Exclusive: Christine Generoux Fights to Overturn Trudeau's Tyrannical Gun Ban (Video Interview)

The forcible disarmament of law-abiding citizens has always been a precursor to tyranny and genocide throughout history.

RAIR Foundation USA interviewed Christine Generoux, a Canadian activist and property rights advocate who is taking the Canadian Government to court in order to over turn Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s unconstitutional gun ban. This tyrannical ban will strip over 2.2 million law abiding Canadians of over 1,500 gun models, parts, accessories and magazines.

Generoux has taken on the fight to overturn this tyrannical gun grab explaining, “it was a sad day for freedom and personal liberties in Canada, there was an unconstitutional over reach by our ‘so-called leaders.'”

The controversial gun ban was enacted through Orders in Council, which is equivalent to a Presidential Executive Order in America, which occurs without public or parliamentary debate or legislation. The OIC also made it illegal, effective immediately, to buy, sell, transport, or use the over 1,500 banned models.

full list of the firearms that have been banned is available through the Canada Gazette.

Canada’s Public Safety Minister Bill Blair stated, “Enough is enough. Banning these firearms will save Canadian lives.” Generoux slammed the governments public safety excuse explaining,

“The Trudeau government like so many authoritarian governments before his, has used the excuse of ‘public safety or national security’ to justify the forfeiture of liberty and property in exchange for some perceived ‘security’, where will this road end? 

As reported previously at RAIR, this move came on May 1, 2020, “after Canadian citizens started stocking up on weapons in the wake of uncertainty caused by coronavirus lock-downs, much like their American counterparts.”

After the ban, RAIR spoke exclusively with decorated Canadian Major (Ret’d) Russ Cooper and Tracey Wilson, Vice President of Public Relations for the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFFR) both who slammed the tyrannical and political move that undermines their country’s freedoms and democracy.

Watch the following RAIR exclusive interview with Christine Generoux who also wrote an article below detailing her legal battle to overturn the ban. Please support Generoux’s fight and contribute to her campaign against this unconstitutional gun grab. As she explains, “The anti-gun lobby is strong and wealthy but it is no match for truth.” Adding, “We must resist this tyranny with all of our collective might or future generations will pay dearly for it.”

Visit Generou’s GoFund me page here and support this crusader’s brave fight for freedom.

The following article has been written exclusively by Christine Generoux for RAIR:

The forcible disarmament of law-abiding citizens has always been a precursor to tyranny and genocide throughout history. From the killing fields of Cambodia to the gas chambers of the holocaust, all the way to recent events in Venezuela, the disarming of the public always precedes totalitarian authority.

Armed people do not willingly load themselves into box cars or ovens. History has taught us that when the government says you don’t need a gun, you really NEED a gun. The premise of “need based property” is blatant communist ideology, which is why the unfolding situation with the unlawful seizure of personal property in Canada is particularly disturbing. If the authorities can take away our guns using academic dishonesty, undemocratic fiat diktats, or claims of moral superiority, what’s next? 

The Trudeau government like so many authoritarian governments before his, has used the excuse of “public safety or national security” to justify the forfeiture of liberty and property in exchange for some perceived “security”, where will this road end? 

The fact remains that firearms overwhelmingly are used to protect the innocent. What if authorities proclaim, “you don’t need your entire bank account“, or “your farm is too dangerous because of climate change—we’ll take a few acres or a few dozen head of cattle off your hands”. What if your home isn’t how or where they think it should be? Nobody needs that big of a house, or that many cars. A fast boat, or like China, more than 1 child is too many.

It’s been a long road, that slow but steady creeping erosion of rights which saw Canadians become so beaten down, silent and complaint over the years. Shaming and slander by the media and the nanny state making life “difficult” for those who refuse to comply. 

They coined the oxymoronic sentence “common sense gun control”. First, it was only the full auto’s in ’1978, they promised that would be all and we complied, then the implementation of the forced firearms licensing system and we complied. They quietly removed defending one’s self from crime as a legitimate reason to own a handgun on the application. 

Then enter the long gun registry—never, ever to be abused –they pinky promised— until 2013 when it was severely abused and used to violate our basic rights (2013 High River Alberta incident). Limits on maximum magazine capacity was lowered, shotgun plugs, restricted licensing, authorization to transport, consent to be searched, perpetual background checks, fees, fines, caveats, conditions. Now— a plastic replica gun counted as a “crime gun” and forgetting to renew your license on time somehow counted as violence.

Canadians have been tricked into thinking that we only have constitutional privileges, which can be limited by whomever; instead of what we all have if we can take it—-inalienable rights. 

So when the Trudeau government announced May 01 2020, that they will violate the liberty, equality and property rights of an unknown amount of Canadians by immediately rendering their most treasured possessions valueless, it seems there was little resistance. Maybe a little grumbling. Resist at your own peril, illegal possession of these firearms can carry a 5-year prison sentence and Canada’s prison system is a dangerous place.

We will not go down this road quietly and I’m inspired to know that (albeit too few) other Canadians had the same idea as I did—to fight for our rights in court. We feel that it is truly now or never. I am aware Canadians do not have a written constitutional right to firearms, but that does not mean that a hostile force can arbitrarily steal my property to please lobbyists. ironically they are stealing our guns at gunpoint. Which suggests that this is not about banning guns so much as making sure they are only in the hands of those who do the government’s bidding. This move is also setting a precedent. A hostile force could just as easily seize our cars, motorcycles, ski’s, swimming pools, knives, or baseball bats. Alcohol and diabetes kills millions annually. Is our fried chicken and cold beer next up to be forbidden?

(The mayor of NY banned large soft drinks)

We do have the right to defend our lives and property- I believe every human does. An armed population is a polite population and Canadian firearm licensees are 33% less likely than the average Canadian to commit a firearms homicide.

In 2014, Canada had 155 firearms homicides out of 39 million inhabitants. The vast majority of those homicides were not committed by licensees. By comparison, that year saw 500+ drowning deaths and 2000+ motor vehicle deaths. One is more likely to be killed by a moose in this country than a firearm licensee. We have evidence that we are not a significant threat to national security. A much bigger threat is actually Massive governmental violation of private property and the human rights to liberty, security and free choice, removed under the guise of a public safety threat.

My journey to court has been difficult, as I have no legal experience. Cost estimates are 1 million dollars to have an experienced lawyer to take this to the Supreme Court. I am more resolved than ever to represent myself—given there is no other option and I will not accept the theft of my firearms. Consider that 1 million dollars would be 50 cents from every licensed gun owner in Canada, but if every licensee was passionate enough to donate 50 cents or resist even in a small way, we wouldn’t be in this mess. I know we have truth on our side so that counts for something.

On May 3 2020, I launched a Go Fund Me page to collect donations for my court filing fees and “interlocury” costs. It was my first Go Fund Me campaign and I was excited to have some friends donate. That next morning, when I woke up to messages from donors and friends saying something strange was going on with my donation page, I began to fear the worst—that Go Fund Me was trying to censor my viewpoint, as they have done to others in the past. My donors were reporting that the donations would show up for 1 second on the progress bar and then disappear, that their credit card payments said “pending” and no transaction notices were issued. 

I read on their site that donations should be reflected and receipts issued immediately. I read that it can take 5-7 days to withdraw funds, which is acceptable. I thought it was odd that the payments took 3 days to show up on the site and that the representative told me conflicting information. 

The representative seemed to be ignoring my questions about receipts and donation visibility and answering questions I wasn’t asking about withdrawing of funds.

Her explanation went from 1) this shouldn’t be happening, it’s a problem with payment processing, to 2) its normal takes 1-2 business days, to 3) actually 2- 5 days to withdraw the funds. Clearly, I did not want to withdraw the funds, I simply wanted my donors to get receipts and reassurances.

May 6th PM the payments showed up and my donors got their receipts, right after I threatened to report this to the media. I want to think it was just an anomaly or poor customer service but I’m not sure. 

I have donated to other campaigns moments after launch and donations and transaction receipts showed up instantly. Others who had Go Fund Me pages at this time were not experiencing processing issues or delays. 

It’s not all doom and gloom in Canada though. This tyrannical order violates several sections of The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The order is an abuse of power, impermissible sub-delegation of authority, violates sections of The Canadian Bill of Rights, The Shawcross Doctrine, and doctrine of legitimate expectations. 

It also offends all the principles of natural justice. No matter how badly some want to kill Canadian gun culture—our history, our ability to defend ourselves and our voices— The Constitution is the supreme law of Canada and ANY law, action or policy which is inconsistent with it is of no force or effect. There are 4 other lawsuits launched against the confiscations, I am the only self-represented litigant, but we are fighting for all Canadians. Petition e2475 made history as the most signed e petition ever!

 222,600 signatures and counting. 

The anti-gun lobby is strong and wealthy but it is no match for truth. 

In fact, Canadian law enforcement officers who tweeted out images of their badges in support for us, stating they refuse to enforce this un-lawful and un-constitutional order have inspired me. I am so proud to see these particular “good” men are not indifferent. Relieved to see they will not become the next SS or Gestapo. Keep those badges coming patriots, they can’t take guns away or commit tyranny without anyone to do their dirty work.

Canadian Police on twitter protested the liberal confiscation order and attached pictures of their badges:

We need more support. Nobody can do this alone. 

As Nicolas from The says—the most important part of gun rights– is rights. 

He reminded me all it takes is for one person to push forward, to inspire others to push forward. We give each other courage and soon we are millions strong standing together. 

We must resist this tyranny with all of our collective might or future generations will pay dearly for it.

You can follow Amy Mek on Twitter at @AmyMek, and on Parler at @AmyMek.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • The order in Council has become a free-for-all to ban every gun in Canada. The terminology used is military style assault rifle, which has no legal definition, so any gun is a military style assault rifle, air gun, hand gun, the kiSt includes recoil less rifles and mortars. Since the may 1, 2020 ban announcement, the original 1500 number now banned has grown to 1947.

  • Yes that’s right , to the commenter above , since the original list of 1500 types was published in Gazette , it’s ballooned into 9500 types , this was not done because AR 15 (banned ) are more dangerous than my SKS ( not banned yet) but to set the stage for a ban on all semi automatics (like what happened in South Africa recently), and in the near future handguns (being discussed) and I’m afraid all guns one day. This OIC seems to mirror UN treaties closely and I’m afraid just because our countries disarm, destroy stockpiles and dictate that the only legitimate purpose a citizen can own firepower , is some old smooth bore for feeding ones family , does not mean our enemies —will do the same . I’m a big believer in mutually assured destruction when it comes to firepower …. come on Canada ?


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