Easter Protest in Amsterdam Against the Great Reset: 'The Resistance Must Continue!'

“There are a couple of influential globalists, who according to their own words, view the Corona crisis as a huge opportunity to “reset” our world.” – MP Gideon van Meijeren

The Netherlands conservative party, Forum for Democracy (FvD), held a massive Easter protest today in Amsterdam against the Great Reset. As MP Gideon van Meijeren explained, “the corona rules have been paused for a while, but the roll-out of the totalitarian agenda is continuing at high speed. That is why we must not lean back. The resistance MUST continue!”

Those present carried Dutch flags, yellow umbrellas, and red heart balloons. Forum MPs Pepijn van Houwelingen and Gideon van Meijeren addressed the crowd. Van Meijeren said, among other things, that ‘although the corona measures have been suspended for a while, the ‘freedom fighters’ will not rest ‘until the Netherlands is a real democracy.’ He also referred to Easter, saying that, like Jesus, the protesters are standing up to an elite and fighting for the truth.

Thierry Baudet, the leader of the FvD party, released a message on social media today declaring, “No Great Reset!”:

Netherlands Prime Minister is a Globalist

MP Van Meijeren previously unmasked the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, as a Globalist. In what was called an epic confrontation, the Forum for Democracy Member of Parliament left Rutte humiliated after exposing his lies about the ‘Great Reset.’

MP Van Meijeren previously explained that,

More and more people are seeing that it is a big lie that the current Corona measures are meant to protect public health. This begs the question: why are all these awful measures being implemented that change our entire way of living, destroy our entire society?

Now, there are a couple of influential globalists, who according to their own words, view the Corona crisis as a huge opportunity to “reset” our world. It means they have a perverse incentive to make this last longer.

Corona is the alibi…the inducement to realize the new world order’

The FvD is one of the few conservative parties in Europe that has exposed and condemned left-wing governments and supranational organizations, such as the World Economic Forum. Their planned and executed responses to Covid have been to increase their power and control. As Thierry Baudet, the leader of the FvD party, has previously explained, “Corona is the alibi, the pretext, the inducement to realize the new world order that has been prepared and desired for a long time.”

The leader also previously stunned parliament when he “called out a prophetic pandemic scenario from a 2010 Rockefeller Foundation Report that mirrors many tyrannical moves from governments playing out today on a global scale”:

Germans also protested for freedom against the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset. Tens of thousands of Germans took to the streets demanding the government stop drawing out the Covid restrictions, which infringe upon their basic rights.

Eisenach, Germany

Nürnberg, Germany

Freiberg, Germany:


Mannheim, Germany

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • EU’s leading terrorist von der Leyen just met with terrorist Zelensky giving orders to Zelensky to continue the WEF-planned war. These by Klaus Schwab’s TERRORIST ORGANIZATION WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM terrorists; Zelensky, Trudeau, Macron, Marin, Ardern, etc, are terrorists carrying out this Great Reset.
    Putin is the good guy here.
    Terrorist Marin, with the help of Alzheimer puppet presidents Niinisto and Biden are planning the next war between Russia and Finland.
    The “funny” thing is, that citizens in every country, except Hungary with their clever Orban, are still so stupid and brainwashed that they continue the mask theater, probably wearing the sanitary towel on their face the whole coming warm summer and for years to come!
    People with mask = low IQ = and already brainwashed with Covid and Great Reset propaganda. All going as planned!
    Because of you stupid citizens this shit is possible!

  • We are living in the most important time ever in human history.
    We can connect and share Ideas discuss things and talk from every point to everyone.
    Yet the problems seem to magnify… problems that are not really there that are created…
    Didn’t we give up on slavery a long time ago?
    Don’t we have (on paper) a democracy?
    They do not want you to have a happy life…
    They do not want you to contribute to society…
    They want you to be slaves…
    Fit enough to run the machines and do all the work for them…
    Stupid enough to believe every single word they say…
    Who is it that cancels the Future for you and me?


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