Exclusive: Covid 'Vaccine' Exemption Scandal Exposed in Canadian Military (Interview)

The Canadian military appears to be issuing vaccine exemptions according to rank and geography rather than merit. 

In an exclusive interview for RAIR Foundation USA, former Canadian Forces soldier James Formosa revealed how he believes the military is issuing vaccine exemptions according to rank rather than on a case-by-case basis according to merit. 

Formosa, a captain in the 3rd Canadian Division, a regiment posted in Western Canada, served from April 2017 to July 2022, when he was formally discharged due to his decision to apply for a religious exemption from the vaccine mandate, which was denied. Due to his refusal to comply with the mandate, which came into force in October 2021 and was officially put on hold in June 2022, Formosa received an honorable discharge from his military career and has appealed his dismissal. Under new rules, it will no longer be compulsory for military personnel to declare vaccine status.  

However, on his way out, Formosa discovered some startling statistics that again indicate one set of rules for the little people – you and me and the lower ranks of the military – and another for those in charge. Justin Trudeau is a good example, perhaps, with his recent maskless flight to Costa Rica for a holiday, while travelers aboard planes leaving and arriving in Canada must wear a mask. 

Using the army intranet, accessible to anyone with a military email address, Formosa tracked exemption requests according to rank and geography. He discovered that there was a 14.6 percent approval rate among military captains. For majors, the rate climbed to 55 percent, and for Lieutenant-Colonels, it was 100 percent. Rank has its privileges. But it also seems that geography plays a part too. 

He discovered that certain postings, such as those to the Policy Branch and 1st Division Air HQ in Ottawa, meant that exemption requests were 3,000 to 5,000 percent more likely to be approved. “These are the Big Boys Club in Ottawa that most of us are not a part of, but if you did happen to be posted to one of these locations, your likelihood of keeping your career was three- to five- thousand percent more likely based on a breakdown of where approvals were actually happening,” said Formosa. “Meanwhile, in western Canada, my approval rate was as close to zero as possible.”

About 96 percent of the Canadian military has been fully vaccinated, but a draft copy of a vaccine policy document shows that 1,300 personnel requested exemptions. More than 1,000 of these were denied, according to an article in the Ottawa Citizen. A spokeswoman for the Department of Defense noted that to July 21st, 2022, 166 accommodations had been granted; 101 for religious reasons, 44 for medical reasons, and 21 for other reasons. She went on to write, “In accordance with CAF policies, exemptions for medical and religious beliefs, or any other prohibited grounds of discrimination as defined in the Canadian Human Rights Act, to COVID-19 vaccination are recognized. In such circumstances, applications will be evaluated by the appropriate professionals on a case-by-case basis.” 

However, Formosa doesn’t buy this. Prior to discharge, he became a troop commander for several months and was responsible for teaching the men under his command. He told them about the theory of Yuri Bezmanov, a KGB press and propaganda agent who defected to Canada in 1970, whereby Marxist subversion would eventually work through western institutions. Formosa asked them to think about how this might apply to their lives. “I was warned in a progress report that I was giving soldiers training that was not relevant,” recalls Formosa. He suspects that his final three to four months of service spent sitting at a desk, with absolutely nothing to do, “no tasks at all,” had something to do with this. 

“I was still forced into an early retirement from the Canadian Armed Forces due to a policy that had been officially rendered unenforceable weeks before they decided to retire me anyway,” he tells viewers on his YouTube channel

According to the updated vaccine policy, those Canadian Armed Forces members who were released due to vaccination status or whose cases have been through administrative review and face future release dates will still be discharged. But they can reapply. 

Who honestly believes they’re going to get fair treatment a second time around? 

Miranda Sellick

Miranda Sellick has been a journalist for more than 25 years. She has worked for newspapers in the U.K. and Canada and is the author of two books. She was aware that the covid play was not what it appeared to be very soon after it was unleashed on the world.


  • Because he and his daddy attended some CIA MK/Ultra programming / ritual abuse events involving children at the governor’s mansion in Michigan, during which time his Zionist Jewish owners videoed said activities, allowing them to have full control over him in the future.

    The future is now.

  • My husband is a Lcol and didn’t get any exemptions. He was in fact kicked out very very fast as he was the commander of his unit and it would have make him a « bad » exemple for the troops.

  • A 5f release means that you cannot ever be re-employed as a federal employee, so there’s nothing “honourable” about it. James is an exception to the Officer class. In my experience, folks like him with any form of integrity have accounted for about 5%. I’d say that % is probably down to near zero now that those who remain either gave in to the coercion and took the jab, left or are planning to leave now that they have seen the true unprincipled colours of CAF Commanders.

    Further to the D.I.E. policy, set to start for the 2022 PER (pers eval report) season, was a new scoring catagory for promoting DIE within the workplace. I left just before we started using the new system, but it was right in keeping with the Gov’t DIE policy to start at the General ranks in 2022 by applying the newest Marxist version of affirmative action to promote Generals based on “equity” over competency. Just who you want running your military as it slowly devolves into a quagmire of woke insanity.

    Not enough BIPOC or other mentally-defective-ideoogical-alphabet-soup-sociologically-driven-identity-of-the-week folks need to be accomodated to promote inclusion within that rank or appointment? No need to fear, the full colours of Benetton will be given virtue signalling priority to ensure equity within our Liberal time.

    This blatent Marxist CT application to promotion is set to apply and work its way down one rank/yr.

    the 2022-23 PER season will apply DIE criterial to promotions to Colonels and LCol’s the following year and so on.

    I can only assume the application of DIE to non-commissioned officers (CWO, MWO, WO) will apply at the higher CWO appointments (Wg/Base/other commands) at the same time as the Colonels start being picked for their sexual identity or colour of their skin over their ability to command & manage.

    I joined in 1984 when we were fighting the commies in the Cold War and I left in 2022 when the commies won.

    Any and all commanders who “followed orders” during this innoculation scandal need to resign and appologize for their medical fascism. But alas, decades of Liberal corruption furthering the elitist mindset within the Military Colleges (yes, we know what is going on in those wretched institutions as well) have created a thoroughly unprincipled officer class who willingly rearrange their convictions to ensure benefits to themeselves while grovelling to the political class.

    Officers have always been political. Their application of Gov’t directed policy, and in the past asinterpretated by the JAG, IOT exercise the legal use of violence and the never ending preparation for its application, which occupies the majority of CAF employment, has always been based on our Gov’t’s political needs. However, now the political needs now include policy approved discrimination.

    The politics of DIE are different. CAF rules regarding politics used to be “no politics at work” until the Left fully incorporated Marxist political ideology within the framework of Gov’t and then within the CAF. As a result, we have seen the MND and all her lickspittle bureaucrats and her lapdog CDS publically regurgitate the DIE dialectic while targetting Christians and the threat of White Supremacists within the ranks. The Liberals have completetly taken over the Officer Class within the CAF, and those like James who do not comply, will be removed.

    The Commanders, now proven to willingly violate the Nuremberg Code, who are also now institutionally corrupted by Marxist ideology, are now poised to ensure only more of their like minded woke puppets are put into position of command. How will this play out?

    What we do know is that recruiting is way down. The 2 yrs of lockdowns put the training so far back estimates are it would take 7 years to fill the current personnel gap. Commanders have destroyed their inegrity among the lower ranks except among the true believers and I wonder how many of them there are still as more vax injuries crop up.

    It was shortly after the jab narrative changed from “preventing getting and passing the virus” to “preventing the surge in HC” when I had one of those last few meetings with my CO and the SCWO to point out the obvious lie that the jab was neither safe nor effective and that, after having been denied my religious exemption, it was obvious that their lack of faith had led to the inevitable reality for which we now found ourselves in,

    that when you believe in nothing, you’re likely to believe in anything.

  • The plebes are forced to take the JAB but those mandating it and ruining lives for NON-COMPLIANCE get a pass.

    If ANYONE agrees with the VAX mandates or dismisses any argument against it they are complete IDIOTS not worth arguing with or for that matter interacting with!

  • The Marxists…..”The Long March Through the Institutions” included the Canadian Armed Forces….No longer recognizable…..those who served before the corruption and infiltration destroyed the foundations…..all we have now are the memories….those were the best of times….and we didn’t know it……I enlisted when we wore 1954 pattern Battledress….boots and puttees….and I retired wearing CadPat…….Good bye….


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