Eric Zemmour applauds Hungarian Leader Viktor Orbán's fight against Coronavirus, Islam, Soros and Multiculturalism (Watch)

Ninety percent of Hungarian citizens support Orbán’s new Coronavirus Protection Act.

In the following RAIR exclusively translated video, Eric Zemmour defends the emergency-measures passed by the Hungarian Parliament to combat the spread of Chinese coronavirus. “Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán is absolutely right to defend his nation against immigration, against Islam, and against people like Soros who want to transform all Nations into multicultural societies” declared Zemmour.
Eric Zemmour

The new Coronavirus Protection Act, grants Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán , the powers deemed necessary to “prevent and respond to the human epidemic of COVID-19.”

Globalist bureaucrats and their media across the world have united to spread disinformation about this legislation, and attack the 90% who support it. Even a smear piece at the New York Times concedes that as of Saturday, “Hungarian officials had detected fewer than 700 cases, one of the lowest tallies in the European Union.” While the authors attribute the low cases to testing, the real test would be of Hungarians who become sick with the virus. Additionally, the authors point out that Orbán has support among physicians who support the government for doing “a good job in tough circumstances…”

As Eric Zemmour recently stated, “Viktor Orbán won the election. Its power is democratic. With a two-thirds majority, he has the right to amend the Constitution. There is nothing scandalous about it.”

Most of what you’ve read about Hungary’s new coronavirus protection law is fake news. The law does not give PM Orbán unlimited powers, establish a state of emergency that can last without limit, dissolve Parliament, or create prison terms for spreading fake news and rumors.

As stated in Breitbart:

The Hungarian government has insisted that their own anti-coronavirus measures go no further than similar measures seen elsewhere in Europe this year, nor do they exceed the restrictions on liberty made by France in their state of emergency declared during the fight against terrorism last decade.

It comes as no surprise that left-wing media outlets supported by Globalists would be upset by Hungary’s new security measures, which introduce sanctions for “spreading fake news and rumors.”

The law makes it a criminal act to intentionally spread false information and distortions that could undermine or thwart efforts to protect the public against the spread of the virus. It’s in force only during the state of danger. The legislation addresses false reporting that intentionally endangers the public.

The European Union, many of its members states and Soros’ NGOs have attacked Hungary’s coronavirus measures. There has been a double standard in the leftists critic’s attacks on Hungary’s safety measures as they simultaneously support all other EU states extraordinary measures.

Despite globalist bureaucrats and their media attacks, Orbán has affirmed his commitment to take all necessary measures to protect Hungarian citizens, flatten the curve, slow the spread of the virus and save the lives of his citizens.

It comes as no surprise that the radical left is using Hungry’s coronavirus protections to further their attacks on Orbán. Hungary is one of the very few countries in the European Union that has protected its borders, and refused to adopt the EU’s suicidal mass migration policies.

Hungary prioritizes the maintenance of its Christian identity, cultures, customs and history from destructive globalist multicultural policies.

Hungary’s history, even more than most European nations, has been a struggle for freedom.

All within the last century, Hungary has had to fight off the Islamic Ottoman Turks, the nazis, communists, globalist bureaucrats and their media. As a result, Hungarians are generally not fond of the idea of sacrificing themselves to invaders aiming to change societal norms and customs.

Transcript: Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation:

You’ve even said it yourself, he wins elections. Democratically. You’ve said yourself he has the parliamentary majority. 

Yes, exactly.

So, he has the right to undertake constitutional reforms. This is exactly what Sarkozy [Former French President] did in Vast reforms. He made vast reforms to the constitution, because he had a majority in both houses of parliament. So there is absolutely nothing scandalous there.

Secondly, when you compare the Orbán of today with the Orbán of fifteen years ago, it is completely legitimate. The Orbán of fifteen years ago is the product of anti-communism. 

He fought against the communists. 

Today, it has nothing to do with that. Today he’s protecting his nation from immigration, from Islam, and from people like Soros who want to transform all nations into multicultural societies.  From his point of view he has total right to fight against this.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.

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  • Fabulous! What a breath of fresh air. Glad to see some sane people in leadership! Rest of Europe can hang on to Soros coattails and go down in ashes while you soar like an eagle.God bless and protect you🙏


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