Epidemic: Torturing the Elderly over Coronavirus Fears - Brokenhearted, Depressed, and Dying Alone (Watch)

As riots go unchecked in leftist-controlled cities, elderly people are suffering in silence.

There is a man-made epidemic of elderly people dying alone in nursing homes across the globe based on hysterical Chinese coronavirus “science”. In America, the most vulnerable to the illness have been repeatedly locked in while the virus runs like a wildfire through the facilities. In the famous case of New York State, Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered patients infected with the virus to be sent to nursing homes, effectively passing a death sentence on thousands of residents already in those long-term care institutions.

RAIR Foundation USA has reported on the vast percentages of coronavirus deaths as occurring in nursing homes in America and across the West (see here and here). As riots go unchecked in leftist-controlled cities, elderly people are suffering in silence. It is unclear what science supports a “no visitor” policy if proper precautions are made.

The following RAIR exclusively-translated videos are snapshots of what’s happening in nursing homes in Europe during the coronavirus. in the first video, an elderly 84-year-old man cries out about the “psychological torture” of being separated from his wife who has been locked in a nursing home for the past few months. Each day, the man goes outdoors and stands beneath his wife’s window so she knows he is there for her. The elderly man stands outside her window for as long as his body allows:

In the following video from France, a 96-year-old woman cries over the isolation and loneliness she is experiencing, pleading to the camera that this “is not a life” at nearly 97-years-old. The elderly woman does not understand why she is not able to go visit her healthy neighbor, a friend, when neither one of them has the virus.

Most residents of elderly homes in France aren’t allowed to leave their rooms. The consequence is many have refused to eat, their bodies are shutting down and they are gradually dying. For example, one 87-year-old woman lost 13 lbs in just one month. Her husband can only visit her from afar and stands outside to see her.

Elderly people across the west are being forced by medical professionals and left-wing governments against their will, to remain isolated and die alone. Their loved ones have also been forced against their will to remain away from their loved ones. As reported by Psychology Today, forcing people to die alone violates all four ethical principles of healthcare (do no harm, help the sick, autonomy, and justice). Do elderly citizens lives matter?

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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  • Hard to answer on this one.
    As far as I can see ( my theory) many states want to get rid of the , massive amounts of money absorbing, elderly, so the pensions can be saved.
    Always that rotten dollar in the way, and I agree with the writer: do no harm, but he! health is an industry which means to me, that every patient cured or death is a lost customer.
    Pharma is suffering with less customers and the countries save some money.
    Who is going to win here?
    I think that it is a very cruel game.


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