Don't Rewrite History: What Really Happened in Kenosha (Videos)

Instead of targeting the governor for allowing Kenosha to be burned, or Black Lives Matter / Antifa rioters for attempting to destroy the city, the left targeted Kyle Rittenhouse.

Kyle Rittenhouse has been found not guilty of all charges related to the August 2020 riots in Kenosha, despite every effort made by the mainstream media and democrat activists and politicians to condemn him as a vigilante murderer.

It would be wise to remember the dangerous climate in Kenosha at the time, and to call out the slanderous statements made by politicians and journalists, which will likely follow Rittenhouse for the rest of his days, despite his innocence.

The riots in Kenosha were ostensibly a response to the police shooting of Jacob Blake, who “had a knife, resisted arrest after being tasered, and was reaching into his car when he was shot”. At the time, police were “attempting to arrest him for violating a restraining order stemming from an alleged sexual assault.”

The shooting was deemed a justifiable use of force.

Instead of calling for calm and an investigation, Governor Tony Evers poured fuel on the fire:

‘Non-Stop Rioting and Destruction’

On August 25 2020, officials in Kenosha wrote a letter begging Governor Tony Evers to accept President Donald Trump’s offer of National Guard assistance during the 2020 Black Lives Matter / Antifa riots.

“As you are well aware, the city of Kenosha has been under siege with two nights of non-stop rioting and destruction, with no end in sight,” the letter started. “The citizens of Kenosha are begging us, as local officials, to do what we can to keep Kenosha safe. We need your help and we are, in turn, requesting you to help us before even more is lost,” the letter continued.

See a short video taken on August 25th of some of the damage done in Kenosha. Keep in mind that there was two additional nights of rioting in Kenosha after this film:

The letter from Kenosha officials also revealed that “over 1000 rioters” descended on the town after “an organized social media effort”:

Through an organized social media effort, it was well known early on that a large group of rioters would be descending on Kenosha on the evening of Monday, August 24th to create additional havoc. Reports from on-the-ground witnesses estimated over 1000 rioters armed with fireworks, counter tear gas equipment, molotov cocktails, and semi-automatic weapons terrorized Kenosha last night. These terrorists had only one goal in mind — to destroy Kenosha. Similar social media reports predict even more rioters are going to show up this evening, and their targets for destruction are Kenosha’s schools and libraries.

See the full letter:

Kenosha Begs Tony Evers for Help with Riots by Noyb Nal on Scribd

But their calls for help went unheeded. The same day the Kenosha officials sent the desperate letter to the governor, Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, came to help to defend his father’s hometown.

It was that fateful day that Rittenhouse was forced to defend himself against a mob, killing Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber in self defense, as well as injuring Gaige Grosskreutz.

The following day, August 26, 2021, President Trump tweeted in part that Governor Tony Evers finally “agreed to accept federal assistance”.

When the dust cleared, Kenosha suffered $50 million in property damage. Over 100 businesses were destroyed and up to 40 businesses were gone for good.

Eight days after President Trump sent help, the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department wrote in part that Kenosha County “has gone 8 days and nights with relatively peaceful activity.”

Instead of targeting the governor for allowing Kenosha to be burned, or Black Lives Matter / Antifa rioters for attempting to destroy the city, the left targeted Kyle Rittenhouse.

Watch this propaganda report from MSNBC:

Watch a portion of John Oliver’s HBO show Last Week Tonight:

Media and Democrat Slander

RAIR Foundation USA has compiled some of the slanderous statements made by prominent leftists, journalists and politicians against Kyle Rittenhouse. Even more can be found here, here and here:



Radical left democrat officials, the media and their allies downplayed the horrendous criminal behavior that took place in Kenosha, while vilifying anyone who defended Kyle Rittenhouse. The intimidation was so bad that people were doxxed and even lost their job for expressing support for the young man.

Watch the following local news report about Lieutenant William Kelly, a Norfolk Police officer who lost his job after his anonymous $25 donation to Kyle Rittenhouse was exposed by a radical left doxxing group called Distributed Denial of Secrets:

Will Norfolk Police Sergeant William Kelly be given his job back?

Read Selected Articles at RAIR Foundation USA:

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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