Eric Zemmour: France's No-Go Zones Must Be 'Reconquered By Force' (Must Watch)

Zemmour argued that dangerous foreign migrant forces, most of which are Islamic, have seized control of several French suburbs, also known as no-go zones.

For the past several week, riots have take place in at least 25 French cities and towns. These riots have been marked with migrants and radicals attacking police officers and fire fighters with explosives and weapons.

Eric Zemmour appeared on Face à l’Info to address his thoughts on the outbreak of violence. These RAIR exclusively translated videos are featured below.

Zemmour argued that dangerous foreign migrant forces, most of which are Islamic, have seized control of several French suburbs, also known as no-go zones. Migrants have declared war against law enforcement – who are viewed as “foreign forces”. Zemmour believes these dangerous crime-ridden areas must be reconquered by force or completely abandoned.

In Zemmour’s opinion, the first victims of these riots are obviously the police. To combat the situation, the police union, Synergie-Officers, proposed that officers also be able to film what is happening in the suburbs and “disseminate the images to show the reality of their interventions.”

Éric Zemmour supported the measure proposed by the police union stating:

“Yes, I totally agree with them. I think they should film it, show it on television, and we’d see what’s actually happening in these suburbs. We’d see that the police are victims of years of neglect, and we’d see that they’re the foreign power.”

In the first clip from Mr. Zemmour appearance on Face à l’Info he addresses the tactical alliance between the left and islamic migrants. Zemmour comes to the aid of the police officers facing the attacks by migrants in France’s dangerous no-go ones:
Eric Zemmour

In the second clip from the same TV appearance he calls for the reconquest of foreign no-go zones in France“, saying, “It is necessary to reconquer by force or give up.”

Zemmour, is an Algerian-born French Jew, a best-selling author, journalist, lecturer and the most famous conservative intellectual in France. Zemmour has faced endless persecution by the French government for his views on Islam, immigration, feminism, homosexuality, and the preservation of western civilization.

For years, Zemmour has warned of the dangers that migrant no-go-zones pose to the France and their citizens.

In March, Zemmour’s exposed “migrants in France’s no-go suburbs dangerous and violent refusal to cooperate with voluntarily measures to control the spread of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic in France“, as reported by RAIR.
RAIR Foundation USA

Zemmour had been hauled into court many times in the recent past and has had to pay heavy fines for criticizing Islamic migration and the dangerous Islamization of France.

In October, RAIR translated Zemmour’s famous keynote speech that led to charges of blasphemy against him again in France. Zemmour described the country’s “no-go zones” as “foreign enclaves” in French territory and depicted, as a process of “colonization”, the growing presence in France of Muslims who do not integrate.

Transcript: many thanks to Miss Piggy for the translation:

Video #1

The Bondi Blog launched a petition, as to say go ahead and encourage them, to say “very good”. They resonated with the popular riots because now these neighborhoods are called popular.

Now that the French population has disappeared from these neighborhoods. It’s the new one, the new buzzword. So here we are and who signed [the petition]?

Obviously there were movements of the colonials. All the movements connected with the Muslim brothers, but there was also the CGT, the railway south, there was south education. So you see, there’s this alliance between workers’ unions and the movements of the colonials, which has absolutely exploded. That’s the dream of a certain extreme leftist, and that reveals the atmosphere.

So when the police union — I also need to mention, they spoke very pertinently of an asymmetrical media war. That means the police are filmed to show what they’ve done to the suburbs.

So now the police union says they will also be filming to show the truth and what is actually happening in these suburbs. I totally agree with them. 

TV Host:

—They are already filming?


Yes, I think they should film it, show it on television, and we’d see what’s going on there. We’d see that the police are victims of years of neglect, and we’d see that they’re the foreign power.

Video #2

Host: Christine Kelly

She committed suicide not too long afterward. —The policewoman, I remember very well, absolutely.

The policewoman who revealed… Let’s get a reaction from Mark, but we only have a few seconds left. —

Marc Menant:

Yes, just a couple of seconds. I’m not going to modify Eric’s analysis.

Obviously there’s an area that has gone completely foreign, in which we can’t assert ourselves, but where we have resigned ourselves to saying we have to try something. For the most part, they are French, from those who have their documents. So we tell ourselves, we’re reinvesting. That’s what we’re doing, so that these people are no longer led by preachers’ orders
which drag them into this horror and bring us into this abomination.

I believe that at some point, we must have a republic that wants to regain and impose its rights.

Really quickly, 10 seconds, Eric Zemmour. 

Eric Zemmour:

That’s the difference between you and me. I think we reconquer by force. Moreover, in order to reconquer, there’s a problem of the number of people.

You think — you are more humanist than I am — you think that we can bring people around by means of education.

That’s something I don’t believe anymore. I think that from a certain number — you know it is the sentence from Hegel that I say all the time —  the quantity becomes a quality. So in this case it is necessary to reconquer by force or give up.

We’ve heard all your contributions. Thank you.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.

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