'Enjoy Hell': Leftists Celebrate Covid Death of Chicago Woman - Hospital Denied Ivermectin (Video)

Ivermectin as a treatment for the coronavirus has become increasingly unavailable due to intense pressure on doctors not to prescribe it and pharmacists not to distribute it.

Just a few days before Veronica Wolski’s tragic death after contracting the coronavirus and being denied ivermectin at the Amita Resurrection Hospital in Chicago, David Gilbert of Vice News smeared her as being known for “boosting anti-vaccine and QAnon conspiracies from a bridge in Chicago.”

Jemima McEvoy of Forbes

Ivermectin has a forty-year history, and a physician group called the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) regards the drug as a “core medication in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19.” There is zero evidence that ivermectin as prescribed by a physician has harmed one coronavirus patient, yet the federal government and the medical establishment have been violently opposed to it’s use, as reported at RAIR Foundation USA.

David Gilbert of Vice News

Gilbert set the tone, but he was one of many who reveled in bashing the sick woman, even after her death. An article by Jemima McEvoy at Forbes headlined “Anti-Vax QAnon Supporter Whose Demand For Ivermectin Fueled Attacks Against Chicago Hospital Dies Of Covid” started like this:

An anti-vaccine activist and QAnon advocate whose demands to be treated with deworming drug ivermectin sparked a right-wing harassment campaign against the Chicago hospital where she was being treated has died from complications due to Covid-19…”

The increasingly vile tone of the news coverage and that of those celebrating the death of people who have transmitted the coronavirus is outrageous and unacceptable. “Enjoy hell Veronica Wolski because you earned your place there with your anti vax lies,” one Twitter user named Thomas O’Connor declared. “The plus side to this is that there is now 1 less trump supporter,” he continued.

Dara Lynn Schottenfeld

Dara Lynn Schottenfeld, a self-described feminist who practices law with her father in Plantation, Florida posted the Vice News article and said, “So this woman is dead now, Freed up a hospital bed.” “If she stayed home she could have taken all the horse deworming med she wanted,” another Twitter user responded, referring to references of ivermectin’s use in veterinary medicine, often used in an attempt to discredit the drug, as reported at RAIR.

Notably, an article by a local outlet “Block Club Chicago” originally titled “Veronica Wolski, a Jefferson Park woman who claimed an area hospital denied her ivermectin tor treat COVID, has died” was later renamed to fit the narrative: “Veronica Wolski, Jefferson Park Anti-Vaccine Activist, Dies From COVID-19 At Age 64”. The original headline is still reflected in their permalink and in their tweet, archived here.

The vile excerpt of the supposed “non-partisan” news outlet refers to Veronica Wolski as a “QAnon supporter” who “insisted” that the hospital give her “a medication meant to treat parasites in animals and humans.”

Screenshot (altered)
The Vaccine is not a Treatment

Ivermectin as a treatment for the coronavirus has become increasingly unavailable due to intense pressure on doctors not to prescribe it and pharmacists not to distribute it. Hospitals are now withholding a benign treatment from coronavirus patients who are desperately ill.

Without treatment such as ivermectin or monoclonal antibodies, which are widely available in Florida but more difficult to get elsewhere, more and more coronavirus patients are ending up in the hospital. And some, like Veronica Wolski, pay the ultimate price.

A local news story on Veronica Wolski is so shockingly biased that it is beyond belief. The report focuses on Wolski’s friends who rallied the hospital to give her ivermectin. Amita Hospital workers have “endured telephone harassment,” declares reporter Joanie Lum. Lum continues to say that ivermectin is a “drug used on livestock with parasites.”

The report also features Chicago’s Public Health Commissioner, Dr. Allison Arwady who deceptively and stupidly conflated ivermectin for humans with ivermectin for animals. Veronica Wolski was not trying to get horse dewormer. She was trying to get ivermectin for humans as prescribed by a physician that could have saved her life.

“I am a little surprised I guess that there are people who want to take a veterinary medicine that is not FDA approved, but then don’t want to take the vaccine that has had really widespread human trials and is approved,” Arwady said as reported at the local NBC affiliate.

Arwady and her allies consistently ignore that people who contract the coronavirus – whether vaccinated or not – are being denied treatment. It is as if Arwady and her allies want people to be forced to go to the hospital.


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Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • ” Chicago’s Public Health Commissioner, Dr. Allison Arwady” wow, just when you think Chicago cant get any worse.

    this woman has no business in any type of medical role, she obviously knows nothing about the subjects she spouts on about.

    ivermectin was created in 1970 to help poorer people in countries like africa and elsewhere fight against various viruses… it has had amazing success for well over 50 years, it has only ever had 2 deaths (unlike the experimental covid vaccines that have already killed tens of thousands) and at one point with such success they decided to see if it would also work on animals, it did have benefits. in 2015 it was givel the nobel prize for medicine for its amazing track run of saving lives.

    You have NO BUSINESS in ANY medical profession job.

    • Bravo Phenry, I could not agree more. How do these people who are supposedly medically informed not know about Ivermectin’s history in human use? Or, are they very aware and are just following a forced leftist narrative? I’m thinking the latter.

  • Even WebMD says it has for a long time and continues to be used on humans for various reasons. These pretend medical experts call it a veternarian drug, when it was created for human use and has never ceased being used on humans, are the lowest scum in society…hurting those with lesser intuition, knowledge of the world, IQ, research access, etc. all for political tribalism. Once the egg shell cracks, there needs to be a flood of civil lawsuits against these companies who pushed/promoted these stage props we are pretending to be medical experts. Idiots are in every profession from the very top to the very bottom, just about every hard working American can attest to that fact


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