'Excrement Everywhere': Italian Officials Ignore Woman's Plea to Remove Squatting, Dog-Eating Islamic Migrants from her Property (Video)

“We asked the police for help,” she was quoted as saying. “They told us that migrants are untouchable. They do what they want ”

A video translated by RAIR Foundation USA reveals a distraught woman in Lampedusa, Italy complaining about illegal migrants squatting on her land even after she repeatedly tries to report the problem to authorities. In addition to the “mattresses,” “bottles of alcohol,” and “excrement everywhere,” Rosy Matinais explains that the Muslim migrants have eaten all of her animals, including dogs, with the exception of pigs.

Ms. Matinais, a farmer who lives off the crops on her land, earns her living from raising farm animals. “They have eaten chickens, the goats, the dogs,” she said. “I can’t have any more animals. I only have pigs.” The illegal migrants ate four of her dogs by skinning them and grilling them, she explained.

According to Italian newspaper, her father purchased the property on the island in 1967. Lampedusa, Italy, at the southernmost part of Italy, has become an epicenter for the socialist-driven illegal migrant invasion. The tiny island, an Italian tourist destination, has a population of about 6,000. There have been times when the migrants outnumbered the citizens. Socialist Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte  “reversed [former Deputy Prime Minister Matteo] Salvini’s immigration stance when he came to power,” as reported at RAIR.

“I make reports to the Guardia di Finanza, the mayor [Totò Martello], the assessor, and the director of the center. You tell me if I can’t be the owner of my land?” she laments. Rosy’s requests for help have not only been ignored by politicians but also law enforcement officers.

The local report explained that the migrants harassed her and her daughter. “We asked the police for help,” she was quoted as saying. “They told us that migrants are untouchable. They do what they want ”

Rosy lamented that if her father was alive he would have “used the shotgun” on the migrants squatting on their property. She further expressed her anger at the Mayor Totò Martello for not helping the situation.

Despite ongoing reports of migrants eating citizens’ pets, the mayor posted on Facebook that her accusations are “fake news.” In the meantime, Rosy appears to be without her four dogs and has been abandoned by those elected to protect her.

As reported at RAIR last month, a 23-year-old migrant was scolded by a woman for skinning and cooking a cat openly on a sidewalk near the Campiglia Marittima train station Livorno, Italy. “This poor creature, look here, Shame! Shame! You should go back to your own country,” the woman exclaimed.

Hundreds of migrants have been landing daily in this beautiful Southern Italian coastal town that survives on tourism. Rosey and her native Italians have been failed by left-wing politicians pushing open border policies at all costs. Not only are these elected leaders turning a deaf ear to the unspeakable problems citizens are facing but they smear anyone who goes public with their stories.

Watch the RAIR exclusively-translated video here:

Transcript below: many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation

…they hear me. You’ll see what’s happening. I make reports to the Guardia di Finanza,
the mayor, the assessor, and the director of the center. You tell me if I can’t be the 
owner of my land?

[unintelligible] my father was going to finish down there.

Tell me what I have to do. Look. —There are mattresses, everywhere, covers… have eaten everything… 

Come. I’ll show you all the bottles of alcohol here. [unintelligible] that many Arabs drink alcohol.

Look. Look [unintelligible] Look. Look. —Excrement everywhere.

Look. Look. Look.

Private property. They enter and leave it like this. —Look. Come. Look. You can’t breathe, boys.

You cannot breathe! —

An incredible odor of excrement. The stink kills you. I go to the Guardia di Finanza and report.
The mayor, the assessor and the director of the center. Because the last time
the Carabinieri came up here, they promised me they would come and clean it up. Instead,
[unintelligible] passed and nobody comes.

Tell me… —Tell me one thing. They have eaten goats… —So, they have eaten chickens,
the goats, the dogs. I can’t have any more animals. I only have pigs.

[unintelligible] only the pigs. Look.

Look here. Look. Look.

[Reporters speaking unintelligibly] Look how many bottles there are. Look.

An open air dump An open air dump. So, I’m going to do this, if they don’t listen to me, 
I’ve reached the point I’ll have to carry out justice myself. As soon as somebody comes, 
I’ll shoot him, because they always tell me they are being cared for. Who the hell takes 
care of me?

Who takes care of me? Who pays me for these damages? They even eat doggies. This is shameful. 
This is shameful!

We are Italians, yes or no?  

The remains of a dog?

Yes, [unintelligible] all this, remains, hair, the covers, a small grill. — 

So they killed the dog.

Even the dogs, four dogs, yes… —

They skinned it? —

Yes, they skinned it.

RAIR Foundation


  • The responsable politicians and others do want civilwar in Europe. Aiming to destroy and replace it.
    All these – day by day the continent invading masses – of illiterate neantertalers (95% soldier aged men) are the army which will soon fight us. They are organized throughout Europe and without any respect to us.
    We can not be quiet anymore and must start to resist this ongoing catastrophe!

  • Dit hebben we te danken aan de poenscheppers/verraders van de EU in Brussel.Als het zo verder blijft gaan staat binnen onafzienbare tijd Europa in vuur en vlam.Ze zijn het paard van Troje


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