Exclusive Interview: Veteran Exposes Dangerous Drug Forced on Military (Covid Vaccines Next)

The military has been historically exploited and used as guinea pigs for experimental drugs such as mefloquine.

Both the Canadian and US militaries are edging closer to compulsory controversial mRNA injections. In the wake of this medical tyranny, citizens should have a sober second look at mefloquine as well as the effects of untested and unapproved medications on members of the military.

RAIR Foundation USA is honored to present an exclusive interview with retired Canadian soldier Stephen Beardwood, who is highly critical of compulsory coronavirus vaccinations in the wake of his experience with mefloquine.

Along with his brother, Beardwood formed a Veteran’s health charity to support the Canadian military & Veteran community. Beardwood explained that their group focuses on mental health in the Veteran’s home environment. In his quest to support Vets, Stephen Beardwood is fighting to expose damage done to Canadian forces after they were forced to take an experimental and dangerous antimalarial medication called mefloquine.

Mefloquine Versus Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Sold under the brand name, Lariam, mefloquine was intended to treat and be a prophylaxis for Malaria, although it was given to soldiers who were not stationed in areas known to be Malaria-infected, according to Beardwood. The drug is “known to cause serious and potentially lasting neuropsychiatric adverse reactions,” according to a 2017 study posted at Pharmacology Research & Perspectives. 

Despite the drug not being approved, Health Canada took no steps to ensure the defence department was following “strict protocols on how to individually prescribe the drug, to monitor closely the side effects and to report back,” as reported at the Edmonton Journal in 2016.

Are “neuropsychiatric adverse reactions” from mefloquine ever mistaken for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? A 2019 article posted at the American Legion shows that the drug was given to American soldiers as well, and could have contributed to a “spate of murders at Fort Bragg in 2002”.

Further, the drug has been implicated in a horrific slaughter of 16 Afghan civilians by former sniper Robert Bales. Tragically, Bales’ attorneys never made the connection and this crucial fact was not addressed during his trial.

It is speculated that mefloquine played a role in the beating death of a Somali teenager during Canada’s engagement in Somalia known as “The Somalia Affair”.

See an interview from 2017 at Parliament Hill which includes Marj Matchee, the wife of Clayton Matchee, who was implicated in the torture and murder of 16-year-old Shidane Abukar Arone while under the influence of mefloquine in Somalia:

Watch the full interview (note the video is frozen for a period but the audio is intact):

Read more of RAIR’s coverage on coronavirus vaccines:

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