towards other peoples, and just for that reason lies outside of the path of truth. Even worse, it may be no more than a kind of partisanship within our own national circle; indeed, it often consists simply in causing pain to others. History of that kind is journalism.

    Vehement proclamations of metaphysical notions, vehement definitions of good and right, condemning everything outside their limits as high treason, may subsist side by side with the most platitudinous round of life and money-making. Beyond the blind praise of our own country, another and more onerous duty is incumbent upon us as citizens, namely to educate ourselves to be comprehending human beings, for whom truth and the kinship with things of the spirit is the supreme good, and who can elicit our true duty as citizens from that knowledge, even if it were not innate in us.

    In the realm of thought, it is supremely just and right that all frontiers should be swept away. There is too little of high spiritual value strewn over the earth for any epoch to say: we are utterly self-sufficient; or even: we prefer our own. That is not even the case with the products of industry, where, given equal quality, and due account being taken of customs dues and freight charges, people simply take the cheaper, or, if the price is the same, the better. In the realm of mind we must simply strive for the higher, the highest we can attain.

    The truest study of our national history will be that which considers our own country in parallels aqd in relatfon to world history and its laws, as a part of a great whole, illurnined by the same heavenly bodies as have shone upon other times and other peoples, threatened with the same pitfalls and one day to be engulfed in the same eternal night and perpetuated in the same great universal tradition.

    Ultimately, our pursuit of true knowledge will make it necessary for us to eliminate the notions offortune and misfortune in history. The reasons for this must be reserved for the last chapter. Our immediate task is to deal with the peculiar qualifications of our time for the study of history, which compensate these defects and dangers.”

    “Even Friedrich Nietzsche, who had come to Basel from Leipzig as Germany’s youngest university professor and was already considered a philological authority at the age of twenty-four, praised Burckhardt as ‘our great, greatest teacher’. Nietzsche often tried to engage in conversation with the older colleague and probably followed one of his lectures. Burckhardt, on the other hand, certainly saw the talent of the young Nietzsche, but politely kept him at a distance and probably could do little with his later philosophical works.” (Wikipedia)

    In a letter written to Nietzsche in 1874 Burckhardt has set down his aims as a teacher: “My poor head was never capable, as yours is, of reflecting upon the ultimate reasons, aims and desirabilities of historical science. Yet as a teacher and lecturer I think I may say that I never taught history for the sake of the thing which goes by the high-falutin name of World History, but essentially as a genera] subject. My task was to put peopJe jnto possession of that solid foundation which is indispensable to their further work if it is not to become aimless. I have done what I could to bring them to take personal possession of the past – in any shape or form – and at any rate not to sicken them of it. I wanted them to be capable of plucking the fruits for themselves, nor have I ever had in mind to train scholars or disciples in the narrower sense; all I aimed at was to make every member of my audience feel and know that everyone may and must take independent possession of what appeals to him personally, and that there is joy in so doing. I am well aware that such an aim may be condemned as fostering amateurism, but that does not trouble me overmuch. At my time of life, a man may thank Heaven if he has discovered some line of teaching for the institution to which he belongs.”


    At the end of August, we exclusively revealed that official mortality figures for Europe showed a shocking 691% increase in excess deaths among children up to week 33 of 2022 since the European Medicines Agency extended the emergency use authorisation of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine for use in children aged 12 to 15 in May 2021.


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