EXPOSED: Covid Lockdown Rules Do Not Apply To Salvini's Left-Wing Italian Trial Judge (Video)

Salvini is on trial for “kidnapping”, which in reality was preventing 131 potentially dangerous and illegal migrants disembarking from the Gregoretti , a Soros-funded NGO ship.

Italian Judge Nunzio Sarpietro was caught dining at Chinappi, a renowned seafood restaurant in Rome. The exclusive restaurant is located in an “orange zone” where restaurants are banned from being opened because of the Chinese coronavirus. The controversial judge is the same man who is presiding over former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s politically motivated trial for “kidnapping” illegal migrants.

As reported previously here, here, here, and here, Salvini is on trial for “kidnapping”, which in reality was preventing 131 potentially dangerous and illegal migrants disembarking from the Gregoretti , a Soros-funded NGO ship. Sarpietro is the left-wing judge who is deciding whether Salvini, the leader of the League Party, should have to stand trial for the events that took place in July 2019. The leader is facing up to 15 years in prison in one of the most controversial judicial cases in Italian politics.

Although prosecutor Andrea Bonomo twice asked for the dismissal of Salvini, the seemingly partisan and agenda driven Judge refused. Instead, Judge Sarpietro decided to hear testimony from all of those who opposed Salvini, from Italy’s socialist Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to various opposition government ministers.

After hearing Prime Minister Conte’s testimony in court, the camera seeking judge held an improvised press conference for the news reporters parked outside. “Prime Minister Conte was very collaborative, very profound in his responses. He made an excellent impression on me. I think he represents the country very well” said Judge Sarpietro to reporters. The most shocking comment came when judge Sarpietro praised Conte’s socialist government and voiced his dislike of Salvini, “On a personal level, I wish you to go ahead with a Conte government , and I don’t want Senator Salvini”.

Upon finishing his glowing remarks of the anti-Salvini Prime Minister, the Judge headed to the seafood restaurant which should have been closed to the public, as per government lockdown orders. Fifteen regions in Italy have been labeled as red and orange zone. Under these regions lockdown restrictions, businesses and restaurant like Chinappi are to be closed to the public.

Reporter Filippo Roma from Mediaset approached the judge at his “illegal” lunch and demanded an explanation for breaking Italy’s lockdown orders. Roma also wanted an explanation as to why citizens and businesses are forced to remain closed and observe government’s rules but he is not?

Watch the following exchange between journalist Filippo Roma and Judge Nunzio Sarpietro. The judge deciding whether Salvini broke any laws is not able to articulate why he should be exempt. He does, however, ask for the reporter’s sympathy as he claims to be having lunch with his daughter. This kind of elitist exemption we see so often now in Western nations when politicians are caught violating their own lockdown orders.

Like Democrat Joe Biden, Pennsylvania Democrats Governor Tom Wolf and Representative Wendy Ullman, Quebec Premier François Legault, California Governor Gavin Newsom, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Dr. Anthony Fauci (Joe Biden’s Chief Medical Advisor), and many other left-wing leaders, lockdown mandates do not apply to them.

The strictest measures being imposed by governments and their officials are always the harshest in left-wing controlled areas. As reported previously at RAIR, the most telling sign that arbitrary rules are not based in actual science is when the rule-makers and rule-enforcers do not follow their own dictates.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation,

This is the restaurant where Judge Sarpietro entered.

Judge… —My God! — If you — with restaurants closed in all of Italy, in a full pandemic, in 
full lockdown, are in a restaurant eating…

Look, I am here with my daughter… —I understand, but being with your daughter allows you to 
not respect the law? …in the only place in which I could be with her in a tranquil moment.

And it isn’t minimally, it is nothing. 

—No problem, by law, the restaurants are closed, and the judge is in the restaurant and says 
there is no problem.

Uh, OK, you want to make a statement; do what you want.

I need to see my daughter and had nothing else to do. —How many other Italians would like to go 
to lunch or dinner with their daughter in an orange zone and cannot?

Look, you tell me one thing; I’m in a red zone in Sicily, I haven’t gone out to lunch in a long 
time, and I am just a poor guy who can’t see so many friends who, among others, I have lost 
through the pandemic.

So you know how important it is to respect the anti-Covid rules. Why don’t you respect it?

In fact, I am respecting it here with… —Certainly! 

You are respecting it, but are eating in a restaurant in Rome, in an orange zone where in theory, 
the restaurants, by law, must remain closed.

OK. I’ve earned some particular prize, right? —Isn’t it serious that a man of the law is the first to not respect the law? 

—No, it isn’t respect for the law, and if there is a violation, if you find me in violation, 
I will pay. This was also expected.

I can’t do it because I’m not a cop. 

—Call a cop and he will do it.

Yes, aside from the violation, however, isn’t there a general behavior, according to you, 
that is being respectful to those citizens who, on the other hand, respect the law? Towards 
those restaurants that remain closed and those citizens who therefore choose not to go to 

Look, it’s not that I can find excuses or particular justifications. It is a situation in which, 
I repeat, to see my daughter and all this. For the rest, if I have made a mistake, I have 
made a mistake; I admit, I confess, but this doesn’t bring any kind of problem as to how one 
is a magistrate, believe me.

[Unintelligible] Some suspicions could arise.

If a magistrate is the first to violate the law, what kind of magistrate is he?

Look — if these were excusable sins, which we are discussing, we could have a long 
discussion, even years. The law is a sacred thing.

The law is a sacred thing. In fact, here is how he respects the law.

And this I will defend. The law is a sacred thing, but it is sacred…

Are you at this moment respecting the law or not? Tell me. 

—At this moment,

I am violating a regulation, which is an ulterior and successive element —

and this violation of the regulation is something that can be considered not sharable, 
but there are many other serious things.

Yes, I understand, but if the regulation says that, in order not to get Covid, it’s better that 
restaurants are closed, this behavior of yours is surely the opposite behavior, right?

My behavior I maintain is super-safe, and that it is a situation in which, there is absolutely 
nothing particularly serious.

It’s not that I am saying, “I am here — I respected,” I have committed a violation, OK?

It’s all here. —All here. OK, but excuse me, is the restaurant open only for you?

Uh, now I don’t know, they have probably afforded this courtesy because my daughter is here, 
They have opened, that’s all, but not for me — a courtesy they have afforded,

but I don’t think this is anything dramatic — come on!

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.

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  • That’s nothing. The trial has begun for 24 state employees and other accomplices accused of sollectiting false accusations of child abuse in order to take Italian children away from their poor parents and then sell the kids in the “foster care” system. In another case a prosecutor participated in the torture of a 13-year-old girl to sollecit false accusations of abuse against political enemies (documented on video), but the international media are completely silent about that.


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