Dutch Political Party: 'Reject the WEF, Great Reset and Their Transhumanist Agenda' (Video)

Are you looking forward to a utopia where you own nothing and eat bugs in which a chip in your body is linked to a social credit system that tells a global government all they need to know about you?

For several months, the Dutch party Forum for Democracy (FvD) has made English-language videos about the most critical topics threatening our world. In the conservative party’s latest video, politician Simone Kerseboom takes on the subversive World Economic Forum (WEF). The leader exposes the dangerous and freedom-crushing agenda concocted by the Globalists who attended their annual meeting in Davos this past May:

The gathering of the World Economic Forum, the most prominent meeting of the world’s elites, finally took place in Davos at the end of May, after a two-year break thanks to Covid.

The usual suspects, from Bill Gates downwards, were all there. Panel discussions on all sorts of topics, including freedom of the press, ”misinformation,” transhumanism, globalization, the energy transition, and the food crisis, were part of the agenda.

A place for world leaders to discuss plans for limiting freedom of speech and vocally predicting the loss of wealth and welfare of normal citizens. You will own nothing, and you will be happy.

While top politicians from across the world were enjoying their champagne and steaks, they were busy making plans to ensure that you, the world’s ordinary citizens, would be eating bug burgers and tofu meals for the rest of your lives. All well said at best. All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

And in between encouraging the impoverishment and total surveillance of their populations in the name of the great religions of public health and fighting climate change, the same government leaders that are supposed to represent you and me. We’re dreaming of an ever more globalized world without borders and nation-states.

Ministers from EU nations were fantasizing about an EU Army. After all, for differences, a flag that you wear on your sleeve makes in the end.

And then the CEOs of the large social platforms talked about how they controlled and censored information and decided for you which information was authoritative and which was not.

No need to break your head thinking about the problematic facts that your Government or the mainstream media presented about Covid, climate, or immigration; peasant, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have it under control.

And what do you think of that transhumanist agenda are their attempts at normalizing a world in which we are all implanted with chips sold under the guise of efficiency, progress, and enhancing the human condition, but which raises technology above humanity while simultaneously promoting ultimately the vain society?

I don’t know about you, but I still prefer to be able to think for myself.

DeVos is not a forum at all and certainly not a World Forum. But instead, a sectarian ideological and militant Western club. Klaus Schwab boasts that his foreign penetrates Yes, penetrates the governments of many countries. Politicians like Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau, after all, have been World Economic Forum’s young leaders. The Dutch Prime Minister also proudly carries his World Economic Forum back to work every day.

Schwab basically implied that he controls them. And this is a major problem for politicians and actors for democracy in the Netherlands, who try to fight this globalist agenda. Because the World Economic Forum blurs the lines between private and public organizations, it might be a private organization. But the World Economic Forum is nestled deep within the Civil Services of nations across the world.

Requests for access to documents recording exchanges between public servants and the World Economic Forum by parliamentarians from their own governments first need to be approved by the World Economic Forum.

This destroys the democratic control that Parliaments have and is an affront to political transparency. And as far as that still exists, of course, did you vote for this club of billionaires, world leaders, and activists?

I certainly didn’t.

And are you looking forward to a utopia in which you owe nothing in which you eat bugs in which a chip in your body is linked to a social credit system that tells a global government all they need to know about you? I’m not.

But this is what awaits us if we continue to dismiss this organization as nothing more than a networking platform. Our leaders went to dev us to discuss these very ideas, to find the best ways to implement them back at home, through invented and often permanent states of crises, whether a pandemic, war or climate change.

Schwab talks of a great reset for the world. Instead, what is needed is a great reality check for the World Economic Forum and the governments it says it penetrates.

It is time that politicians take responsibility for defending the interests of their voters and controlling their governments. It is time for ordinary citizens to stand up and reject this dictatorial top-down attempt to create a so-called utopia devised by a few ideological autocrats. It is time for us to reject the World Economic Forum and the great reset and encourage our governments to do the same.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • Although Putin is a WEF terrorist member, seems he is disobeing Schwab’s orders.
    So please Putin, do the right thing and drop a thermobaric nice package onto the WEF headquarter as well as the EU headquarter, the WHO and other terrorist sites, and all problems in the world will be gone. Oh yes, of course, after that, send your agents to take care of those terrorists that are left, (use, for example, the famous umbrella) they are: Biden and his shadows, Obama, Clintons, Soros, Gates, Fauci, Gebreyesus, von der Leyen, Merkel, Trudeau, Marin, Macron, Ardern, Draghi, etc.

    • VP is pretty savvy. He may have gone to Davos to check out what he is likely to have to deal with in the way of obsequious idiots who claim to be leaders of countries. So please Putin, do the right thing and drop a thermobaric nice package onto the WEF headquarter as well as the EU headquarter, the WHO and other terrorist sites, and all problems in the world will be gone. Also the Bilderberg group. I would like to book a device for them too. We can live in hope.

    • It seems apparent that the Dems are really using Russia, look what Kissinger (a deep state commander said), “Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was blasted on social media for saying Ukraine should cede territory to Russia in order to reach a peace deal.” on a msm news headline

  • “Ukraine filed to join the EU in February, and EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said in April that a decision on granting Kiev candidate status could be made in “a matter of weeks.” While the commission is due to issue its verdict on Ukraine’s candidacy next week, the process may not be as smooth as von der Leyen predicted.”


  • Satan can (And will) erase them from far away like a little “ping”
    on a “blot out” machine.
    Only God is strong enough to defeat Satan, and if He really intended to,
    we wouldn’t have fallen to these depths.


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