Evidence to be Suppressed in Ahmaud Arbery Case - Media Trying to Create New George Floyd (VIDEO)

Anything less than a full conviction for murder will likely lead to riots, incited gleefully by leftist activists, politicians and the mainstream media.

It was heavily reported Monday that jury selection is beginning in the case against the men accused of murdering Ahmaud Arbery. The jury will not hear about Arbery’s visit to a mental institution in 2018, and it is unclear if they will hear about his “juvenile and adult felony record”.

Arbery was killed on February 23, 2020 while fighting a retired police officer Gregory McMichael, 65, and his son Travis McMichael, 35, who were attempting to make a citizen’s arrest after the man was seen trespassing. A neighbor,  William “Roddie” Bryan, who filmed the fatal encounter was also arrested.


Federal Hate Crime and Kidnapping Charges

In a clear political display, all three men were also charged with federal hate crimes and kidnapping by the Biden Justice Department.

This fact-void indictment is a grim reflection of the naked partisan nature of the Biden Administration:

Federal Hate Crime Charges Against Gregory McMichael, his son Travis & William Bryanon Scribd

911 Call Made Two Weeks before Fatal Encounter

Two weeks before Arbery was fatally shot, a man – possibly Arbery – was spotted by Travis McMichael in the same home.

Here is the 911 call with a partial transcript overlay (Featured Image is a non-mugshot photo of Gregory McMichael and his son Travis.):

The media is desperately trying to diminish the facts of the case, opting portray Ahmaud Arbery as an innocent jogger, despite video evidence to the contrary.

Watch a video showing how Arbery walked into a home that does not belong to him, and hear the 911 call made (audio is fuzzy) on February 23, 2020:

See how Ahmaud Arbery is presented in a Google Search:

Google Screenshot October 19 2021

Anyone claiming that Arbery was jogging in the Satilla Shores neighborhood of Brunswick, Georgia is blatantly lying. Yet the lie is repeated over and over again.

Arbery’s ‘Medical Privacy’ Trumps the ‘Rights’ of the Accused

Earlier this month, it was reported that Superior Court Judge Timothy Walmsley  ruled that Arbery’s “mental health records” would be suppressed in court because of his “right to privacy”.

Consider very carefully this sentence from Russ Bynum of the Associated Press:

The judge ruled that Arbery’s medical privacy, even in death, trumped the rights of the men standing trial to a robust defense.

The Race Card

The media has deliberately and provocatively framed this incident as a racially motivated. If the races were reversed, there is no doubt the media coverage would be different if the story was even covered at all.

“The trial in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery is seen as a test case for racial justice,” reads the headline of the taxpayer-funded NPR. “In trial over Ahmaud Arbery’s death, racial reckoning looms large,” declares Russ Bynum (again) and Aaron Morrison of the Associated Press.

Unsurprisingly, the New York Times reported that Barack Obama “described it as an example of enduring racial injustice.”

But is the man who fired the fatal shot a “racist”?

He is not a stereotype, he is not a caricature of a Southern vigilante racism that he’s been made out to be,’ Decatur attorney Bob Rubin said of Travis McMichael. ‘He’s actually a man who’s lived a very good life, a life of helping others.’

Anything less than a full conviction for murder will likely lead to riots, incited gleefully by leftist activists, politicians and the mainstream media.


Americans must stand together in defense of a fair trial and due process.

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Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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  • If the defense brings up that Arbery was a jogger, that should open the door for his prior bad acts to be introduced. The description of some of those bad acts always mentions he was jogging or was out for a run. Even his parents bade the description. Should be intersting.


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