Exclusive: What I learned posing as a communist at the People's Summit

Communists are deeply embedded in the Democrat Party Infrastructure.

This is a reprint of an article from the now-defunct by this author published shortly before the 2016 presidential election. RAIR Foundation USA is posting it here as a reminder and a warning that communists are very organized and deeply embedded with the democratic establishment.

Communist and socialist groups converged over the weekend in Chicago during the People’s Summit. The meeting was organized by Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and several of it’s affiliated organizations.

A woman who infiltrated the conference shared her experience exclusively with the Examiner.

Sporting her ‘Bernie Sanders for President’ tee-shirt, “Ashley” took her place at one of the many round-tables in a massive room at Chicago’s McCormick Place. While the summit received mainstream media coverage, CNN, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post vastly downplayed the radical atmosphere.

As far as election politics, the strategy of coalescing behind Hillary Clinton, perceived largely by conference-goers as the “Wall Street” candidate, became abundantly clear to the chagrin of many attendees. The focus, leaders argued, should be to ensure elections of like-minded socialists at the state and local levels while putting constant pressure on Hillary Clinton to fight for the socialist agenda.

The idea of giving up their candidate to unify behind Hillary became a hotly discussed and indeed, very divisive issue during the conference. Portia Boulger, founding member of Women for Bernie Sanders 2016 told Ashley angrily that she “can’t believe” she is being told to support Hillary Clinton.

Ashley provided the Examiner with an audio file of a discussion titled “Understanding our Movement Moment,” where panelist Tobita Chow said that one of the industries on his list of “things to nationalize” is the financial services industry.

“…we can win power and we can take things over…” Chow said.

The Canadian Chow, a Vicar at the First Trinity church and head of the “People’s Lobby” based in Chicago declared that he advocates going even beyond Sander’s proposal to “break up the banks.”

It is time to “take over” the banks, Chow said to roaring applause.

“I say, let’s take them over [applause] and then once we do that, we regain democrat control of finance capital, [then] we can ask ourselves some really interesting questions,” Chow said, “like ‘What do we want to do with all this capital? What do we want to invest in? [applause] What are the parts of this country and the world that are starved for investment we want to push this capital into?'”

If the banks refuse to give away their “capital” to these mysterious socialist causes, Chow said simply, “[W]hen we take them over, we can make them.”

Chow appeared with progressive icon and DSA Honorary Chair Francis Fox Piven, Senior Adviser to the Sanders 2016 campaign Becky Bond and Director of Public Policy for National Nurses United and former national organizational director of the DSA Michael Lighty.

NOTE: The video was not available at the time of the original article. Watch the video and observe how the communist plotting from 2016 manifested in 2020.


Ashley told the Examiner that one of the most “surreal moments” for her during the conference was observing 3,000 Americans applauding at the idea of seizing money from banks to distribute to vague, non-defined recipients.

“Not one person objected,” she told the Examiner.

During a break-out session called “Democratic Socialism in a New Time,” Ashley noticed that there appears to be quite a bit of confusion among the ranks of how “socialism” should be defined. One of the suggestions was to stop focusing on defining the movement, rather to focus on the issues important to the movement, such as the “Robin Hood Tax,” “prison reform,” i.e., emptying the prisons or the “Fight for 15.” Seattle City Council Woman and member of the “Socialist Alternative” Kshama Sawant, Francis Fox Piven and Bhaskar Sunkara, Vice-Chair of the DSA took part in the discussion, which took place in a standing-room-only conference room.


While many Americans are sadly unaware of the prevailing influence of communist groups on policy and culture, “Ashley” explains that these organizations have been effectively using their power to impose policy locally and nationally for decades. These groups also recruit and groom candidates who have been repeatedly, successfully elected into various leadership positions across America.

It is “incredibly important” for Americans to “look at the backgrounds and associations of those running for any elected office,” Ashley advised.

Just one of the groups at the conference, for example, was “Reclaim Chicago,” who brags in distributed literature that their members “provided more than 15,000 volunteer hours knocking doors and phone banking for progressive electoral campaigns since 2014.” Reclaim Chicago reports that their “entire slate of state legislature candidates, including three progressive challengers, won their primaries.”

Communists and socialists went to the same panel discussions, laughed at the same jokes, and were frankly indistinguishable from Ashley’s perspective.

Ashley wanted Americans to know that there are three major questions that these organizations do not appear to address:

  1. What happens after the revolution?
  2. What happens to those who resist?
  3. What is the ultimate goal?

The activities of these radical left groups go largely unnoticed by most Americans, many of whom believe that communism died after the cold war.

*Author’s Note: Since this article was initially written, many Americans now see the impact of communist infiltration in the government. Hopefully all Americans will wake up to this insidious threat. Author and speaker Trevor Loudon also attended the People’s Summit in 2016. Some of his interviews are featured in his film: Enemies Within.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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