Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi: 'Vaccine Benefit Zero'-'Fears Massive Self-to-Self Attack of Immune System' (Video)

‘The [Covid-19] virus is less dangerous than the seasonal flu.”

The clinical trials used to justify vaccine authorization by Pfizer were revealed to be fraudulent. In other words, there is no evidence whatsoever that these gene-based vaccines protect against serious illness and death, explained Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi during the second symposium of Doctors for Covid Ethics.

It is known, explains Bhakdi, that “the virus kills fewer healthy individuals and children than other respiratory pathogens such as the flu, such as the pneumonia bacteria, and so forth.”

The doctor added that there is no real reason to approve these vaccines for emergency use. “Why then has this been need done?” he questioned.

Bhakdi explained that our bodies immune systems fight viruses through two armies, by way of analogy. “the navy and the air force.” The weapons they use are almost the same but not identical. The first weapon: antibodies that prevent the virus from binding to cells. The second is a much more important weapon: the lymphocytes that recognize and clear viruses from the surface of the cells. Furthermore, it also kills cells that have been invaded by viruses and are now factories for reproducing the virus.

Army barracks are all over your body, says Dr. Bhakdi. These are mainly your lymph nodes and your spleen. There are also “military barracks” under your mucous membranes, for example, in the airways and digestive tract. They both use antibodies and lymphocytes to knock out viruses.

If you inject something into your body via a muscle, for example, a corona vaccine, only the navy is activated in the lymph nodes. This ensures that antibodies and lymphocytes enter the blood to fight viruses.

They don’t trigger the “Air Force”. As a result, the cells in the barracks under the mucous membranes are not activated. Therefore, they will not generate antibodies that normally reach your airways through the mucous membrane.

Stop Believing All Of The Crooks and Criminals

“All these [mRNA] vaccines can’t work and will never work because the antibodies are on the wrong side of the wall, and they are never secreted out to where they need to be used,” the microbiologist emphasized.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has openly admitted that these “vaccines” do not work, stated Bhakdi. He reminds his audience that at a press conference in August, the CDC revealed that “vaccinations do not prevent against infection of the airways.”

“If you are vaccinated, you are not protected against anything,” said Bhakdi. They are now talking about ‘breakthrough infections’ due to new variants. “It is not a breakthrough at all; there was never protection anyway.”

“Stop believing all these crooks and criminals who are lying to you,” said the professor emeritus. “Vaccination has zero benefits. First, no vaccination gives you any protection against infection. Second of all, this virus is less dangerous than the seasonal flu.” So don’t believe all those lies.”

Blood Stream/Spike Protein

Dr. Bhakdi explained that one set of antibodies in the bloodstream protects internal organs while the other, the lymphocytes, protects the mucous membranes of the respiratory and intestinal tract. Antibodies produced by lymphocytes, which are underneath the mucous membranes, are on-site to meet air-borne viruses.  But antibodies in the bloodstream, such as those induced by injection, cannot protect the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. “Therefore, none of these vaccines can work,” he stated.

If the benefit of the “vaccines” is zero, what are the risks?

Once the “vaccine” is injected into your muscle, it causes your own body’s cells to manufacture the Spike Protein, which then goes into your bloodstream and your lymph nodes. Your lymphatic system then produces an antibody response to the spike proteins your own body makes.

From there, the spike protein will enter numerous tissues and organs in your body.  (The spike protein itself damages tissue and even causes clotting, which accounts for many adverse effects of the mRNA injections) Any cell in your body that makes these spike proteins is going to be attacked by your immune system; Bhakdi said, “the fear is that there will be a massive self-to-self attack of the immune system.”

The doctor questions if this could explain the many different adverse events in people, such as myocarditis, stroke, etc. Bhakti believes that pathologists are the only ones who will determine the lethality of the mRNA shots. However, his prediction is not good for the mass vaccination program.

*The Doctors for Covid Ethics symposium comprised 15 experts in science, medicine, finance, media, and the law. Please watch the entire conference here.

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Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • I wonder. If you’re one of those that have taken the Covid 19 vaccine, and now want it out of your system.
    If it can be destroyed by using immunosuppressants over a short term.

  • Why has not Faucteeth addressed this instead of telling EVERYONE has to take this EXPERIMENTAL jab? This looks to be criminal everyday this goes on.

    • Leethal, get the book [by RFK,jr] The Real Anthony Fauci and your question will be answered…. Fauci is a serial killer with a history of crimes that money in his control keeps covered since he supports financially [grants etc] those that keep silent, and severely punishes those that speak out… it’s only with the emergence of all these internet venues that has enabled those with the evidence to reach a large enough audience…

      Example, he used children taken from or abandoned by their parents –limiting his ‘study sample’ to ones that the courts had not provided with ‘guardians’ — for the most horrific drug experiments… in the book, there is one investigator who tracked down the grave site, an open pit covered with astroturf, with hundreds of little coffins…..

      If you can’t get or afford the book, look for RFK,jr interviews, and one of the most thorough was done by Del Bigtree, but there are dozens of interviews so don’t feel like you are held back by financial or search time limitations.
      Best as always

      • The ENTIRE medical industry is based on fraud and deceit. Get the book “Murder by Injection” by Eustace Mullins. Fauci is just one in the long line of the Tribal killers in the AMA.

      • I am a heart patient & had a colon re-section with chronic illness. I took the 2 Pfizer Jabs and now am very afraid of my health. What are the recommendations for after the Jabs for fragile people?
        Thank you, Elaine Jones

  • FYI: There has been no testing for nor samples of any ‘omicron’ variant which actually can be concluded as nothing worse than the common cold virus. More people have been sickened and died from the seasonal flu yet no money-grubbers are squawking regarding the seasonal thing. The entire ‘variant’ event is a vaudeville charade targeting the typically and comically gullible.

  • Dr Bhakdi as well as Dr Wolfgang Wodarg are two of the very best who are consistent in their arguments honest in their opinions and they lay down a grand overt for everyone to see and to replicate their thinking so that you come to your own conclusion.
    For me that conclusion is a mass genocide by any means from a chosen few over the 99%.
    If voices of reasons will not be heard than because the reason for action is based on false accounts lies and missconception willingly and wantingly.
    Those in power the technocrazy are crazy because they believe in absolute tyranny absolute control and absolute power.
    And what they have in mind I lay out all their plans on my blog.

  • The truth is finally starting to trickle out on the fake vaccine and your glorious democRat leaders are doing everything they can too destroy the truth…..and destroy you if you do not comply. Stolen elections have consequences.

  • If this is true for the Covid vaccines, is this also true for the influenza vaccine? I know they are not the same but in my mind they are similar and for many years people are being told to get the flu shot. Please tell me the influenza vaccine works differently than the Covid vaccine and the correct “Army” is engaged with the flu vaccine.

  • I am a heart patient & had a colon re-section with chronic illness. I took the 2 Pfizer Jabs and now am very afraid of my health. What are the recommendations for after the Jabs for fragile people?
    Thank you, Elaine Jones

  • We are all witnessing the “Biggest Scam” against humanity and its Survival.
    Millions will die.
    Big Pharma is too corrupt to continue to exist.

  • Dr. Blakdi,
    Your discovery is a Contribution to Humanity and will set the foundation for our survival.
    Your discovery warrants “The Nobel Peace Prize”.
    Thank you


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