Dutch Politician Warns: 'World Health Organization is Engineering the Great Reset' (Video)

It is difficult to think of a more flagrant conflict of interest than to give a Gates-funded UN agency the power to enforce vaccines sold by, you guessed it, Bill Gates. 

For several months, the Dutch party Forum for Democracy (FvD) has made English-language videos about the most critical topics threatening our world. In their latest video, politician Simone Kerseboom takes on the World Health Organization (WHO), “The WHO is engineering the Great Reset.”

If Covid and Ukraine crises have taught us one thing: international organizations are useless in a crisis, declares Kerseboom. The United Nations has been unable to fulfill its primary function of stopping war. The World Trade Organization has been unable to protect world trade: instead, sanctions have been applied against Russia. The European Court of Human Rights could not protect even the most basic human rights against the onslaught of restrictions imposed since 2020 supposedly to fight the virus.

So if these international organizations cannot do what they were set up to do, what is the point of them?

Now, in the wake of Covid, states around the world are planning to give even more power to an international organization. They are drawing up a new treaty that would provide the World Health Organisation with special powers in any future pandemic.

A draft text should be published in August, but it is already obvious what the goal is: to engineer a ‘Great Reset’ – a world government based on climate hysteria and social control. 

Apart from being useless, international organizations are undemocratic. For example, the WHO is not elected, and it cannot be held to account. Yet it is proposed that it should decide and direct world policy on health. 

There is no citizen input into this new treaty- you and I have nothing to say. Instead, the unelected European Commission is negotiating on behalf of the EU even though Brussels has no powers over health policies! Bureaucrats will once again be talking to bureaucrats about how to create more bureaucracy. 

Indeed, the WHO is not even a proper international organization but instead a semi-privately funded agency whose biggest source of income is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, plus the other private bodies like the Gavi alliance, which Gates also funds.

This is the same Bill Gates who said that his investments in vaccines are the best investments he has ever made. He has made far more out of vaccines than out of Microsoft. It is difficult to think of a more flagrant conflict of interest than to give a Gates-funded UN agency the power to enforce vaccines sold by, you guessed it, Bill Gates. 

This is a textbook case of how power is drained away from individuals, families, and nations into obscure offices, themselves subject to plutocratic influence, destroying democracy, downgrading liberty, and reducing the variety of human life to the dull uniformity of a Soviet-style world planning agency.

In the existing United Nations, of which the WHO is a part, officials are allowed, encouraged even, to campaign for more UN power in the areas they work in.  Like the European Commission, the UN is a one-way conveyor belt, inexorably sucking freedom and accountability out of the democratic domain and into the dark corridors of power where these core values are smothered to death. 

We are constantly being told about the virtues of ‘diversity.’ But what about diversity in political choice? What was so dangerous about the response to Covid was precisely that governments all copied each other and did the same thing. 

Any government which tried a different approach was ridiculed and berated. But if we forget the value of individual and collective freedom, we are doomed. Liberty is not dangerous, as people have been taught to believe since Covid. On the contrary, liberty is a public good that should be promoted and cherished because it is the source of inventiveness and vitality. Therefore, instead of being given new powers, the WHO should simply be closed down like so many other UN agencies.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • WHO = World Humbug Organization

    Hang those criminals: Gebreyesus, Gates, Schwab and von der Leyen. To start with.

    • I think Dr. Zelenko calls them by their rightful name – World Homicide Organization –

      and you’re right, I also would not mind seeing these monsters doing the rope dance with the piss running down their legs, twitching their way to Hell.

  • Been saying for decades the US needs to boot the un off our soil. Useless group of busy bodies thinking they know it all. Most never filled a gas tank or took out the garbage when full. F em, who needs em? not the US. Its the other way around.

  • Hey Black America! The incredibly rich and powerful are trying to enslave the world, which means enslave you. Are you going to fight them, or help them? You (we) fought and defeated slavery once. Are you willing to fight again?

  • The United Nations is not here to prevent Wars, but to make sure that these Wars break out on behalf of the Military Industrial Complex and the Mega Rich.
    I’m pretty sure that with a One World Government, “Wars” would even break out more often.
    They would use it as a well tested tool to keep any opposition to their Tyranny down.
    They would call it by a different name, like “Social Discontent Management” and their Mercenaries would be called “Social Discontent Workers”.
    The End-result will be the same, “Death to those that oppose”.
    The ideal of these “International Organizations” is no more than a hollow edifice to dazzle the gullible and stupid and whose real centre is the simple, unadorned greed and lust for power of the Elite Few.
    These are not Organizations that fight for the Rights of Human Sovereignty, Freedom and Dignity, it’s quite the opposite.
    These organizations are nothing more than the Slavers shackle on the stride of Humanity.

  • We are their pets aren’t we? They can do whatever they wish with us.
    Only God can stop people who imagine they are God.

  • “Lon Spector
    May 30, 2022 at 11:58 am
    We are their pets aren’t we? They can do whatever they wish with us.
    Only God can stop people who imagine they are God.”

    Well, not exactly, not only God.
    Just sponsor a proper sneaper gun and the job will be done.
    Quod erat demonstrandum.


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