Erdoğan’s Islamization of Europe: Germany's Largest Mosque Blasts Controversial Call to Prayer For First Time

This is just one more victory in Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s plan to Islamize Europe, seize control and ultimately re-establish the Ottoman Empire.

Once one of Germany’s most important centers of the Catholic faith, Cologne is allowing its largest Mosque to blast the Islamic call to prayer (adhan) using electronic loudspeakers. This is just one more victory in Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s plan to Islamize Europe, seize control and ultimately re-establish the Ottoman Empire.

The Central Mosque, a modern building with two tall minarets, is located on a busy road in the Ehrenfeld district just west of the city center. The massive glass and concrete structure has room for 1,200 Muslim worshippers.

Run by the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs, or DITIB, it was inaugurated by Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2018. Until now, the call to prayer was heard only inside the building

Controversial Call to Prayer

The adhan declares the supremacy of Allah of Islam and sends the strongest message to Christians that Allah is superior to the Trinity and Jesus. The following is a translation of the adhan by RAIR Foundation USA:

Allah is greater [than your God], Allah is greater [than your God]
I testify that there is no god [who is worthy of worship] except Allah.
I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.
Come to prayer. Come to prayer.
Come to success. Come to success
Allah is the greatest. Allah is the greatest.
There is no god except Allah.

A hadith states that when the Islamic prophet Muhammad traveled on his military expeditions, he would listen to whether a place had the morning call to prayer. He would leave it alone if it did, as he determined it was a Muslim place. But, on the other hand, if he did not hear it, that gave him a warrant to attack.

Tomas Samuel, a former imam, says that according to Islamic text, the Muslim call to prayer shows power and control over the country ” Samual cites one of the most important books for Islamic law, “Omdat Al-Ahkam”;

“Adhan is a very important ritual in the religious practice of Islam, one can liken it to the Muslim flag. Its proclamation shows that the people of the city are Muslims.”

Declaration of Islamic Supremacy

Ex-Muslim and former communist Ridvan Aydemir, known as the ‘Apostate Prophet,’ reports that Adhan declares all religions except Islam false and is a symbol and declaration of Islamic supremacy. Aydemir explains the offensive nature of the Adhan, comparing it to “singing and broadcasting nazi songs in Jewish cities and neighborhoods.”

Imagine escaping a country that would “jail, lynch, beat and torture” their citizens for leaving Islam, only to be forced to listen to the Adhan again. Aydemir explained:

…many other people around the world who live in countries where they cannot leave Islam. Well they can’t say I have left Islam because there they could be executed, they could be punished, they could be thrown in jail, lynched, beaten, tortured… Imagine we come from those cultures – come to the west, come to free countries like America and Canada – and here suddenly we hear that same dominating supremacist march over us and our naive American neighbor says well it’s just their religion let him have it…

Aydemir assures Westerners that “There is no religious obligation for them [Muslims] to blast it [Adhan] outside in cities that are in non-Muslim lands.” He assures westerners bound by political correctness that their “concerns and anger about this intrusive, this vile practice” of religious supremacy is not “Islamophobic,” nor hateful or intolerant.

if you – a Western person – since we have to be so politically correct, if you want to reject and voice your disagreement, your concern your anger about this intrusive this vile practice then you are not bigoted, you’re not Islamophobic, you’re not hateful, you’re not intolerant, you’re not any of those bad things. You are simply rejecting a shameless disturbing practice of religious supremacism.

Watch Ridvan Aydemir’s video about the Adhan and its meaning:

The call to prayer is part of a 2-year pilot project by the Cologne city government and is required to be only loud enough that people in the “vicinity” of the Mosque can hear it, reports Le Figaro.

According to Breitbart, Cologne’s radical mayor, Henriette Reker, labeled the pilot project a “sign of respect” and stated that it was an example of the acceptance of other religions in the city.

Henriette Reker

“Our fellow Muslims are an integral part of our city. The sound of the call to prayer, in addition to the bells of the churches of our city, shows that diversity is valued in Cologne and that this diversity is lived here,” estimated the mayor.

Globalist Reker is well-known for her open borders and pro-illegal migration stance. In response to a gang of a thousand migrant men sexually assaulting women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve in 2016, the mayor suggested the victims were to blame. “Under no circumstances” should the crimes be attributed to asylum seekers, claimed Reker. Instead, she suggested a new “code of conduct” (presumably including a dress code) for German girls and women be adopted as a measure to “prevent such things from ever happening again.”

“Abdurrahman Atasoy, vice-president of the Turkish-Islamic Union of Religious Affairs (DITIB), the association that runs the Mosque, said he was pleased that the broadcast of the call to prayer was going ahead.

“This is an important step in the perception of Muslim religious communities as part of society,” he said.”

Abdurrahman Atasoy

The tactic of leftist (Henriette Reker) and Muslims (Recep Tayyip Erdoğan) coordination has a name: the Red/Green Axis: “Communists and Islamic Supremacists have a long history of uniting to destroy their common enemy: those who believe in sovereignty and individual freedom.” Then, to achieve their own goals, they use one another until their goals are achieved, and only at that time will they “turn on one another and, in the end, fight to destroy the other

Turkey’s Control Over Germany

As previously reported by RAIR Foundation USA, Erdoğan and his loyalists in Germany successfully exploited the Chinese coronavirus lockdown to justify broadcasting the Islamic call to prayer from hundreds of their mosques. As part of the pilot project, Cologne’s 35 mainly Turkish-controlled mosques will be able to blast the call to prayer and announce over the mosque loudspeakers, “There is no other god but Allah!”

The Turkish Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DITIB) is an umbrella organization controlling over 900 mosques in Germany. DITIB is nothing more than an arm of the Turkish state. The DITIB-controlled mosques comprise the majority of those blasting the Adhan across Germany.

The DITIB charter states it is “linked to the Turkish government’s Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet).” The Diyanet answers directly to Erdoğan employs imams, writes sermons, and issues fatwas. In addition, they set the theological guidelines for all of the messages preached in their German mosques.

The Diyanet sends Turkish imams to DITIB mosques to influence their congregants to not assimilate into Europe and push Erdoğan’s agenda. While in Cologne, Germany, Erdoğan himself urged Turkish immigrants not to assimilate and called the assimilation of migrants in Europe “a crime against humanity.” Erdoğan’s DITIB imams have been caught reporting dissidents to Turkey’s Embassy in Germany.

Some two-thirds of Germany’s 5.6 million Muslims are of Turkish origin, representing the largest Turkish community outside Turkey and Germany’s largest immigrant group.

Just as recently as 2018, while in Cologne, Erdoğan again urged Turks not to assimilate. The Turkish Islamic leader called the assimilation of migrants in Europe “a crime against humanity.” Erdoğan wants his soldiers to remain part of Turkey and the Ummah, the global Muslim community.

In this RAIR exclusively translated video, Erdoğan makes clear that Turkish-controlled mosques in foreign countries are military outposts for his loyal soldiers:

In 2017, the German media outlet ARD exposed the DITIB mosques and their troubling influence within Germany, which exposed major fifth-column activities. In addition, they uncovered hateful preaching against the West, Jews, Christians, and anti-assimilation sentiments.

Watch the RAIR exclusively translated expose from ARD below:

Part #1

Part #2

Germany Is Aiding and Abetting Erdoğan

Shockingly, for many years, Germany partnered with Erdoğan’s DITIB in matters of “integration” and even provided it with millions in state funding. Still, after multiple controversies ranging from the indoctrination of pre-schoolers with Islamic propaganda to the exposure of a Turkish imam spy ring that extended across Europe, DITIB has come under scrutiny. While the DITIB has not been receiving taxpayer-funded money, it continues to benefit from the support of local and regional politicians. Unfortunately, as we see in the latest example, mayor Reker has allowed these threatening messages masked as prayers to be broadcasted throughout Cologne for at least the next two years.

Mosques in the North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein, which have large Turkish immigrant neighborhoods, have broadcasted the call to prayer since the nineties and early two-thousands. Left-wing mayors authorized prayer calls through loudspeakers mounted on the top of two 85-foot minarets attached to each side of the Mosque. Prayer calls are permitted five times daily between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.

 In the following video translated by RAIR, a German laments the impact of the intrusive and disruptive nature of the Adhan. This citizen questions how these “anti-constitutional, anti-semitic” groups which “reject democracy” are rewarded and “permitted to demonstrate their power in Germersheim’ five times per day, seven days a week:

In Germany, little is being done to stop what is just another piece of Erdoğan’s stealth campaign to spread Islam across the world. Many leftists that support mosques blasting the call to prayer naively view it as an act of solidarity. However, the Turkish latest victory is just one more tiny step towards the long-term dominance he is ultimately pursuing in re-establishing the Ottoman Empire.

Islamic supremacists like Erdogan use psychological warfare on those they aim to conquer. For example, they know it’s essential to make people in the West accustomed to hearing the call to prayer. If the call to prayer is heard often enough, it no longer sounds out of place and instead becomes as normal as hearing church bells ringing. The same concept applies to seeing women walking the streets in sharia burkas or watching as the halal sections of grocery stores slowly occupy more space. These seemingly small concessions are strategic wins in his larger battle.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist



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