Exclusive: Major Study Debunks White Supremacy Lie Used by Texas Fusion Center to Downplay Jihad

RAIR demands that Texas officials retract this fake report and that the political activists involved in creating it are removed immediately.

RAIR Foundation USA Investigative journalist Belle Hunter has completed a study debunking the partisan findings of a January, 2020 report which claims that white supremacy is prevalent in America, and is responsible for the majority of domestic terror in Texas.

The so-called “Texas Domestic Terrorism Threat Assessment Report” compiled by the Texas Fusion Center is used to justify policy and funding, despite its many errors discovered by Hunter. Fusion Centers are local intelligence agencies that work with the federal government, and receive federal funding. The Texas Fusion Center is considered to be a “primary fusion center” and as such, enjoys the “highest priority for the allocation of available federal resources.”

The Texas report “points to Veterans and Patriot citizens who ‘view themselves as defenders of the Constitution’ as extremists,” which “suggests there is a problem with the Constitution,” Hunter explained. “This language pits law enforcement against our Military, our Veterans and tax paying citizens in the free exercise of liberty and the right to freely assemble and bear arms,” she continued.

Revolutionary Marxist–Leninist “Workers World Party” Fights “White Supremacy”

Hunter explained that the report ignores “substantial and relevant statistical data on crime as a whole” in order “to favor stories on white mass shooters.” The report cherry picks only those cases which support the biased agenda, while presenting “a false picture to the public on the accuracy of domestic terrorism threat and analysis.”

“How can the Fusion Center accurately claim that white racially motivated crime is the most violent when it lacks a full analysis, and specifically when published crime statistics disprove such claim and/or prove otherwise?” she asks. Hunter points out that while the Texas Fusion Center focuses on the so-called “Incels”, they ignore the threat posed by Islamic honor violence. “If the Fusion Center presents Incel behavior and ideology as a lethal threat worthy of domestic terrorism status, why does it omit Islamic honor violence?” she asks.

The report claims that white supremacists are responsible for the vast majority of terror attacks on American soil, yet there is no source data to back up this claim. “They fail in basic fundamental definitions of terrorism, attempt to redefine it,” she explained. Further, “they fail to give Jihad the seat at the table it deserves – the dominating seat.”

The report uses vague statistics and allegations to prove its assertions. Allegations do not equate to facts, yet this report provides few specifics. When there IS a specific instance of criminal behavior cited, it is far from proven to be related to “white supremacy”. “They fail to report the statistics that are out there-once again, that makes them liars,” Belle Hunter said.

RAIR demands that Texas officials retract this fake report and that the political activists involved in creating it are removed from positions of trust in the Texas state government. Any policies or legislation passed using this report should be immediately revoked. Texans deserve better than to be funding their officials to spew lies.

Read Belle Hunter’s report in its entirety here:

Response to Texas Department of Public Safety by Noyb Nal on Scribd

Also, see the supplement to the report:

“The purpose of this exhibit is to highlight the Jihad in the US for a 1 year period of time, including the
events, threats of violence and the ideology behind the threats. It also highlights the recent alliance
between Jihadis, AntiFA and the Marxists for the recent riots in the US post George Floyd.”


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