Doctor Warns: Covid 'Vaccine' Designed to Infiltrate Every Part of Your Body, 'That's Why People Are Dying' (Video)

Insurance people and the mortuary professionals are saying we’ve had a death rate increase worldwide of 25 to 40 percent,” said Dr. Chris Alan Shoemaker.

At two weekend rallies in Toronto, a former Eastern Ontario Covid Response Team member, Dr. Chris Alan Shoemaker, gave alarming speeches warning Canadians of the dangers of the experimental mRNA shot. 

Dr. Shoemaker, a licensed Ontario physician with 45 years of experience, has worked in emergency medicine, family practice, and on military bases. From 2020 through 2022, he worked in direct patient care at the West Ottawa Covid Care Clinic and was part of the Eastern Ontario Response Team to covid-19. He has learned of the side effects first-hand through experience and from the data. 

“These are life-shortening injections. Everyone who gets shot after shot after shot of these covid-19 shots is shortening their life with each and every single injection. The covid shot does not stop you from getting covid; it actually makes you more likely to get covid by three to four times,” he told the crowd gathered outside the Astra Zeneca offices in Mississauga. “Stop them right now, I say to every premier in Canada, do what you can to discourage your people from getting these vaccinations.” 

As study after study slowly makes its way past mainstream media censors – the latest published in The Lancet on October 15th, which shows that after the first vaccine booster, millions of older people across the U.K., those with high multimorbidity, and those with certain underlying health conditions remain at highest risk of covid-19-related hospitalization and death –  proving that the gene therapy shot does not prevent infection, viral replication or transmission and does not protect those deemed to be at risk.  

Dr. Shoemaker presented a litany of shocking statistics. “We now have 80 doctors between ages 25 and 55 who have died in the last 60 days in Canada. And it’s only the physicians who are getting third and fourth shots which are dying suddenly,” he said. Doctors, he explains, are taking the shots for all the right reasons; because they are told to do so. They have been led to believe that it will protect their patients because they’ll work to reduce covid. But none of this is true. 

According to Dr. Shoemaker, “once you get your third, and certainly once you get your fourth shot, your immune system is so fried and damaged that you get covid more easily. So, in other words, after your first shot, you are on a slide into immune deficiency.” Any efficacy of these shots last approximately three months, but the side effects and immune-destroying capabilities last a lifetime.

The slide into immune deficiency brings with it not only the increased risk of catching covid but a whole host of other health problems. “When you have slid into immune deficiency, you’re going to have cancers more likely in your lifetime because your immune system is responsible for keeping you from getting early cancer,” he explained. “And you’re going to get other infections, from monkeypox to hepatitis to who-knows-what; you are more prone to these things. When you have taken three and four and perish the thought, more of these covid immune damaging injections.” 

Dr. Shoemaker explained the sheer magnitude of what’s in the shots at the most basic scientific ingredient level. A regular polio vaccine has around 80 viral agents, whereas these covid shots contain 40,000 billion mRNAs delivered via nanoparticles. Our bodies only have 30,000 billion cells. And it’s these mRNAs that cause the problems as they induce an ongoing immune response that encourages the body’s own system to attack itself. This manifests in heart damage (peri- and myocarditis, hearty failure), brain damage (stroke), failed pregnancies, and fertility issues, among many other things. “These slippery little nanoparticles – they’ve gotta’ be awfully tiny to get 40 trillion into your body in one little shot. So, these particles are tiny, and they’re pretty tricky. They cross the blood-brain barrier, and they create long covid and damage to your brain. They cross the ovaries and make you infertile. They go into the testes and make you infertile for at least six months. It takes six months to recover from a covid shot. If you’re an adult male and have received it, your sperm count goes down 50 percent for the six months following the shot.” 

“This shot was designed to cross into the ovary; this shot was designed to cross into the brain barrier. This shot was designed to go everywhere. And that’s why people are dying in such strange circumstances, unexplained circumstances, and the numbers are horrific,” he told the audience. “Sixty-seven percent of people who get the vaccine while pregnant lose the pregnancy.” Pfizer’s own numbers showed that 28 out of 29 pregnant women lost their baby. 

Dr. Shoemaker referenced another study performed in the U.K. using data from the Office of National Statistics from 2020 to 2021, comparing children aged 10 to 14 years, those vaccinated and those not. Results released in February this year showed that “10-to-14-year-olds are 82 to 100 times more likely to die if vaccinated than those who are not.”

On the ground, pathologists, funeral home directors, and life insurance companies bear witness to the hugely increased rates of excess mortality. That increase is “somewhere between 25 and 40 percent. Insurance people and the mortuary professionals are saying we’ve had a death rate increase worldwide of 25 to 40 percent,” said Dr. Shoemaker. “Well, it’s even worse in the vaccinated countries.” While mainstream media will have you believe that Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, strokes, and heart issues in children are all new and unexplained phenomena, medical professionals worldwide will tell you the shot causes it. 

Recently, 96 Quebec doctors wrote an open letter calling for an end to the shots for children. “Ninety-two doctors in the United Kingdom submitted an official request that the government stops all vaccinations for all people in the United Kingdom,” Dr. Shoemaker told the crowd. “These are licensed physicians in Great Britain, who have seen the dangers of these vaccinations, whose patients are coming in with vaccine injuries, with a loss of ability to walk normally, with a loss of ability to have normal cardiac function and now have heart failure after myocarditis, with any number of horrific conditions, including menstrual irregularities in women. Fertility issues, I mean, the doctors are seeing the carnage, the doctors around the world are seeing the carnage of these vaccines,” 

“There’s no way to hide from it. A 10 percent elevation of mortality should only happen in the world once every 300 years. And if we think it’s bad now, it will only get worse. Both time and increased vaccinations are not on our side.” By way of an example, he chose pilots and athletes; both groups have shown a 1500% increase in sudden death since the shots were rolled out. 

Holding the national flag of Demark to acknowledge the country’s recent withdrawal of covid shots for those under 50, Dr. Shoemaker thanked the country for leading the way with common sense.  “Denmark, we were happy to free you from Nazi oppression in the 1940s,” he said, referring to the loss of Canadian soldiers in WW11, “Well, we’re saying thank you to Denmark today for what they’re doing for us. Denmark is giving us a wonderful example. Denmark has recognized the toxicity.”

Dr. Shoemaker went on to sing the praise of human-grade ivermectin – a safe, effective and non-toxic drug that has been proven in the prevention and treatment of covid, long covid, and vaccine side effects but remains banned in Canada. “Take a drive to New Hampshire to get it,” he said. “It was always the proven drug. It had been proven for 12 years. Ivermectin was the drug to be used when and if there was to be another covid pandemic. It was in print. And somehow everybody’s forgotten that Ivermectin, a human medicine that’s been actively used for 40 years, was the game changer if ever we had another covid infection.”

In conclusion, Dr. Shoemaker’s call to arms was unequivocal. “These are the most toxic medical agents put into human beings in history,” he said. “The shots will kill you, either quickly or slowly.” 

Miranda Sellick

Miranda Sellick has been a journalist for more than 25 years. She has worked for newspapers in the U.K. and Canada and is the author of two books. She was aware that the covid play was not what it appeared to be very soon after it was unleashed on the world.


  • The big question is:

    Fuellmich’s Team: Sweet dreams!

    • The problem lies with the media. The enemy controls the media and so any response will be framed in such a way as to create strife and disorder.

      Years of counter-insurgency (COIN) ops have taught us that in order for a COIN to be successful, over 80% of the population must first be praying for it, otherwise civil war results 100% of the time.

      Once over 80% of the population is asking the same question you are asking, there will be action.

      The fastest way to get the public there is to let the insurgency run its course – let the enemy have his way. That’s what is happening now.

      As of today, a CBS poll reports 79% of Americans feel the country is out of control. We are almost there.

    • D E M O C I D E.

      It’s—-> D E M O C I D E.

      Governments are in on it, at least they initiated, promoted, coerced/forced it, hid true data, indemnified big pharm, ETC.


    • It’s a legitimate question. The obvious answer has always been right under our “awake” noses …

      By FAR the most vital urgent and DEEP understanding everyone needs to gain is that a mafia network of manipulating PSYCHOPATHS are governing big businesses (eg official medicine, big tech), nations and the world — the evidence is OVERWHELMING and TOTALLY IRREFUTABLE (see “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room”… ).

      But global rulership by psychopaths is only ONE part of the equation making up the destructive human condition as the cited article notes because there are TWO pink elephants in the room… and they’re MARRIED.

      Without a proper understanding, and full acknowledgment, of the true WHOLE problem and reality, no real constructive LASTING change is possible for humanity.
      And if anyone does NOT acknowledge, recognize, and face (either wittingly or unwittingly) the WHOLE truth THEY are helping to prevent this from happening.

      If you’re in the US and your employer mandates the toxic/lethal COVID jabs, register to receive a free “Medical Exemption Certificate” at

  • as an elderly retired MD i do not find the comments of Dr. Shoemaker to be persuasive……if Dr. Shoemaker himself has been mRNA vaccinated against covid virus then i think we can dismiss his remarks.

    i have been covid vaxed 3 times and have had no systemic or significant ill effects and i haven’t met anybody who has.

    is the vaccine useful in saving lives of older patients who become covid infected? yes. is the vaccine perfect? no. but no pharmaceutical is…. for example, ordinary OTC tylenol causes around 100 unintended deaths a year every year from liver failure.

  • Better to be temporarily infertile. Can you even imagine what kind of children can be born? Like at the nuclear test site in North Korea.

  • I’m just waiting for people to die…If they scoff, laughed or tried to take away my freedoms then I want to see bodies hit the floor.

    I am NOT sorry those doctors died.

    All were super Pro-Vaccine…I read many of their tweets etc.

    Faaack em.

  • Inside the so called VXX Jabs is a technology Called NEURAL LACE.
    NEURAL LACE is Graphene Oxide/ Trioxide self Assembling Nanoparticles that reprogram & control your Brainwaves.
    It was designed By Klaus Schwab Elon Musk Harvard Wyss Foundation DARPA CIA MOSSAD.
    All of these work together as one System, resembling nothing short of the control system of the “Matrix” Films.
    STARLINK are 44.000 Satellites and is the Backbone of this AI WARFARE Infrastructure weapon against humanity.
    It is a Genocidal Weapon against Humanity by the Technocrats & IDF UNIT8200.
    A weapon to wipe out Humanity.

  • Against all evidence: EU reveals plan for total vaccination in new policy paper

    The fact that a part of EU citizens still refuses the experimental gene therapies against Covid-19 is a massive thorn in the side of the EU Commission. In a recently published strategy paper, no less than the complete vaccination and regular boosting of the entire population is declared to be the goal. The EU regime’s unbridled hatred of the unvaccinated is openly displayed: the refusal of Covid vaccination is concretely associated with anti-Western and anti-EU positions and every critic of vaccination is thus stylised as an enemy of the state.

  • “Will
    October 26, 2022 at 6:18 am
    as an elderly retired MD i do not find the comments of Dr. Shoemaker to be persuasive……if Dr. Shoemaker himself has been mRNA vaccinated against covid virus then i think we can dismiss his remarks.”

    Will! If you go to a clever doctor, that really knows something, he/she will inform you that you are a complete idiot.
    But that you can’t understand with your minimal brain.
    I think you have kissed Fauci’s ass too much and got some naegleria fowleri from Fauci’s ass and now you have no brain left.

  • Even though the quote is not from Dostoyevsky, it contains an easily understandable core of truth that is especially relevant again in our time.

    It does not seem far-fetched to me that it originated in the brain of a former Soviet citizen. After all, in the evil empire, people were used to unquestioningly following an ideology that negated their own thinking.

    Now even the entire “civilisation” lives in the neo-Soviet (“with a capitalist face”) of assisted thinking. Tolerance means everyone is a star, even if they are the very last idiot. Tolerance is only real tolerance if you put up with the intolerance of idiots without complaint.

  • The fitting soundtrack to the quote:

    “With the eyes of a fool”, he said
    “You see the state you’re in
    And still you stumble through your stupid life
    Still you laugh and grin

    Vagabond on a winding road
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    Blind to the dangers and dismay
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    “Imbecile, you are acting like a fool again
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    “You weren’t always a sorcerer”
    The Joker then replied
    “It seems to me you learned it on the way
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    Flashing your eyes and casting spells
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    Oh, you are the fool, not I”

    “Imbecile, you can call me that if you feel the need
    But life is short and I am living it while I can
    If it rains, I’ll get wet but in the sunshine I’ll be dry
    It is you who are foolish
    Just ’cause I laugh don’t call me an Imbecile

    “We both are right” said the sorcerer
    “And both of us are wrong
    For though we walk this road we don’t know where it leads
    We only know it’s long

    You have something to learn from me
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    Together we could get through”

    “Imbeciles, we are dancing down a darkened road
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    “Why are you here?”
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    “I’m crazy about Bluna Lemon.”
    “But I’ll be released soon!”
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    “One, two… Aren’t we all a bit Bluna?”

  • Another major lies by the vaxsters was that the vax didn’t migrate and remained in the vicinity of the injection.

    Everything they told us about all of this proved to be false.

    • If the “vaccine” only stayed in the area of the injection site then HOW would it protect you from COVID ?

      That claim shows up on my BS radar.

  • Blablabla…fucking BULLSHIT…STOP spreading this FAKE NEWS you stupid FUCKHEADS!!!!! FUCK OFF, orange Republican SCUM!!!!

  • The Covid-19 Death-Injection is binary weapon of graphene oxide and that of an Ai parasite in the billions.

    FIFTH GENERATION WARFARE – THE WAR AGAINST YOU: Injected AI-parasites, 4+5G EMF Weapon – Affecting Blood Cells, Graphene Oxide Electrical-Radiation Weapon, and BlueTooth Smart Auto-Assembling Nano-Technology.

    First, Keep in mind that above all specifics regarding any aspect of the health and medical deceptions, strategies, and technologies, we are currently living through the COVID TECHNO-NANO-BIO WAR era where humanity is designated to be killed by 90%. Actual WAR, DEATH, AND SLAVERY IS UPON US. RESIST EVERY WAY YOU CAN.

    Second, there are NO Covid-19 viruses because it was never isolated and tested for proof of its existence. Instead it is an intelligent nano- / bio-weapon that’s also a living parasite!”, and it even has a patent. According to researcher, Karen Kingston, “people were not initially getting sick from Covid, but rather from the spike protein which can be easily distributed, and which also was delivered in vaccines. Citing peer review journals, Kingston said “They look like cholesterol, and … per the patents, these can be delivered in an aerosol attack, they can be delivered through water, they can be delivered in food, and so what people were infected with, was an artificial intelligent parasite.” She says they are built, and patented, to spawn.

    Another (or additional) possibility regarding the initial mass deaths in Wuhan, Rome and NYC were possibly, or maybe probably, 5G EMF cell DEATH-TOWER attacks at 60 GHZ to kick-off the initial mass death creating the needed fear and panic start-up. Militarized EMF MHZ functions by the deformation of red blood cells so that affected people near 5G installations have reduced ability to oxygen-enrich their erythrocytes to sufficient levels to keep their bodies alive.

    Third, the injected binary weaponized mass-death, bioweapon is at least two things: A self-aware (intelligent) parasite intended to spawn “viruses, diseases, biosynthetic structures, as well as host the development of new species,” and its growth is activated by cellular (5G) technology. The other half of this binary weapon is Graphene Oxide (GO: A superconductor material): Also introduced into the body via the Covid-19 injection ‘fake vaccine’ that’s designed to spread to all major organs especially the the electrical ones: brain, heart and spinal column. GLOW-IN-THE-DARK? Also, part of the injection is Luciferase which causes veins to glow under a black light is a generic term for the class of oxidative enzymes that produce bioluminescence, according to Wikipedia.

    THINK HEART ATTACK: 4+5G EMF absorbs and energizes the GO (Graphene Oxide – a nano-sized superconductor that can short-circuit heart electrical signals) which then re-emits a new EMF in the terahertz (THZ) ranges which then energizes the self-assembly of nano-technologies such as nano-AI designed nano-rectifiers (power supplies), nano-routers, nano-sensors (brain waves, heart rate, blood pressure, etc.), nano-antennas and bio-synthetic intelligent living AI organisms acting as a hybrid, binary Conscious-Thinking-Digital Entity (CTDE).

    Fourth, In a matter of weeks, the assembled and smart AI nano-technologies are designed to operate as transceivers within the protocols of the Bluetooth (BT) frequencies and digital interfaces which can and does allow the GO-nanotechnology injected person to become a member of the Internet-of-Bodies (IoB) who is now ready to be tracked and traced and ready to be interfaced into The Great Reset banking and credit score system partly using Bill Gates’ ID2020 GAVI immunization tracking and WEF financial banking global identity system which is currently awaiting final approvals. The Bluetooth (BT) digital signal will show a MAC address that is unique to that person which has been effectively bar-coded or having had a plastic ID tag stapled to an ear.

    Fifth, This can be shown by downloading a phone app for BT scanning and device tracking and prove it all to yourself. You need to set BT Scanner app filter for ‘unknown type’. Try it at a train or bus station as the ‘vaxxed’ Bluetooth people come and go within the BT radio range of up to about 100 feet. Go to a cemetery and observe BT signals from the dead and buried.


    The Kingston Report
    [The Kingston Report](

    [This is NOT a drug, it is GRAPHENE-BASED NANOTECHNOLOGY!](


    • Thank you History Revised for all of the detailed information and links. Very interesting regarding a BT application, and very creepy.

  • I love your vision commitment passion integrity kindness faith and generosity kindly allow me to represent your vision here in Kenya Bishop Henry Otieno from Kisumu Kenya

  • Not mentioned in the article: Dr Shoemaker is a general Family Practitioner. He has no background in vaccines, virology, or anything that would make him an expert. This is like asking an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor’s opinion on your pancreatic cancer.

    • Actually “Jacob” family practitioners get lots of practice seeing all kinds of conditions and do administer vaccines, so yes he would know enough. Your claim is false and you know it – you are trying to deceive readers with misinformation. Go crawl back to your hole Jacob!

  • Make sure to watch the documentary “Died Suddenly” airing beginning on Nov 21st. Watch the trailer that is available now. Coroners, Embalmers, Life Insurance Industry experts etc…. have classified this event as a 12x Sigma, which is a 1 in 800 year catastrophic event for “all cause excess deaths” since the rollout of these experimental gene therapy shots.

  • The ’80 doctors reference’ above links to deaths of all doctors. He therefore leaves it to his audience to either blindly trust him or to go through the details of each doctor to find those 80 he refers to. In my opinion, this lack of concern for the reader’s time takes away from his credibility.

  • This guy is babbling about the Covid Vaccine to make money look on the bottom left corner of the page and it says DONATE in capital letters how can one Doctor learn this much about what the shots do to people from 2020 to 2022 it’ a money making scam how did the professionals slow Covid down it was with the vaccine this guy probably thinks the FLU shot is bad to.


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