Epidemic: German and Austrian Mayors Under 60 Are'Suddenly and Unexpectedly' Dropping Dead

When did so many young and healthy middle-aged people, described as fit and sporty, drop dead before 2020?

Since December 2020, many sudden and unexpected deaths of mayors under 60 years old have occurred in Germany and Austria. Questions are swirling about whether these elected officials were overwhelmed by job stress, or could there be another reason for so many “fit and healthy” politicians dying?

On December 12, 2020, 41-year-old CSU Mayor Dirk Rosenbauer collapsed during a municipal council meeting and later died in a hospital in Coburg. The headline read, “At only 41 years old  – mayor from Bavaria collapses during council meeting – dead”.

We are all completely shocked and it is incomprehensible. He was fit and healthy, always walked his dog and played handball

Sadly, the headlines have been filled with similar cases for about two years. The names of Mayors being added to the list of unexpected and sudden deaths seems to be growing steadily. 

The “Freie Bremer” channel on Telegram compiled a list of several such incidents, at least 15 known deaths in Germany and Austria in the period mentioned. However, the number of unreported cases could be higher.

December. 12. 2020 41-year-old CSU Mayor Dirk Rosenbauer in Michelau, Germany. He leaves behind a wife and two children.

In September 2020, German Mayor Heinrich Suess died unexpectedly at the age of only 56

In June 2020, the 50-year-old German Mayor of Lenggries, Markus Landthaler, died unexpectedly.

On September 15, 2021, the 47-year-old German Mayor of Limbach-Oberfrohna Jesko Vogel died. He leaves behind a wife and two daughters. From 1991 to 2014, he was a player and captain of the first handball team at BSV Limbach.

October 18, 2021, 57-year-old Deputy Mayor of Kindberg, Peter Sattler, died suddenly on a hike.

On October 21, 2021, the 60-year-old Mayor Christian Ruh of Bodolz on Lake Constance died unexpectedly.

On Saturday, October 24, 2021, Burscheid’s Mayor Stefan Caplan died unexpectedly. He was only 56 years old.

October 28, 2021, 59-year-old German Mayor Wolfgang Eckl “unexpectedly” died.

November 27, 2021, Mayor Jochim Ruppert died unexpectedly on Friday evening at the age of 59.

December 23, 2021, 54-year-old Schiltberg Mayor Fabian Streit died unexpectedly.

March 5, 2022 Mauerkirchen Mayor Horst Gerner died unexpectedly at the age of 57

On March 23, 2022, Mayor Kristian W. Tangermann died unexpectedly. The Mayor of the municipality of Lilienthal (Osterholz district) was only 45 years old.

On March 26, 2022, Christian Maurer, a 38-year-old mayor in Upper Austria, died. He collapsed on March 21 during a municipal council meeting and died days later in the hospital. Doctors could not repair Maurer’s cerebral hemorrhage. The local politician leaves behind his wife and their six-week-old son.

On March 29, 2022, The incumbent Mayor of Waldshut-Tiengen, Joachim Baumert, died unexpectedly over the weekend at the age of 57. 

On March 31, The third mayor of Coburg, Thomas Nowak, died suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 53.

On April 1, 2022, the First Mayor of Pfaffenhausen and trained police officer Franz Renftle died at the age of 54.

When will authorities investigate these cases more closely? Of course, not all of these Mayors have necessarily died from the exact cause. However, when did so many young and healthy middle-aged people, described as healthy and sporty, drop dead before 2020? 

Are the numbers of the Mayor’s unexpectedly dying the same as in the past? Perhaps it could be? But shouldn’t the authorities compare previous statistics and share them with the public? Looking the other way or downplaying the number of unexpected deaths of younger and seemingly healthy Mayors only adds to people’s fears. Furthermore, it is creating even more rumors and “conspiracies.” If there is, in fact, a problem, it should be of concern to the government. After all, it’s government officials who are dropping dead in numbers.

RIP to all of the Mayors who have passed.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • play stupid games, win stupid prizes

    Those deaths should be classified as suicides. Well, at least the clot shots are killing off the functional clots dumb enough to take them.

  • Strange that none of them dropped dead before the introduction of the vax. And yet the sheeple refuse to see. Hang on tight and try to enjoy the destruction of all national sovereignty and freedom.

    • One died in June, 2020 one in September 2020. But they didn’t announce that they would have the injections here until after the US election, because the drug regulators wanted to not help Trump win. When did they start the injections in Europe?

      • Pfizer Biontech started clinical trials in March/April 2020 … I do not think middle aged Mayors participated though.
        Drew Weissman’s wife in USA did so you never know.

        • How many mayors used their connections to put themselves unofficially into the dubious vaccine trials? Just being a mayor doesn’t make you smart.

        • Tens of thousands of people were participating in the clinical trials since March / April 2020. Those who received Placebo, were injected with the hot shot at the beginning of December 2020 before mass rollout started. I still do not think that middle aged Mayors participated in clinical trials but even that is not impossible. It is also possible that they succumbed to covid in those months in 2020.

  • I noticed you didn’t post my comment. Nice bit of censorship you got going on here. I will immediately undo my reposting of this article.

    • Of course, your comment was posted. We have to approve each comment due to death threats. Thank you for understanding.

  • Deter and myself switched the vaccine shipments. The saline (fake vaxx) going to govt. officials we switched to senior center. We sent senior center vaccines to saline recipients. tee hee. I guess conspiracy theory is actually true. LOL

  • Of course special nice mRNA coctail lot/batch number for mayors!
    Ask Schwab, Gates and von der Leyen, the leading Genocide Generals!
    Please note, no WEF Young Global Terrorists, not even Biden died after the of course fake injection. They just play jab and mask theater.
    Or, how many of those mayors were drilled by WEF? None?
    What a coincidence!
    Bravo Bill Gates, all going as planned!

  • The answers related to the mystery of deaths of Mayors in Germany are not simple but a limited samples of the following Articles and Videos EXPOSING results of multiple deliberate actions and developments being conducted by the Globalist Elites for “THE ENHANCEMENT OF SCIENCE AND BETTERMENT OF THE WORLD;-World Economic Forum

    (Some of the videos require a little uploading time to get started)
    5G, Graphene & the Vaccine is How they Plan to Kill You!




    Pathologist Summary Of What These Jabs Do To The Brain And Other Organs
    Dr. Ryan Cole: COVID Vaccines Cause Catastrophic Damage to Organs/ By Ramon Tomey

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    February 22, 2022


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    Covid Origins Bombshell
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    9 Pathologist exposed the causes of Deaths THEY DISCOVERED due to the Spike Protein COVID-19 Vaccines in this article and a Press Conference VIDEO they held in Germany in 2021.


    Press Conference;

    Pathology of vaccine deaths and vaccine injuries

    After the evidence now first proof

    Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt, March 11, 2022


    GEOENGINEERING WATCH website has volumes of information about another major source of attack on the health and very existence of Humans, Animals, Insects and Botanical Life.


    When Humans Become Cyborgs | DAVOS 2020

    Feb 20, 2020

    How to track & trace every person, purchase, and protein on the planet & manipulate human behavior
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  • Blood clots after the mRNA injections are no mystery. Let’s stay in Germany. The professors Bhakdi and Burkhardt have clearly explained the mechanism. The mRNA damages the endothelium, the inside of blood vessels (by causing the immune system to attack the endothelial cells), which directly activates the coagulation system. This is elementary medical knowledge. It also activates inflammation e.g. in the heart (myocarditis). It is asking for blood clots. The mystery is why it is not immidiately stopped. – I don’t know what the mayors died from, but it must be investigated.

  • Can we have information about when these mayors got the mRNA injection?
    Thank You! Vielen Dank!

  • play stupid games, win stupid prizes

    Those deaths should be classified as suicides. Well, at least the clot shots are killing off the functional clots dumb enough to take them.

    Blackroch founder and CEO Larry Fink IS ALSO A WEF TERRORIST, TOGETHER WITH THE TERRORIST LEADER KLAUS SCHWAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Of course they are part of the DS, and many of them are not who they say they are – THIS is very common, because they are masters of disguise and name-changes. Klaus Schwab, for example, is a Rothschild. This occurred to me the first time I saw a photo of him, but it was later confirmed.

  • I’m suspicious that there is more than just clot shots at work here. Someone should examine those Mayor’s Covid policy, could be some were murdered for failing to embrace fanatical Covid restrictions, like the leaders of Burundi, Tanzania and Haiti. Belarus also in a failed coup attempt.

    • There were 5 such assassinations to my reckoning; the only failed attempt was the President of Madagascar, from memory. Yes, it should be clear we are dealing with a MAFIA.

  • Another reason why I won’t take their aborted fetal stem cell vaccine! I’m sorry for those that did I will pray for you because I think that anyone that takes the B.S. “Vaccine” is supporting the murder of innocent babies!

    • They also put these in some foods and drinks, as well as graphene – so, research this if you are not keen and perhaps consider a powerful magnet when shopping and unpacking. This is a part of what is going on with the food supply, IMO. The best advice, which I already followed, is to eat as little processed food as possible, and only organic where possible. I know, for example, they’ve found graphene in Kellogg’s cereals (specifically Special K) and also in some meat (beef, I think it was – I don’t eat meat). Stem cells and other horrors have been found in others, and there were a lot of fizzy drinks (which I don’t drink) and chewing gums on the list, from memory. So, please be careful what you consume. Also be very careful not to eat exceptionally cheap fast food, especially McDonalds.

    • First 2 died prior to jabs, but the rest are definite possibilities, if not very highly probable.

  • Read your local obituaries. I see so many people between the ages of 30-70 who have died unexpectedly! The funeral homes in my area are having multiple daily services. This is not normal.

    • The clot shot is certainly boosting the funeral business! Unlike the fake Covid, which produced no excess mortality. At least these guys earn an honest living.

  • Maybe those mayors refused to bend to NWO and they were killed by sonic weapon or like in the old time by poison?

  • I am getting really old. Getting old is literally a pain in the ass.
    I’m so glad my kids and grand kids won’t have to go through it.
    Thanks much Bill Gates.

  • Maybe they were willing, but all of them were forced to take the shots if they wanted to keep their jobs.

    Murder is murder.

    • I’m pretty sure Austria was attempting to make vax compulsory for ALL at one stage, so there was coercion and compulsion.

  • The most likely cause is that these people were “influencers” and had decision making powers. When the Pharma Vaccine salesmen come calling and requiring that your town resources be used to implement the vaccination. Insist that your name be used to enforce the introduction, you had better say ‘yes’.
    Any resistance or scepticism and you are removed, with extreme prejudice.
    Dozens of health ministers and even a couple of Presidents were removed in Africa, also very ‘unexpectedly’ with heart attacks for not supporting the Pharma agenda.
    The ‘Carpet of gold or carpet of bombs’ tactic at work at the local level.

  • Covid vax began in Germany 26 Dec 2020; Austria – wasn’t able to be quickly found, but until 5 March, 776.397 doses of vaccines have been distributed to Austria. So, by my reckoning, the first 2 died of covid itself, or something else; but all the rest could certainly have been due to vax. This is terrible – and especially for the poor families left behind. It’s just so sad that so many people BLINDLY trust their governments, conventional doctors and other so-called “experts.” People should always do their own research on everything, especially when it involved injecting anything directly into one’s bloodstream; thus bypassing the immune system.

  • Testing positive for covid and dying unexpectedly during these times could be code for something else entirely also. The truth will come.

  • Did they get any injections?
    Was there directed energy “systems” in their offices or buildings or homes?
    Do they support the “Great Reset”, which is a redraping of the Kalergi plan?
    Those are the questions to answer, nitwits.

  • It’s truly sad, we know covid itself causes lasting organ damage and heart inflammation. May they Rest In Peace.

    • Who said covid causes lasting organ damage and heart inflammation???? It’s 99.9% curable unless underlying co morbidities like cancer, heart disease etc. Covid is just the icing on the cake for anyone who is already on the way out.

      • Absolutely – we all had armour in the form of quick antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 (or any other corona virus) long before 2020. This has been proven in multiple studies (ie. For the vast majority, the virions will be killed long before they get to the lower pulmonary system. Those with failing immune systems, though, do get sick (especially without early treatment) and the virus will destroy lung tissue and the RBCs ability to carry oxygen. The hospital ‘protocols’ will then easily kill them, else leave them with lasting organ damage etc.

  • Would love to know when the mayors received their shot, which company (Pfizer, Moderna, etc), etc. so we could get a clear picture of how long it takes the damage to occur and what signs the doctors need to look for and warn their patients …

    The threat of stroke on the Autobahn at 100 MPH is going to cause a larger number of catastrophic accidents…

    • No time correlations can be made, as the bioweapon is so insidious, it takes its route through the victim’s body according to their individual physiology. That’s why it is such a brilliant bioweapon. It snakes along its path like a maze, taking advantage of each individual’s weak spots. You can’t compare one person to the next. Best strategy: DON’T TO IT TO YOURSELF!

  • Looking at the body language of these mayors, they appear to be much more honest than mayors at least in Brazil and Australia. They probably took the real mRNA experiment instead of water.

  • Did any of these people recommend the clot shots to their constituencies or enforce ordinances that restricted the non-“vaccinated” or “nudged/coerced” people to take clot shots. For those that did, I do not say RIP, I say Karma!

  • Why so many “MAYOR’S” though?!? It’s even more suspicious that it’s one specific group of people. Maybe they also should look into who replaced them…

  • 💥COVID-19 Vaccinations are going to continue for the next 5 to 10 years, even though there are reports of adverse reactions leading to many injuries and MILLIONS of deaths all over the world❗ We just CANNOT get the COVID-19 Vaccinations STOPPED, as MASSIVE COMMISSIONS are being regularly paid by the BIG PHARMA to the TOP Leaders of Governments as well as Opposition Parties, Doctors, Medical Scientists, Health Ministers, Hospitals, Judges, Lawyers, Trade Union Leaders, Journalists, Newspapers, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Radio and TV Channels, Film and TV Stars, Famous Athletes and other celebrities, for PROMOTING the COVID-19 Vaccines. So long as they get big payments, why should these fellows care for what happens to the health and LIVES of even BILLIONS of COMMON PEOPLE, who are FORCED to take COVID-19 Vaccines⁉️
    🔥To avoid legal problems, many Legal LOOPHOLES are being used by the Vaccine-making Drug Companies, like the payments of the BIG BRIBES to the RELATIVES of the highly CORRUPT fellows‼️

    • So what do you call DJT/GOP who launched these monstrosities on the world via Operation Warp Speed? I love how the right blame liberals (who are all capitalists anyway) for all this, all the while bleating about ‘The Great Reset’. The Great Reset is only possible because certain people have been allowed to become massively rich at the expense of the working class. So rich, they believe they are superhumans, with the ability to decide who lives/dies. And it is the right wing that has constantly, over decades, cut taxes etc. exactly allowing this to happen. DJT gave them Trillions with his ‘tax cut’. At least own it.

  • INteresting. The first 3 were not vax injuries – too early. The others – probably most were.

  • Not suicide but amercan roulette. Like Russian roulette except state is pulling the trigger. Agitate for govt by smartphone where every citizen is a voting member of a true peoples congress. No more corruption.


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