Election Chaos: Radical Left Groups Pressure DC City Council to 'Ban Tear Gas Before Election'

Shut Down DC has been training in preparation for their plan to “force Trump out of the White House.”

The militant left organization Shut Down DC is spearheading an effort to pressure the DC City Council to ban tear gas before the election. In an email sent on October 18th, the leftist group encouraged supporters to sign a petition titled: “DC Council: enact emergency ban on tear gas before election.”

It appears that Shut Down DC and their allies want to engage in violent riots during the election without resistance from police. In an email sent on October 16th (and stated on their website), Shut Down DC declared their intent to accost members of Congress “at the train station or the airports or if they drive into town we can meet them at their homes” if President Trump does not concede in the week after the election.

Screenshot from Shut Down DC Website

As reported at RAIR Foundation USA in September, Shut Down DC has been training in preparation for their plan to “force Trump out of the White House.” If President Trump “tries to steal the election,” Shut Down DC advises:

“…[B]e ready to block a highway (or all the highways in your town), shut down a port, occupy your state capitol, do whatever it takes! We hope to be able to offer trainings and support to groups outside DC that share our principles.”

Additional leftist groups spporting the petition to ban tear gas include Black Lives Matter DC (who claimed on Twitter that ‘Protest is not Peaceful‘), Calvary Episcopal Church, CASA, Collective Action for Safe Spaces, Center for American Progress Union, DC Jobs With Justice, Delicious Democracy, Nonprofit Professional Employees Union, The DC Center, The Democratic Coalition, Women’s March and Occupation Free DC.

It is not a stretch to consider that all of these groups share similar philosophies with Shut Down DC and plan to take their outrage to the White House in November should President Trump win the election.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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  • I find it repulsive that a so called calvarychurch as well as black lives matter could think they could intimidate us into thinking we are as useless and ignorant as they are. They should go back to the caves they crawled out of and let the thinking to people that have and use brains and hearts God gave us.


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