Election Interference Exposed: Hillary Clinton Targets and Deplatforms Trump Supporters through 'Dark Money' Group

The subversive group is pushing the ‘dragging out the election’ strategy until Americans accept Joe Biden as president.

The latest effort to dominate the election narrative by silencing conservative voices comes from Clinton acolytes in the form of an organization called “Accountable Tech”. The subversive group is pushing the “dragging out the election” strategy until Americans accept Joe Biden as president. Accountable Tech claims that there will “likely be a prolonged period of uncertainty as ballots are counted.”

Accountable Tech is conspiring with Twitter, Google, YouTube, and Facebook, who are all openly working to suppress election “disinformation” which will boil down to any criticism of the ultimate strategy to kick President Donald Trump out of office, even if he wins on election night.

Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton linked to Accountable Tech in a Tweet, dog-whistling like mad to her supporters: “We can have democracy—or we can have social networks that allow the spread of weaponized disinformation about our elections…”

The Accountable Tech website ominously warns:

“Unchecked lies about mail-in ballots and fraud will suppress votes. Baseless claims of election-rigging will sow chaos and inflame tensions. And extremists will organize and advocate for violence.”

Hillary Clinton has set the stage by stating openly that “Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances.” She continued: “Because, I think this is going to drag out and eventually I do believe we will win, if we don’t give an inch.”


Accountable Tech, founded by Nicole Gill and Jesse Lehrich, has previously also teamed to pressure social media giants to suppress viewpoints they deem “unscientific,” such as social media posts critical of man-made global warming.

Accountable Tech’s co-founder Nicole Gill’s big achievement is her organized opposition to President Trump’s incredibly successful economy-boosting tax cuts. Gill has also served as senior advisor to the CEO of Pathfinder International, which trains developing countries to promote and conduct abortions, or as she puts it, an NGO “focused on reproductive health care worldwide.”

Gill’s fellow co-founder Jesse Lehrich worked on the presidential campaigns of both Obama and Clinton, and gained national attention for telling then-candidate Trump to “go f**k yourself” while Lehrich was serving as foreign policy spokesman for Hillary Clinton.

Accountable Tech does not disclose its donors, but Hillary Clinton is certainly onboard.

Accountable Tech released what they refer to as the “Election Integrity Roadmap for Social Media Platforms,” which includes “steps” big tech can use to suppress pro-Trump voices and ensure a win for their puppet, Joe Biden. Steps include suggestions such as “platforms must elevate authoritative information and disincentivize false, divisive, and sensationalist posts that often travel the fastest.”

Read more in their email campaigns, documented here.

It is clear that the militant left is pushing to make election day drag on until Joe Biden “wins”. Americans must loudly tell their elected officials that this “dragging out the election” strategy, which includes silencing pro-Trump voices, is unacceptable.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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