Double 'Vaccinated' Brazillian Model Dies After Developing Blood Clots

Just recently, Prominent German virologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi issued a dire warning, “when you take this jab, – you are triggering a reaction that is potentially lethal.”

A healthy 18-year-old model from São Paulo, Brazil, died shortly after developing blood clots, reports Brazilian news site G1 Globo. Valentina Boscardin, the daughter of TV presenter and businesswoman Marcia Boscardin, was hospitalized on January 6, 2022, with thrombosis (blood clots) and pneumonia.

The double vaccinated teenager died a few days later, on January 9th, due to “Covid-19”, as reported by the Brazilian media. However, according to her mother, the 18-year-old was healthy and had no health problems.

Marcia shared the tragic news of her daughter’s death late Sunday in an Instagram post:

It is with great pain that I say goodbye to the love of my life. Goodbye, Valentina Boscardin Mendes, may God receive you with open arms.

I am overwhelmed. My daughter, I will always love you. An angel ascends to heaven.

“The daughter of the beloved model and businesswoman Marcia Boscardin died this weekend at the age of 18, a victim of a blood clot after contracting the coronavirus,” reported journalist Felipeh Campos, a friend of the Boscardin family.

Several Brazilian celebrities paid their respects to Valentina, including former model and businesswoman Helô Pinheiro, who wrote:

I received sad news and I can’t believe it!!! My God!!! It hurts! You didn’t deserve to go through this, but God is in control of everything.

Other Brazilian celebrities like Cristiana Oliveira, Adriane Galisteu, Monica Carvalho, and others left their condolences.

Valentina was under contract with Ford Models Brazil and had modeled for several big brands, including Christian Dior, Givenchy, and Armani.

The 18-year-old was preparing to embark on an international career, following in the footsteps of her mother, who became very famous modeling for the same big brands and appearing on multiple magazine covers.

She leaves behind her mother with whom she lived.

Why Are Healthy Young People ‘Vaccinated’

People in Valentina’s age group in Brazil are virtually immune to COVID (only 0.3% of deaths occurred between 10 and 19). However, based on many medical experts’ findings, thrombosis was most likely caused by the Covid “vaccinations” (she received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine last year).

Prominent German virologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi recently reported that all brands of the experimental mRNA injection, known as the coronavirus vaccine, cause the immune system to “explode into action to fight the virus.” But, unfortunately, the immune system’s response triggers the formation of thrombi that can be lethal.

“We have always had a deep concern that this explosion would be set by chain reactions leading to the formation of blood clots in your vessels, clots that no one can see, but they can feel if the clots form in your brain,” Dr. Bhakdi explained.

The prominent physician added if vaccinated people do experience blood clots and cerebral vein thrombosis, they “will have splitting headaches, nausea, vomiting, paralysis, so many things that so many people have been reporting.”

Dire Warning

The doctor sent an alarming warning to those who are taking the vaccine, “when you take this jab, you are allowing your body – you are triggering a reaction that is potentially lethal.”

He implored adults not to take the vaccine, “Therefore I strongly advise people not to get the shot, if you want; if as an adult you may, but you must realize that you are undergoing a threat.”

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Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • The GENOCIDE is working as planned, and Fauci, Biden, Schwabe, Gates and the rest of the criminal gang around the world is laughing and walking free.
    The big mystery is, why are they not arrested or “deleted”, and everything will be fine again.
    Start with Australia and New Zealand where citizens are now slaves under Great Reset and Fyhrer Schwabe’s Fourth Reich!

    • We’re not slaves yet son. I’ve cancelled the government and given myself the edge in the event I meet any thuggery on their part, whilst refusing point blank to abide by any of their stupid rules. So far we’ve had very little in our state but no matter what else, this government and the entire system is living on borrowed time. Within this year you are going to see some surprises down-under.

      I have set red lines which will be defended to the death. I’m OIK with dying on this hill but anyone trying to get me off it better be as well. I am the rabbit who goes BOOM!

    • You, young fella appear to have taken a drip down the rabbit hole. Trying chilling out and moving away from conspiratorial thinking. You’ll feel a lot better when you decide not to let your mind run away with such far out thoughts.

    • It’s not a clot shot. Do a little more reading and you find that clotting happens with Covid-19 in some patients. It is not as a result of the mRNA vaccines. There have however been some situations with the AstraZeneca and the Johnson&Johnson vaccines and blood clotting, but not the mRNA vaccine that this young lady had. Also, if you’re interested, there is a good medical journal article on what is known about COVID-19 and abnormal blood clotting at Weill Cornell Medicine’s website.

    • You eternal virgins, incels, never fail to see a man in every attractive woman. Can’t you realise adults recognise you juveniles and incel weirdos just haven’t got a clue what a woman looks like and probably never will? Real men are not seeing what you are. At 58, three marriages and with a gorgeous wife 30 years my junior, I know and you do not.

  • This is a story you won’t hear about in our country from FAKE cnn and msnbc . The GESTOPO of the democratic party and NAZI Fauci will bury a story like this !!! With them continuing with the ” BIG SCARE ” they want all their puppets and sheep to keep getting numerous NAZI injections .

  • “factor v leiden” There is a good chance she carried this genetic code. Her whole family should get tested, especially if it can be verified this girl had it. I runs in my family & its blood clotting kills during good health but especially with Covid.

    • The official death count shortly after taking any of the authorized quackzines is now about 60,000 in the USA and over 700,000 injuries of which perhaps 50% will result in premature death. The European official counts are something like 70,000 deaths and 4 million injuries, with both databases underreported by 90 to 99%. While people such as yourself remain woefully ignorant or perhaps deliberately deceptive, we are clearly not witnessing anything less than a deliberate, carefully planned engineered culling of the population.

  • Wow. Blatantly irrational and mentally deranged people. Cognitively broken people. “Died from a blood clot [after taking two injections] {after contracting coronavirus}”. You don’t have to be a logician to see the shell game here. [this] is being labeled as {this}. It is so plain as day, so transparent. What do you KNOW exists and do you KNOW is being controlled by the same entities that control the narrative and control the institutions of law, academia, media (perhaps most important), government, corporations and professions where they all tow the line and anyone who doesn’t is censored, blacklisted, disappeared? [this]. What narrative is being controlled by them to use as a smokescreen and falsified pretext for their injections? {this} narrative about {contracting covid 19}. Substitute whatever works for {this} and there will be a corresponding [this]. {terrorists over there}…[total surveillance over here]. {national security}…[weaponized media and internet control, and more surveillance, and covert social credit scores]. So they get what they want, and the feed the mushrooms bullshit while keeping them in the dark. Congratulations.

  • When Klaus Schwab talks about the great reset he really means it and that is a problem and when he succeeds blood cloth is the least of your problems.
    It is society at risk here.

  • Ahhh! Poor, poor old feller Edward! The Injected Opposition who is paid to have people think that Blood Clots come from the 5Govid. Interesting how articles about imaginary Covid-Causing-Clots were quickly typed up AFTER the CovVax injections were found to be causing them as well as hundreds of other ailments leading to paralysis and death. Sir Edward, who do you work for? Because we have many men who warn NOT to take this gene therapy DNA-altering synthetic dosage. The ex-Vice President of Pfizer, Dr. Robert A Malone: co-architect of mRNA device, and Dr. Kary B. Mullis who invented the PCR test, who said that his creation CANNOT tell you if you are sick or NOT sick. Let us show you the way to The Truth : http://www.TheCovidBlog .com


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