Dr. Peter McCullough Warns: Covid 'Vaccinated' People Are a Health Threat to the Unvaxxed (Video)

In a shocking new interview, cardiologist and internist Peter McCullough discusses the risks Covid “vaccinated” individuals pose to the “unvaccinated.” Soon the experimental mRNA shots could be considered as dangerous and violating as secondhand smoke is to non-smokers.

It appears that the mRNA is transferred from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated, said the doctor, citing a recent paper released in TMR medical journal. The mRNA remains in the blood for at least two weeks after vaccination, probably much longer, explains McCullough.

Another study shows that mRNA remains in the lymph nodes of vaccinees for months. “It seems the body can’t clear it,” McCullough said.

Very disturbing

The doctor discussed the “most disturbing” recent medical study showing that the mRNA is in the breast milk of women who took the vaccine during or after pregnancy, the doctor said.

McCullough explained that people could accidentally take the vaccine through intimate contact, for example, by kissing someone or having sex, or through breastfeeding.

No one knows how long you’ll have to wait before it’s safe to have physical contact with a vaccinated individual again. It appears that the mRNA vaccines remain in the body permanently, he warned. This also applies to the spike protein. “This is very disturbing.”

90 days or longer

Initially, McCullough advised people not to kiss or have sex with anyone who had taken the mRNA shots for at least 30 days. Now he warns people to wait 90 days or more.

The doctor said that after every shot, the mRNA accumulates in the body “with no ability for the body to rid of it,” explained McCullough. “It looks like they permanently install into the human genome through what we call reverse transcription.”

So not only do the vaccinations not get out of the body, but now they’re changing the human genome. This is shown in a human hepatoma cell line. 

My heart goes out to the ‘vaccinated’

In autopsy studies, the spike protein produced from the genetic material is found in people’s organs. “So I can tell you everyone who’s taken the vaccine has this material in their brain, their heart, adrenal glands, reproductive organs,” explained McCullough. “It’s really a terrible thought. My heart goes out to anyone taking the vaccine, yeah.”

Watch Action4Canada’s full interview with Dr. Peter McCullough:

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist



      • @Richard – Absolutely. Trump is complicit. He could not pat himself on the back hard enough for the jabs and still continues to support them today.

      • Odd and BIDEN pushed for everyone to get these shots…THEN, as you can see and I have 2 nurse friends that lives in Southern Ca….you remember how BIden PUSHED for us to get those shots for covid…..I wonder why NOT ONE OF THE 2 million ILLEGALS that came in did NOT get them….NOR were they wearing masks…NOR were they tested for ANY disease they may have brought in. When those ILLEGALS came in, I wonder how much money they had in the back packs so they could pay their way when they got here, along with all their kids…Oh, wait…no shots, and No money…YES, Biden walks on water…


    Gadde and other executives are expected to be the subject of multiple hearings on Capitol Hill once Republicans take control of the chamber in January.

  • And despite all these data indicated warnings, Pfizer is still running commercials pushing their mRNA toxic vaccines. Not since Nazi Germany has the world seen such human atrocity via medicinal methods. And the federal government granted Big Pharma total immunity from liability to mass murder at will.

    • Pfizer does not run any commercials.
      If they did, the commercials would have to provide a long list of adverse side effects. Tp avid that bad news, Pfizer and Moderna let the taxpayers (government) run free ads for them. Ther stockholders must be very happy

      • This is true I just heard one. They talked about how wonderful this new vaccine is that it not only protects from omnicron but also the original virus. Oh and best of all anybody 5 years old and up can get one. Unreal!!!

      • They also run Pfizer commercials in Ga. I literally yell at my TV! “Why are y’all still advertising these”?

      • Nonsense – Pfizer most certainly runs ads – they are on local sports talk shows and even as part of the ads between local newscasts and they state clearly they are “brought to you by Pfizer”

        May be a lie but it is clearly stated as well as other ads which are from DHHS. – plus take a look at your TV as they are in their.

    • Yes, and worst part is our fellow citizens are not believing this and accepting more vaxxs and going to the hospital to be diagnosed with covid with the death protocol. Since it too fantastic to believe the consequence is that nobody believes us and they are getting killed by the AMA because AMA and CDC are dictating the protocol. CDC is a private organization not part of the government. CDC, Whitehouse staff, and congress were except for the vaxx. Truly horrible.

    • It’s not just Pfizer. Many state health departments are still pushing the vaccines too. They all need to be held accountable.

    • But if it is in any way fraudulent, They lose that immunity. Every detail, fact, statistic of the psyopp was 100% fraudulent so they have no immunity.

  • Yeah, Well I doubt this is going to get me out of a Christmas visit with my wife’s totally clueless communist family. I hope they have seating in the yard.

    • I feel ya. I have 2 brothers that are conservatives, but don’t like the idea of depression, so they are self-censoring. Ignorance is their claim to fame, and I am the “dumb” one (well-studied, care to warn others, selfless in trying to protect America). I’ve known about the goal of fake pandemic since March 2020 to usher in vaccine, AI digital currency, and control grid of all people of the world. Still I am the stupid one. In 2021, I even had to study all over again, and look for cures and blockades to the kill shots to protect them. I combed great scientists and modalities, and had great ideas. I look at it as sudden death. They look at it as “We’ll just are just wait to see what happens.” I am the stupid stupid ignorant one. It is stomach turning to watch the idiocy and foolishness of so-called conservatives. I can’t allow my kids to get the transmission shot from them. I am kicking the dust of my shoes, because I can no longer be subject to watching the foolishness.

      • You are not alone. I come from Poland, I already knew that it was a scam from January 2020 from such a doctor Shiva predicted everything that would happen. They also told me that I was a fool and a flat earther, but I was not vaccinated and I am 100% healthy. There are really many like us. Hold on

  • Soooooooo….

    At this point in time we cannot trust:

    News agencies
    Police (comply or die!)
    Vaccine makers
    Blood banks and blood
    Food supply
    Water supply
    Bio labs
    Electric grid
    Fuel supply
    Energy supply

  • I rarely get sick. Been sick three times this year and I AM NOT jabbed. 2X were COVID.

    I had our qudruple jabbed neighbors over to our home and both my hubby and I got sick three days later. Did not test for COVID so don’t know if that is what we have. Are they shedding the virus?

    • Oh please! None of them took the shot. They got B12 at most. Most likely saline. Watch the videos. In most cases, the plunger isn’t even being pushed down. It is all lies and a big production to get everybody to fall in place.

  • People will ask for one COVID vaccine papers, not to get access to a restaurant; rather if they plan on dating and possibly even marriage.

    5 Billion got the vaccine
    2.5 billion didn’t in the world.

    The unvaccinated have 2.5 billion people who want a partner which is unvaccinated.

  • As I understand it from Dr. Jane Ruby’s shows with guest professionals the mrna is coding for the body to make venum ducts to product venum against the body itself. Not only that, but excell blood vessels are being built outside of where they should be and that is also causing clots. Gross

  • “McCarthy met with President Joe Biden last week, according to the interview, and he said he “laid out very clearly what the difference will be with the new Republican majority.” ”

    The whole world is laughing at Biden-The-Toilet-Bidet!

  • Detox from the spike protein. Do the research. It’s there. I go to epochtimes for good info. Once you find a way to try, then find out the dosage.

    • huldala1776,

      If the research is there, please cite it in your post. I am not saying it doesn’t exist; in fact I hope it does, but the assertion that it exists is yours and, as such, so is the burden of proof.

  • “huldah1776
    December 5, 2022 at 1:54 am
    Detox from the spike protein. Do the research. It’s there. I go to epochtimes for good info. Once you find a way to try, then find out the dosage.”

    Sorry huldah, once the mRNA is in your body it will stay there until you die sooner, not later. That’s the purpose. Ask Fauci, Gates, Ghebreyesus, Bourla or Bancel!

    • You are too certain on this one, “. EU”. There are multiple supplements that destroy Spike Protein. So, even if MRNA never leaves, one can block the Spike Protein forever, by taking potent supplements forever. Also, the Immune System, can easily get boosted (no pun) 100% in strength by diet and supplements.

  • This is just the start of ” the beginning of sorrows” Jesus prophesied in Matthew 24:8. Much more is on the way in the form of continued pestilence[s], war[s], famine[s] and natural disaster[s], what makes these different than in past sorrows is the intensity and frequency. Then to stop this mass death there will be enforced false worship worldwide (Matt.24:9-11, Rev.13:11-18). The last counsel and warning is found in Rev.14:6-12.

  • “For example, Fauci, who believes he represents science itself, has a long history of silencing dissent, neutralizing debate, and destroying the career of any scientist who disagrees with him by ensuring their research is never funded, published, or taken seriously. Many a scientist over the past fifty years has been vilified, ridiculed, and sacrificed at this altar of Fauci-ism and the profits that come with it. As a result, he has never been forced to debate or prove anything over his 54 years with the NIH. Yet he argues in the documentary FAUCI, “I’m the bad guy to an entire subset of people because I represent something that is uncomfortable to them. It’s called the truth.” ”


  • There is a researcher that I follow named Ana Maria Mihalcea.
    She apparently detox her patient from shedding with a chelator name EDTA (it is also used to detox heavy metal since years).
    Look her up on!

  • “The nonbinary Biden administration official who oversees nuclear waste policy was charged with grand larceny in Nevada, the second time they have been accused of theft in three months, according to state court records.”

    This kind of idiot is the real Health Threat to the clever in America.
    No brains at all in the Biden-The-Toilet-Bidet’s administration!
    Throw this clown without brains immediately in the nuclear waste!

  • get yer toxxines today! step right up! perfeckly safe! good for the kiddies too!
    this message from your frens at wef.

  • Initially all medical staff weould have been ignorant if the connotations of the jab, the followed what Medsafe told them as was customary but once injuries/deaths started happening there should have been an awakening as these people are supposed to be intelligent & trained
    Any Dr or Nurse or Pharmacist who is still pushing or giving them out most certainly should be held to account.
    I feel also that parliamentarians should all be held to account as they were complicit in decisions. I have never heard any parliamentarian speak against the jab, not one peep from anyone _ Labour, National, Act, Greens, Maori Party should all be held to account and face a tribunal or jury.

  • It sounds like the vax and unvaccinated can never be intimate due to contaminating the unvaccinated?
    My boyfriend had the vax Jan 2021 .
    What can I do now? We want a long life together but I will not jeopardize my health.
    Can he do Detoxification? Pleas help


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