Ex-Muslim: Call To Prayer in the West like 'Broadcasting Nazi songs in Jewish Neighborhoods' (Watch)

“You’re not Islamophobic, you’re
not hateful, you’re not intolerant, you’re not any of those bad things for simply rejecting a shameless disturbing practice of religious supremacism”

Ex-Muslim and former communist Ridvan Aydemir, known as the ‘Apostate Prophet’, does not believe European and North American cities should have allowed the Islamic Call to Prayer (Adhan), a “warlike declaration”, to be blasted through amplifiers fives time a day, everyday, during the month of Ramadan.

Aydemir, a former devout Sunni Muslim who was born to a Turkish family in Germany, explains how the Adhan declares all religions except Islam to be false and is a symbol and declaration of Islamic supremacy. Aydemir explains the offensive nature of the Adhan, comparing it to “singing and broadcasting nazi songs in Jewish cities and neighborhoods.”

Imagine escaping a country that would “jail, lynch, beat and torture” their citizens for leaving Islam, only to be forced to listen to the Adhan again. Aydemir explained:

…many other people around the world who live in countries where they cannot leave Islam. Well they can’t say I have left Islam because there they could be executed, they could be punished, they could be thrown in jail, lynched, beaten, tortured… Imagine we come from those cultures – come to the west, come to free countries like America and Canada – and here suddenly we hear that same dominating supremacist march over us and our naive American neighbor says well it’s just their religion let him have it…

Aydemir assures Westerners that, “There is no religious obligation for them [Muslims] to blast it [Adhan] outside in cities that are in non-Muslim lands.” He assures westerners that are bound by political correctness, that their “concerns and anger about this intrusive, this vile practice” of religious supremacy is not “Islamophobic”, nor is it hateful or intolerant.

if you – a Western person – since we have to be so politically correct, if you want to reject and voice your disagreement, your concern your anger about this intrusive this vile practice then you are not bigoted, you’re not Islamophobic, you’re not hateful, you’re not intolerant, you’re not any of those bad things. You are simply rejecting a shameless disturbing practice of religious supremacism.

Watch Ridvan Aydemir video about the Adhan and its meaning:

According to Fandom Ridvan Aydemir:

…was formerly a devout Sunni Muslim who was born to a Turkish family in Germany. Eventually Ridvan would move to Turkey picking up various ideologies while there (such as being a communist for a short time). Ridvan would serve his mandatory military service in Turkey and would later be heavily interested in Islam. Raised in a conservative Muslim environment, Ridvan’s study in Islam became extensive, however he would also doubt the religion and its tenets. After several years, Ridvan became more skeptical about Islam and he eventually left the religion altogether. This disappointed his parents who were conservative Muslims and they mostly cut contacts from him. Ridvan would eventually immigrate to the United States to flee potential persecution by the Muslim community. He would create his YouTube channel on May 17, 2017.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.

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