Exposed: Antifa and Greta Thunberg's 'Fridays For Future' Working Together (Watch)

Antifa = Socialism = Climate Movement

Antifa = Socialism = Climate Movement

Clara Mayer is a popular activist from Greta Thunberg’s Fridays for Future climate movement. The left hails Mayer as the German version of Thunberg.

Mayer was thrust into the media spotlight when she berated the Volkswagen AG Chairman of the Board, Herbert Diess, at the company’s last Annual General Meeting in Berlin. “I want you to look your children in the eye and tell them ‘I sold your future,'”  whined Mayer to the  Volkswagen Chairman.

Shortly after Mayer’s stunt, she was invited to Germany’s government-run television station, ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen), to promote her radical “climate emergency” agenda, the Markus Lanz Show. Unsurprisingly, Lanz failed to take the opportunity to ask the young climate activist why she attended a hard left demonstration with a terrorist group, Antifa.

At the demonstration, Mayer stood directly behind an “Antifascist Action” Antifa banner holding a poster that read, “F*ck the AfD, but please use a condom, so we don’t catch anything from them.”

The AfD (Alternative for Germany) is the only classical European party on the German political spectrum. They are family-oriented, want secure borders, and believe in preserving the nation-state of Germany, much as President Trump does of America.

Right next to Mayer stood Hanna Blitz, another Fridays For Future famous activist who has also made several public appearances for the organization.

Compiled image of Greta Thunberg and her parents wearing an Antifa shirt

As investigative reporter Lisa Licentia stated in her video:

Fridays For Future is not interested in changing the climate or even improving the climate, but is interested in de-industrializing Germany.”

As previously reported at RAIR, the climate movement is seen as a vehicle to justify a massive “redistribution of wealth,” a misleading phrase that means theft, i.e., socialism. Many scientists and others are working to have an open debate with legitimate scientists about the validity of the science behind so-called man-made global warming.

Consider a 2015 statement made by Extinction Rebellion co-founder Gail Bradbrook before she became involved exclusively in the man-made global warming movement:

“…we need a rapid redistribution of wealth and power to tackle the urgent issues of our age.”

Greta Thunberg summed it up when she addressed an Extinction Rebellion event in November 2018:

“…rich countries need to get down to zero emissions [of so-called greenhouse gases], within 6–12 years, so that people in poorer countries can heighten their standard of living by building some of the infrastructures that we have already built.”

German media conceals Fridays For Future alliance with Antifa while Germany’s President, Angela Merkel, uses tax-payer dollars to promote the radical climate activists & their agenda.

Transcript: many thanks to Miss Piggy for her translation!

As you might have already noticed, I was at a demonstration in Berlin, Thursday the 3rd of October, and right in the middle of the Antifa crowd a young lady attracted my attention. I now know that is was Clara Mayer was from Fridays for Future movement.
Before I show you the clip, I would like to remind you just briefly who she is. If you see her then you might know who I mean. This young lady was a guest on the talk show with Markus Lanz: “So what we can do? We also want to ask her. A young woman just 18 years old, who has already made memorable appearances, most recently at the Volkswagen shareholders’ meeting. 
There she made a few, very clear statements to the car industry, among them, the sentence: “We don’t demonstrate every Friday because we want to skip school, but because we paid particular attention in school.” She is becoming an increasingly prominent face for the German movement, and has just met with Greta Thunberg in Lausanne. She regularly clashes with her parents because she no longer wants to fly by plane to go skiing in Austria. 
Welcome, Clara Mayer, I am very happy. It’s nice that you’re here.” And she has already given a speech at Volkswagen: “The speeches of the CEOs were, of course, pure hymns of praise. They are proud of the increased dividends, the high turnover, and the great challenges that will be tackled in the future. I’m here to say something to you. What you are doing here is not good. It’s at the expense of the environment and your children’s future.” 
So now I’ll show you this clip and then it should be very clear to everyone that Fridays For Future is not interested in changing the climate or even improving the climate, but is interested in de-industrializing Germany. And here you go: Signs: “No Room for Right Wing Smears” “Class Struggle instead of Fatherland” “FCK AFD” Fridays For Future kids screaming: “Never, never again, Germany!” Clara Mayer’s sign says: “F*ck the AfD, but please use a condom, so we don’t catch anything from them” Black sign: “Mash the German potatoes”


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