'Enough - We are ruined!': Italians Demand Migrants to be Sent Back 'Immediatly', Want Salvini Back in Office (Watch)

Italians feel threatened by the way Conte’s government is handling the country’s migration crisis and want Salvini back in power.

While Italy remains on partial coronavirus lockdown, migrant boats carrying passengers infected with the virus are invading the ports of Lampedusa hourly. The latest fishing boat carrying over 450 illegals were met by protesters on Saturday evening at a commercial dock in Lampedusa. Hundreds of citizens demanded that the illegals be sent back immediately: “They are Tunisians! What are the Tunisians going to do here? Repatriate them immediately!”

Boats filled with dozens to hundreds of migrants have been landing daily in this beautiful Southern Italian coastal town that survives on tourism. Native Italians feel they have been failed by Socialist Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s “criminal” government and left-wing politicians who “sold out” Italy and its citizens for their open border policies. Not only are these elected leaders turning a deaf ear to the unspeakable problems citizens are facing, but they smear anyone who goes public with their stories.

Former Lega party senator Angela Maraventano organized the rally in the port trying to prevent a group of refugees, recently picked up by Italian Coast Guard vessels, from disembarking. Maraventano and demonstrators blocked minibuses carrying the migrants on their way to the hotspot. Tension with the police erupted:

‘Enough!’ and the police should be with us — not against — with us! Tonight Lampedusa says, ‘Enough’! Tonight Lampedusa says, ‘Enough’! Government of accomplices! You have sold out Italy!

Just a few weeks ago, RAIR reported on Salvini’s visit to Lampedusa where he broadcasted migrants invading Lampedusa live on Facebook. 

Watch the following video shared by Lega party leader Matteo Salvini on his Twitter account of the protest in in Lampedusa on Saturday:

Lampedusans took to the streets peacefully the next day again to ask for the immediate closure of ports and hotspots. “Enough with exploitation , we want Lampedusa free, Sicily free, Italy free,” cried the demonstrators. Lampedusa is being transformed into a refugee camp in Europe from the clandestine government, said the leader of the League. Italians stand in solidarity with the citizens protesting, declared Salvini.

After extreme pressure from his constituents, Lampedusa’s mayor, Toto Martello, has called for a general ‘strike’ on the island over the illegal migrant arrivals. Mayor Martello slammed Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s “frightening silence” on the issue:

“Tomorrow morning I will call the representatives of the island’s trade associations, we will declare a general strike: let’s lower the shutters, the national government continues to maintain a frightening silence. Someone can remind Conte that Is Lampedusa is Italian? I can understand that you don’t see the boats coming, but if a fishing boat of this size with hundreds of people gets here and nobody notices it, it means that there is no control in the Mediterranean. But what do military ships do? We are not at war, why don’t they use them for sea safety interventions, and to transfer migrants?  The reception center is full beyond any limit of human tolerance, and the Army that was sent to prevent someone from leaving the facility obviously is not enough since there are those who continue to leave the Center violating the health safety provisions 

Martello has even sent a letter to Tunisian President, Kasis Saied, threatening to bring the illegals back to the North African country on his on boat. “We are on our knees,” exclaimed Martello, “migrant arrivals are exceeding 1,500 admissions.” The situation is unsustainable. It is not possible to continue to tolerate these oppressions by the Government,” declared Martello.

Italians want Matteo Salvini back in power

Italy’s new leftist government headed by Conte has kept its promise to reverse Salvini’s immigration stance, which empowered Italy to refuse NGO human trafficking vessels to enter their seaports.

Conte appointed pro-mass migration Luciana Lamorgese to replace Matteo Salvini when he seized power. Conte made it clear his hard left government will stand with the European Union, Angela Merkel and Emmanual Macron and will no longer protect Italy’s borders. 

The Prime Minister has made good on his open border policies and increased the amount of illegals entering the country each year. According to the latest data of the Italian Interior Ministry, from January 1st to August 28th in 2020, a total of 17,985 migrants arrived in the country by sea. By comparison, the number of illegals entering in this same period in 2019 amounted to 4,900 people.

The number of migrants arriving in September of 2019 was more than twice the number that arrived in September of 2018. 

Given the radical policy changes by Conte and his alliances with Germany and France, many Italians feel unrepresented by this new government. Salvini has pledged to create a government for the Italian people not one “produced by Paris and Berlin, born out of a fear of giving up power, without dignity and without ideals, with the wrong people in the wrong place.” Not surprisingly, a recent poll by the conducted by the Italian newspaper Affari Italiani, shows the majority of Italians feel threatened by the way Conte’s government is handling the country’s migration crisis and want Salvini back in power. 

The majority of Italians feel threatened by the way Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s left-wing government is handling the country’s migration crisis and want to see League leader Matteo Salvini come back to power.

…don’t understand. Our balls are being broken!

Understand? Balls!

Enough! From here nobody passes tonight.

Repatriate them immediately! This is what is happening at Lampedusa.

Shame. A fishing boat. Look! A fishing boat. Look. Look. I’ll show you.

Immediately! Repatriate them immediately.

They are Tunisians! What are the Tunisians going to do here? Repatriate them immediately!

Today [unintelligible] nobody, Minister Lamorgese!

You are causing us problems, Minister Lamorgese! Repatriate them immediately!

Repatriate them immediately! —We are ruined!

Tonight, this will end really badly! Repatriate them immediately!

Where are you from? 


We are here for peace. We only want illegal immigrants to turn back,

because we are tired! Lampedusa…

Tonight Lampedusa says, “Enough”! Lampedusa tonight [unintelligible] to the business of 
human cargo!

The situation [unintelligible] Lampedusa.

We are all dying.

No, they won’t go. They’ll come back with the sun. —

I’ll stay alone.

Everyone stops… No! Tonight Lampedusa says, “Enough”! …and they will pay. Don’t worry…

Tonight Lampedusa says, “Enough!” and the police should be with us — not against — with us!

Tonight Lampedusa says, “Enough”! Tonight Lampedusa says, “Enough”!

Government of accomplices! You have sold out Italy!

Don’t touch Sicily and Lampedusa!

Shame, Lamorgese… Go home, illegal.

This government should resign. —Illegal!

Criminal accomplice government! —

I’m not afraid of the Left.

There is no emergency condition. They are all OK. …full of money, and tomorrow morning, 
they’ll go out and go to Lampedusa!

They’ll go shopping in the supermarket buying cigarettes.

There is nobody sick here…

—To steal, to steal… 


Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • It is about time these politicians who advocate immigration and open borders are removed from office by the majority of people who are fully against this lunacy which can only be bad for the country and will obviously all end in civil strife with either civil war or at least vigilantes taking action in whatever way they can. The majority of immigrants are young males who are full of testosterone and cause problems amongst the females of the country they invade, their culture and background do not fit in with western ideals and they are not fleeing war zones but after a comfortable easier life handed to them by stupid left wing people who obviously care more about foreigners than nationals. The first duty of any government is to protect it’s own people and this is not happening these days in many western countries

  • The illegals are not only overwhelming Italy’s ability to accommodate them, some of the illegals are committing horrific crimes in the cities and small towns that house them throughout Italy.

  • The left won’t leave voluntarily no matter what the elections results will be. This scum must only be removed by force.


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