Establishment Media Embraces Socialist Corporate Pressure Campaign against 'Long-time Target' McDonald's

McDonald’s is “a long-time target for the socialist left, who want those workers on the streets.”

In what appears to be a coordinated socialist corporate pressure campaign, a highly publicized class action lawsuit against McDonald’s in Chicago has been dutifully “reported” by the international leftist media.

The lawsuit, which claims that McDonald’s does not protect employees from violence, was filed Thursday by 17 “workers from the Chicago area”, according to NPR. The fast food chain was the target of yet another lawsuit filed earlier this month claiming that a franchise in Michigan was engaged in “systemic sexual harassment.” That lawsuit, like the Chicago one, have support of hard left organizations, such as the SEIU-tied Fight for $15, which brags about being “a global movement in over 300 cities on six continents.”

Author and Film-maker Trevor Loudon shared his perspective on this lawsuit with RAIR Foundation USA. He explained:

“McDonald’s helps many young workers achieve a work ethic, teaching them discipline, customer service, quality control, punctuality and teamwork. This organization, a free enterprise success story, is a long-time target for the socialist left, who want those workers on the streets, agitating with them against the ‘evils’ of industry. Hard workers are more difficult for socialists to recruit.”

The allegations made by the lawsuit have been parroted at CBS News, Time, The Hill, Fox Business, Business Insider UK, USA Today, Yahoo News, Chicago Tribune and elsewhere without scrutiny. The complicit media does not bother speculating about root causes of violence in Chicago: emasculating police, not addressing gang violence, promoting rampant illegal immigration and disarming law abiding citizens are some obvious ones – all of which are perpetuated by the leftist-run Chicago.

The Fight for 15 in Chicago is controlled by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and is heavily allied with DSA, the Chicago Teacher’s Union and other leftist activist groups.

Photo via Twitter

The Fight for 15 website is quite coy on who is involved in their quest for global unionization, but in December 2012, their newly-developed website (archived link here) described themselves as the “Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago (WOCC) a union of Chicago retail and food workers who have come together to fight for respect and a livable wage of $15.00 an hour.”

WOCC was mentioned in the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)-aligned publication “In These Times” in April 2013 as the organizers of a “campaign” called “Fight for 15,” which “aims to raise the minimum wage in the retail and food-service industries to $15 an hour and to make it possible for workers to organize unions without the usual employer intimidation.”

Featured Photo at In These Times article

From the article:

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and a closely allied community group, Action Now, launched the campaign, then passed the baton to the newly formed Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago (WOCC) with support from other unions and worker-based groups, like the militant Chicago Teachers Union, and many other community groups.

According to an article at the Chicago Tribune on May 29, 2014, the WOCC was a subsidiary organization of the SEIU, who “spent at least $2 million” in 2013 “supporting the effort to organize low-wage fast-food workers and staging strikes in Chicago, according to filings with the Labor Department.” By funding groups that the public does not associate with SEIU, the campaigns appear to be more grassroots.

The SEIU also spent “at least $9.3 million in 2013” funding similar activities in cities other than Chicago. According to the article, SEIU funded agitators who held “one-day protests targeting retailers and other fast-food operators, including McDonald’s” in cities across the country.

Chicago is completely run by Democrats, and many of those are card-carrying members of DSA, as reported previously at RAIR Foundation USA:

  • Adam Broad, Vernon Township Trustee, Lake County
  • Daniel La Spata, Chicago City Council
  • Byron Lopez, Chicago City Council
  • Dylan Parker, Mayor Pro Tem, 5th Ward Alderman, Rock Island
  • Rossana Rodriguez, Chicago City Council
  • Carlos Rosa, Chicago City Council
  • Jeannette Taylor, Chicago City Council
  • Andre Vasquez, Chicago City Council

Not surprisingly, one of the DSA members listed above, Carlos Rosa, was all in:

Please indulge the author by considering the following two quotes from DSA leader Maria Svart from April 2019 :

“We have now – went from a handful, to over 75 members elected to local, state and national office. Obviously you may have heard of the most famous ones Alexandria Ocasio Cortez… and in fact two days ago or this week in Chicago, which is the third largest city in the United States, we now have five members of the City Council…

Our theory of power is that we need to take state power but also in the course of that we need to build power and other arenas so I always say we have one foot in the electoral political system and then one foot outside the formal political system and that means our chapters do things like run corporate pressure campaigns…

Of course, the establishment media does not care about socialist agitation or root causes of violence in Chicago. They would prefer to demonize McDonald’s.

Image via Twitter

As an aside, the 2013 aforementioned In These Times article profiles a “worker” at McDonald’s named Sonia Acuña who walked off her job, joining fellow comrades in chanting “[W]e can’t survive on $8.25.” Sonia Acuña is also listed as one of the plaintiffs in the 2019 lawsuit alleging that McDonald’s enables violence against their employees.

It is almost as if they live to harass industry.

Wearing their “Fight for 15” knit caps and “Unions for All” tee shirts, the McDonald’s activists are clearly less concerned about “violence” and more concerned pushing a socialist agenda.


Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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