Exclusive Interview: Politician Rasmus Paludan On Why He Burns Qur'ans and Sweden Went Up in Flames (Watch)

“I am 100 percent sure if I burned 100 Bibles and 100 Torahs, no Christian or Jew would threaten or attack me.” – Rasmus Paludan

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Following the Easter weekend’s violent Quran riots in Sweden, RAIR Foundation USA spoke with Danish-Swedish politician Rasmus Paludan. In this exclusive interview, Paludan discusses his view on the violence, his objectives in burning the Qur’an, the lack of understanding of Islam among police and Swedes, the government attacks against him, and his living with constant threats to his life.

On Thursday, April 14, Paludan began his election tour for his newly launched Swedish party Stram Kurs Sverige. The politician, known for Islam-critical demonstrations and Qur’an burning in both Denmark and Sweden, has now set his sights on this Fall’s Swedish parliamentary elections.


Before the Easter weekend, Swedish Police Authority gave Paludan the go-ahead to hold demonstrations in Jönköping, Linköping, Norrköping, Stockholm, Örebro, and Landskrona. The events were planned in areas where dangerous foreign immigrant forces, most of which are Islamic, have seized control and created what is frequently referred to as “no-go zones.”

These protests coinciding with the Muslim holiday Ramadan were aimed to show that Islamic values ​​are not compatible with liberal Swedish society and its freedom of expression and opinion.

Paludan intended to set fire to the Qur’an at the demonstrations to show the world once again how Islamic migrants would react to the provocation. Paludan’s mission is to educate the public on the damaging effects of Islam, fight against the implementation of Islamic law in Sweden and Denmark, and protect Swedes who are under attack by Islamic supremacists. Unfortunately, his mission to help others has landed him on the Muslim terrorist group al-Qaeda’s “Kill List.”

As Paludan has previously explained to RAIR Foundation USA, he believes that highlighting the inevitable violence from the slightest provocation will demonstrate the Swedish police’s loss of control over Islamic migrant areas. Mr. Paludan stated:

Sweden has been much more disturbed by Islam than Denmark. Our actions have shown that freedom of speech and freedom of peaceful assembly no longer exists in Sweden. Now, Sharia is the law of the land.

Police Lose Control and Retreat

Before Paludan had even arrived in the immigrant-dense area of ​​Skäggetorp in Linköping, masked gangs started riots. In Östergötland, police fled the scene because their presence was alleged to cause further violence. War-like scenes erupted in several places after the police displayed passive tactics.

Angry hordes of pro-violence immigrant Muslims took to the streets, beating and stoning police officers who tried, and in some cases did not try, to maintain order. Officers’ uniforms and vehicles were stolen and set on fire. All to the accompaniment of the “Allahu akbar” battle cries that are the constant verbal companions of Muslim violence.

A man was arrested with a knife while Paludan and members of his party were violently attacked and injured. The politician explains,

“I was actually hit by a stone on my right leg and started bleeding. To which the police did nothing. I said I cannot stand here this is not safe, stones are being thrown. And a police officer said no, this is quite safe. There are no stones and then 40 stones were thrown at me and my co-protesters.

In Örebro and Landskrona, the police changed the demonstration site a few hours before it was scheduled to begin with hopes of keeping violent rioters away. However, the last-minute venue change by police was not legal and violated the Swedish constitution. Moreover, Paludan’s event was not only a general meeting but also part of the parliamentary election. 

When the police fail to keep Muslim violence in check and preserve a constitutional right, it signals physical weakness, explains Paludan. When the police management actively decides not to try to fulfill its mission, it also signals mental weakness. Furthermore, It is fatal when dealing with primitive forces that only understand the language of power. 

One Million People Who ‘Do Not Want Sweden’

Paludan is hoping that the Swedish people will wake up and understand that the government is importing people into the country who want to murder and use force if Swedes do or say something that they do not like or challenge Islamic primacy. “More than 1 million people in Sweden do not believe in freedom of speech, freedom of public assembly, freedom of democracy. And the very concept of democracy is not liked by these people,” explains Paludan.

He believes the government should be more careful about who is allowed into Sweden, especially since so many immigrants support killing others for their opinions. In addition, Paludan feels that Islam does not fit into the Western world and that there is no single example where it works harmoniously.

He hopes his demonstrations have shown Swedes that there are hundreds of thousands of immigrants who do not support and will not allow freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, or democracy. These people do not want Sweden, he explains. Soon he warns it will not be possible to burn a Quran at a public gathering. You will be killed.”

As Paludan has previously stated, “I am 100 percent sure if I burned 100 Bibles and 100 Torahs, no Christian or Jew would threaten or attack me.”

Open Borders Politicians Failed

Politicians and left-wing media do not seem to understand the notion that Rasmus Paludan and his political party are attempting to preserve the freedoms of citizens and ensure the safety of non-muslims who live under threat and regular attacks from migrants Islamic supremacists. 

Swedes have been killed, beaten, robbed, raped, robbed, and subjected to a long list of other serious crimes by perpetrators who were let into Sweden by the country’s ruling politicians. Similarly, the riots we have witnessed in recent days in Sweden have the same religious-political motives as the massacre of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo’s editorial, the beheading of teacher Samuel Paty in the open street in Paris, and the wave of Muslim terror that has swept across Europe in recent decades. And it is a left-liberal immigration policy similar to the Swedish that has opened the door to this violence.

In Sweden, it is this policy and the threat of this violence that forced Lars Vilks to live with police bodyguard protection 24 hours a day for having drawn a satirical drawing of the Muslim prophet Muhammad as a patrol dog. No Swedish mainstream media even dared to show the picture when Vilks recently died under mysterious circumstances in a violent explosion and car crash. 

Paludan’s goal is to get violent Islamic immigrants out of his country and back to their former homeland or another country with a culture and government that better suits their feelings and values ​​should be a priority goal.

For this to happen, however, he realizes that Sweden must first get rid of its current government, which also does not fit into a democratic society, and replace it with one that does.

Watch RAIR’s exclusive interview with Rasmus Paludan:

Swedish Government Condemns Paludan

On Tuesday, Minister of Justice and Home Affairs Morgan Johansson appeared on state television to comment on the Easter weekend’s Quran riots. Johansson took the opportunity to attack Paludan, whom he calls a “Danish extremist” who “seems to hate and wants to harm Sweden.” Paludan responded to the government’s attack. “I love Sweden. I risk my life for Sweden.” 

Paludan commented on the government’s proposal that he is a “Danish extremist” who has a hatred of Sweden.

I am Swedish, so to call myself a Danish extremist, in such a case, they can call me a Danish-Swedish extremist. Since these are my activities in Sweden, it would be more accurate to call myself a Swedish extremist in such a case. Somalis are often called Swedes after they have lived in Sweden for two days and taken the metro.

I’m not an extremist. I am a libertarian patriot, so I think we should have a smaller government and be able to live peacefully without violence or threats. I do not hate Sweden; I love Sweden. That is why I risk my life for Sweden because I love the Swedish people. But unfortunately, Morgan Johansson and the Social Democrats seem to hate Sweden and the Swedes because they have allowed Sweden for the past 40 years to go from a peaceful country to a country where there is gang crime, murder, car fires, bombings, humiliation, and rape.

I do this in addition to the fact that I want to save the Swedish people because I will be running in the parliamentary elections. I want to make a difference in the Riksdag for the Swedish people.

When asked why he thinks Johansson says you want to harm Sweden, he replied,

Sweden is damaged. Thugs injured police officers during Easter, which may be what he refers to. But it was not me who did it. Morgan Johansson talks about hatred and contradictions, but they already exist in Sweden. Many hate Swedes, and we saw that during Easter. They run around hating the police and want to kill the police. The contradictions exist in Sweden, and I have not created that. Maybe he has created that because he has taken in a million people who are entirely different and maybe hate Sweden.

Police File Report Against Paludan

In contrast to the Police Authority’s stated task of safeguarding freedom of expression, the police in Malmö have now reported the Stram Kurs party leader for “incitement against an ethnic group.” This will make it more difficult for the party leader to hold election meetings. The police made a report against the politician despite Swedish authority approving Paludan’s applications in which it was clear that he planned to burn Korans. It was also previously established that burning a Koran is not a crime and religious criticism is permissible.

More Demonstrations Planned

On Tuesday evening, Paludan announced that he is now seeking new permits to carry out the previously approved demonstrations next week in Linköping, Norrköping, and Örebro, which the police decided to suspend due to violent riots.

Furthermore, Paludan has also announced that he will visit Borås and Trollhättan for new demonstrations. RAIR will continue to update our readers on this ongoing story.

Read more of RAIR’s coverage on Rasmus Paludan:

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Just a reminder Calif Uthman ordered all the Koran’s burned just 20 years after Muhammad’s death, according to the Standard Islamic Narrative.

  • Morgan Johansson as well as king of Sweden are idiots allowing these muslim terrorists into Sweden terrorising and raping, burning cars and throwing stones, even stealing police cars!
    Sweden is a shit country now and so is the whole EU, thanks to von der Leyen, Macron, Marin and all the other idiot EU leaders, except Orban.

  • The laws were designed to protect us and our unalienable rights against THEM, but politicians have decided that the the laws must protect THEM from us when THEY violate our laws. Welcome to Bizarro world.

  • Common decency would suggest that even if you hate religion, you should not be burning anyones religious books. You get what you deserve when you start doing stuff like that.

    Ok so there is only one truly evil religion, we get that, so why tempt them to do more evil?

  • Truth: Mohammed was a murderous, schizophrenic, lying, stealing pedophile.

    Truth: Islam is not a religion, but a murderous cult that is incompatible with Western Christian civilization.

    Truth: Unless we flush the Muslims back to the sewer that they emerged from, they will poison and destroy every good Christian Western thing they touch.

    • Paludan is speaking for the devil him self. He is the main problem who don’t want “freedom” by making choas everywhere. He is the messenger from other system who want to control people mind so can they be like him. He speaking about freedom of speech but he also making other people cannot show their believe. Europe have fallen down because of this kind of human being cannot use their brain in the right way. He is the loser who cannot the real word that people are dying and he only doing it for politic and making misuderstanding in his own belive. He should be a good boy, but he is not. He now lost he faith and no longer want peace just want to overcome power.

    • You even did not live when the prophet Muhammad rules. Your speaking like a clown. You are the major problem who cannot understand why you are being born. You all just small ants to be refer to prophet Muhammad. You even did not know what Christian was. Your braind are very small to think wisely. You shoul see the rise of the real civilization. You did not read history at all no western country ever live when prophet Muhammad walk into the earth.

  • First- these countries kick out of schools and public places Our God… These Evil doers are pushing the narrative ” God does not exist, it’s a fairy tale for stupid people” It starts after WWII. TV shows mock God still today and if you say Jesus – you will get the strange look… “What????” = now you have third generation growing without God… Churches are closing down, many sold and become worship places for the newcomers. No one dares to mock their prophet… Hm…
    Learn what crusades was for… I mean real history, no google rubbish… And stand up for your Father almighty God and his son Jesus Christ our savior! Until then people in EU will suffer big time…

  • Thank you for this interview, especially now, that the Islamic invaders are flying under the radar, protected by the Corona Hysteria.

    Rasmus Paludan would have to be one of the most courageous men alive, especially as someone of his obviously high intelligence understands the danger he is in. I feel sorry for his loved ones, they must live in fear for him.

    I actually did not know that his party still existed. In German the method they used to make it disappear from the public eye is called “tot schweigen” (kill it with silence).

    This reminds me of Geert Wilde’s, what has become of him?


  • When a society becomes soft, then it will be destroyed. This is an ancient truth exemplified numerous times in history. The ancient Vikings knew this principle. Unfortunately, their offspring have forgotten this lesson.


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