Double Standard: German Police Aggressively Enforce Coronavirus Quarantine Rules on All but Muslims (Watch)

Citizens are demanding an explanation for the blatant double standard.

Police in Germany are aggressively enforcing “social distancing” rules for non-muslim German citizens, but not for Muslims as revealed in the below RAIR Foundation USA exclusively translated videos.

Berlin officers have been caught applying one set of standards for Muslims violating the Chinese coronavirus containment ordinance and another for elderly citizens attempting to defend their basic rights. As shown in the second video below, citizens are demanding an explanation for the blatant double standard from Berlin’s Police Chief Barbara Slowik.

On April 3, 2020, hundreds of Muslims prayed on a street in Berlin-Neukölln in front of the controversial Muslim-Brotherhood tied Dar Assalam Mosque, disregarding Germany’s coronavirus ban on contact with others. Police stood by and watched the gathering but only made a weak announcement for people to observe the proscribed distance of two meters. This group of Muslims ignored the order and police did not attempt to enforce the social distancing guidelines, which are clearly marked on the ground. Instead, attempts were made by police to prevent passerbys from filming.

The breaking of the social distancing laws by this mosque should come as no surprise, a well known Islamic reformer, Abdel-Hakim Ourghis. previously reported that the Dar Assalam Mosque places the Qur’an “above everything – including the [German] Basic Law”. It seems German police chose to allow the mosque and its faithful to disregard the rules of the land in favor of their own Islamic rules.



Only one day later, German police pursued criminal charges against 40 non-muslims attending a demonstration called “Defend Basic Rights — Say No to Dictatorship” in Berlin-Mitte. The group which was comprised of many senior citizens, was protesting “the suspension of democratic principles and the fact that our [Germany’s] constitution is being massively restricted” due to the nation-wide lockdown.

Despite the protestors adhering to Germany’s required distancing ordinance, “everyone’s identity was recorded and criminal charges brought against all demonstrators. Each of them will have to pay a penalty of €500.”

So while Muslims were allowed to break laws undisturbed in front of the police, a German senior woman who stood up for her fundamental rights was “dragged away by the police, intimidated, screamed at and locked up.”

In the following RAIR exclusively translated video, a German citizen details the discrimination by police of non-Muslims and demands Police chief Barbara Slowik explain whether she “can’t or won’t take action against Muslim criminals:”

Berlin is not the only police state in Germany, in the following RAIR translated video an officer in Saarbrücken can be seen harassing a couple who stopped to sit on a park bench for a couple of minutes during a walk.

In the following RAIR video, the woman stopped by police proves she did not violate any German social distancing rules:
Sandra Gabriel

Video #1 Translation:

Police: Calm down. We only want to take down personal information. If you don’t leave, I will touch you substantially.

Video Host: These images are from an authorized demonstration called “Defend Basic Rights — Say No to Dictatorship” that took place in Berlin last Saturday. 

Why are you here today?

Protester: Because of the suspension of democratic principles and the fact that our constitution is being massively restricted. You can see for yourself how few people are here and how few people dare to open their mouths in such a situation.  A face mask isn’t a muzzle.

Video Host: Only about 40 people had enough courage to demonstrate against their basic rights being violated, and even though all of them adhered to the required 1.5 meter distancing ordinance, the police in Berlin cracked down on demonstrators in the hardest manner. —

Police: According to the containment ordinance from the Senate of Berlin, gatherings of more than two persons are prohibited. Your gathering is a criminal offense according to the containment ordinance under the Infection Protection Act.

Since you have not followed the repeated request to disperse, police officers will take down your personal information in order to file criminal charges.

Everyone’s identity was recorded and criminal charges brought against all demonstrators. Each of them will have to pay a penalty of €500 [$550].

Elderly Protestor: We’re doomed! If they destroy our constitution here now, then we’re completely lost anyway!

Video Host: I saw an elderly German woman who was standing up for her rights, the same rights that weren’t even taken from her during the last war. I saw how she was dragged away by the police, intimidated, screamed at and locked up.

Police: You have nothing to do with this; if you have any question, please come with me. Please let go and keep your distance.

Protester: I have my hands up here.

Police: This lady is being taken into custody because of a misdemeanour.

Protester: Let the woman go!

Elderly Protester: Don’t you touch me again and stay away from me.

Police: Just sit down and stop trying to run away. Understood!?  Yes or no? —

Video Host: Just one day before this, in the Neukölln district of Berlin, 300 Muslims showed up
for a prayer meeting. They didn’t follow the containment ordinance or maintain the required distance from each other.

What do you think the Berlin police did about it? Did they disperse the group gathered there? Did the police take their personal information? Was anyone assigned penalties?

The Berlin police were there the whole time! The police did none of what was mentioned before. They didn’t disperse the unlawful gathering or take anyone’s personal information. There wasn’t a single offense reported. With 300 offenses with a penalty of €500 each, it would have been €150,000.  
However, when it’s Muslims who don’t follow the law, the police in Berlin just look the other way.

It looks like Muslim living in Berlin are above the law, but if German grandmas dare to stand up for their basic freedoms, they can expect to be massively intimidated and mercilessly persecuted.

What wrong with you, Ms. Barbara Slowik, police chief in Berlin?

Why don’t you or can’t you press charges against Muslims who break the law? Berlin Police double standards: Are Muslims above the law, Ms. Barbara Slowik?

Video #2 Translation:

German Citizen: I can send it to you by mail, I don’t know it by heart. Perhaps you should tell the park management that they should place signs on the yellow banners to inform everyone that sitting on benches isn’t allowed.

It is possible that while going for a walk it is necessary to rest for a few moments. —Yes, we just sat down for a couple of minutes. We haven’t been sitting for four minutes; it has only been two or three minutes. You are detaining me. 

Police: Yes. — Do you have a telephone number?

German Citizen: Heck if I know.  He doesn’t know it by heart.

Police: OK. A criminal offense is being issued. —

German Citizen: For what? —Exactly, now I’m all ears. —For what?

Police: Due to the coronavirus pandemic ordinance —

German Citizen: We’re not permitted to sit briefly on a bench?

Police: Without a legitimate reason it is not permitted to be outdoors or leave your residence. That’s what you are doing. —

German Citizen: The coronavirus ordinance allows exercise, walking in the fresh air; that is a legitimate reason. —

Police: But you are not moving. —If you’d been walking a while and then took a few minutes to sit down and to take a rest, then it is a legitimate reason.

German Citizen: I would like to know your name. —

Police: That doesn’t matter. —

German Citizen: Of course it does. Why not, if we’re being charged with a criminal offense? Really? You know what, I think it’s…

[edited because the policeman said his name]

Police. Good. 

German Citizen: Ridiculous. You should be thoroughly ashamed. You are supposed to be there for citizens and not pressing odd charges against them.

How can you not be thoroughly ashamed? Really. Didn’t you take an oath to protect the constitution? Didn’t you do that? The constitution. —

Police: Good that you’re leaving. I’ll blow a gasket otherwise. 

Video #3 Translation

I’m situated here at the Saar River in Saarbrücken with a companion.

We were just stopped by the police and asked for our identification because we were sitting on a bench for a couple of minutes.

According to this sign, sitting briefly on benches is allowed. The police told us that we would be charged with a misdemeanor for sitting on the bench for three minutes. I will post the video later.

Please adhere to confinement rules. Max. 2 people* — NO GROUPS — Min. 6 foot/2m. distance — sitting briefly on the bench is allowed —

Dog walking allowed — No picnics — No barbecues — No sunbathing — Don’t use the playground — Don’t remove barriers

**Many thanks to Miss Piggy for the video translations

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.

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