EXCLUSIVE: Journalist Ingrid Carlqvist Slams Sweden's Suicidal Decision To Still Welcome Migrants Despite Coronavirus Pandemic (WATCH)

Sweden continues to welcome 500 new “asylum seekers” at the airport every day.

“Sweden can stay on as being the nice country with open borders but really we are saved by our neighbours.” – Ingrid Carlqvist

In the latest installment of a series of RAIR Foundation USA exclusive interviews, Swedish journalist and author Ingrid Carlqvist discusses Sweden’s terrifying decision in the midst of a global pandemic, to impose an entry ban on everyone EXCEPT “asylum” seekers

With fears of the fast-spreading coronavirus running high, European Union leaders decided to close all external borders for 30 days and limit travel for EU citizens in the Schengen Area. Despite this, Sweden still refuses to close its borders and continues to welcome 500 new “asylum seekers” at the airport every day. 

Watch as Ingrid provides a rundown of the political landscape in Sweden and explains why she doesn’t expect much better from the Swedish Democrats even though they’re expected to do well in upcoming elections.

Like many other countries, the media in Sweden are preoccupied with coronavirus news but that doesn’t mean that the daily violence and bombings perpetrated by illegals has stopped. It hasn’t, but as Ingrid points out, those stories will only be found in alternative media. 

Meanwhile, Ingrid tells us that politicians in Denmark have passed draconian legislation that will force everyone to be vaccinated against the coronavirus the moment one becomes available. 

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