Election Intimidation: Democrat Groups Seek to Isolate and Destroy Law Firms - 'Push Them to Drop Trump'

If democrats believe they won legitimately, why do they attack attorneys?

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The left-wing group Shut Down DC has joined the Democrat-funded Lincoln Project in targeting attorneys examining potential voter fraud in several states. The ‘multi-faceted, multi-city’ attack on law firms is being promoted by big tech and the mainstream media.

If democrats believe they won legitimately, why do they attack attorneys?

As reported at RAIR Foundation USA, Joe Biden’s allies are targeting individuals they perceive to be in the way of their efforts to take the presidency without going through the Constitutional process.

Shut Down DC

On Thursday, Shut Down DC sent a mailing to their followers inviting them to join the militant leftists on Friday, November 13th for a “day of action against [law firms] King & Spalding and Porter Wright Morris & Arthur.” Shut Down DC boasts, “we’ll be paying them both a visit. We are assembling at Black Lives Matter Plaza (at 16th and H NW) at noon.”

Lamenting that Trump and his allies are “continuing to undermine democracy by giving credence to absurd conspiracy theories and impeding the future Biden administration,” Shut Down DC joins the mainstream media in not addressing valid concerns about voter fraud, but attempts solely to squash opposition.

The mailing continues:

From coast to coast, the people are continuing to make their voices heard. This is just the beginning of what we have planned to hold Trump and his enablers accountable. Last week, activists in San Francisco painted a mural in front of another law firm that has worked with the Trump campaign, Jones Day, and friends in New York are also taking action on Friday. In addition to visiting the offices of these firms, we will be making phone calls and sending emails as part of a national campaign demanding that they defend democracy by dropping Trump as a client and ending the frivolous lawsuits.

We know from media sources that these law firms are feeling the heat, and we think we can push them to drop Trump. But it’s going to take a multifaceted, multi-city effort, both in person and online.

In the mailing, Shut Down DC links to a Google Form titled “Stop Lawyers Destroying Democracy” for people to report how they “can help” the effort to target law firms.

Screenshot Source

As documented at RAIR, there have been numerous instances of GOP poll workers being denied access to ballot counting in disputed states. Clearly, these cases should be investigated, but the coordinated media has actively sought to discredit legitimate questions as “conspiracy theories.”

Isolating opponents for destruction is a known communist tactic reminiscent of tactics employed during Mao’s Cultural Revolution, where perceived enemies of communism were targeted by the Red Guards in their homes, had their belongings confiscated and shamed publicly in what were referred to as “struggle sessions.” Some of Mao’s enemies, listed on posters, were also murdered by the blood-thirsty Red Guards.

The Lincoln Project

Now-Deleted Tweet from the Lincoln Project

The very-well-funded Lincoln Project is “set to launch a multiplatform campaign hammering Jones Day and other firms for their role in facilitating Trump’s efforts,” the partisan Greg Sargent of the Washington Post “reported” this week. “These people [attorneys] have now decided that attempting to undermine the outcome of a just and fair election is perfectly acceptable for their legal practices,” Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson was quoted as saying.

The New York Times also reported breathlessly that

Sure enough, the Lincoln Project is actively pushing their leftist followers to target law firms that dare to work on cases that could potentially damage the leftist narrative of an overwhelming Biden victory.

On Thursday, Rick Wilson tweeted in part: “On January 20th, Trump will leave the White House, either on his feet or dragged by them.”

Lincoln Project Founder Steve Schmidt tweeted that people in “several Law firms…are complicit in the assault against American democracy.” He continued ominously: “None of them should ever be forgiven.”

Topping off the leftist efforts to discredit legitimate attempts to examine voter fraud, the media has embarked on an unprecedented coordination campaign deceptively named the “Trusted News Initiative” to force the President out of the White House.

The parallels between Mao’s Red Guards and the radical left today are unmistakable. Before the election, RAIR warned that democrats were scheming to drag out the election until Joe Biden “wins.” The idea is to wear down the American people until they accept a Joe Biden presidency.

Americans must understand the danger of giving these people power before it is too late.

Sign the Petition! Participate in President Trump’s “Stop the Steal” Rallies!

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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