Exposed: Erdoğan admits his motive behind the migrant invasion - an Islamic Holy War (Watch)

“Until the glory of your name rises with the call to prayer Win the victory because this is Islam’s last army.” – Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan recently delivered two speeches to Turkish audiences suggesting that the migrant crisis unfolding at the Greek border is an act of aggression against Europe and maybe even an attempt to re-establish the Ottoman Empire, as revealed in the following RAIR Foundation USA exclusively-translated videos, . 

The video below is an excerpt from Erdoğan’s speech in Istanbul on International Women’s Day wherein Erdoğan tells Greece to open their gates too and allow the flood of migrants leaving Turkey, to travel to other European countries.

RAIR translated and subtitled the video below in English which shows Erdoğan framing the Turkish military cross-border offensive as an Islamic Holy War. 

He begins the speech quoting from a famous poem written by Yahya Kemal Beyatlı titled, “26 Ağustos 1922”, which was the day that the Great Offensive in the Turkish War of Independence utterly destroyed the Greeks in Anatolia and literally drove them into the sea.

After Erdoğan opened his borders with Europe in early March in an apparent bid to get more support from NATO and the European Union to take care of “refugees” fleeing violence in Syria, he told Western audiences that this was a passive act of simply opening the flood gates to allow passage for those who wished to make the trip to Europe. 

But there is ample evidence that Turkey was playing a much more active role in creating the migrant crisis that is now unfolding at the Greek border.

In an exclusive video translated by RAIR, a Bulgarian TV News station (bTV), details how the the Turkish government transported migrants to the Greek border and armed them with tear gas to fight Greece’s border agents. 

There are videos of migrants forced off buses by Turkish military officers and police at gunpoint so they can be ferried to the Greek border, and migrants sharing that they were released from prison on the condition that they go to the border and invade Greece. At one point, the citizens of Greece came together to fight against construction of an additional migrant reception center.

Greek Citizens come together to fight against construction of a migrant reception center

Using a standard leftist tactic, the mainstream media is maligning the citizens for daring to object to the relentless onslaught of migrants flooding into their country illegally. In this sense, the media echoes the sentiment of the dictator Erdoğan by attacking those who are the victims of a systemic effort to flood Europe with migrants.

Additionally, the media is completely ignoring Erdoğan’s own declaration of an Islamic Holy War.

Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orbán and French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen were correct when they called this an invasion.

Many thanks to Luke Montgomery for the translations:

Video #1

The oppression taking place there, that is always raised up against them. Hey Greece! Look, these people are not going to come and stay with you. They are just going to pass through. And go to some other country in Europe. Why does this bother you?

That’s right! We told you. Look, if it keeps going like this, we are going to open these gates. You didn’t believe it.


Hey Greece, I am talking to you now. Open your gates too, and they have. You open your gates and get rid of this burden.

Let them go to other countries in Europe.

Video #2

“This storm that is breaking out is the Turkish horde, my Lord! The horde that will die for your sake, O Lord!

Until the glory of your name rises with the call to prayer Win the victory because this is Islam’s last army.”


Yes, this storm that breaks is our army.

Allah stands behind it along with the prayers of millions of our friends.

This storm is the heart of our nation.

Everyone sees or will see what it is capable of.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • The Evil Leftwing Lying MSM, that owns about 97% of our Media/ News is NOT telling the TRUTH AGAIN about THIS INVASION! As usual!

  • We in India have suffered at the hands of Turkish-Arab-Mongol Islamic invaders, some of whom slaughtered millions of Hindus or forced them to convert to Islam. This is no exaggeration. Their descendants (who the British considered ‘brothers of the book’) with the help of the British broke India into three parts and now eye the one that has remained Hindu, secular and democratic. (See Pakistani commentators on Ghazwa-e-Hind)

    The current government brought a law aimed to give citizenship to persecuted Hindus, Sikhs and other non-Muslim minorities from neighbouring countries, who had fled to India. These families have been staying in India for decades and had been fending on their own, with no papers, government subsidies etc. Because the previous governments did not help. When this government tried to help, it was painted as an “anti-muslim” act and ignorant liberals and politicians in the west and Europe spoke out against our government. When the government did not budge, Trump’s visit was used to plan and execute riots by Muslim leaders, Left and opposition politicians to embarrass the government and make it appear they were against Muslims.

    I write all this to show how Muslims treacherously use democracy to breed and convert democratic states bow to their diktats. They all want the Shariat, privileges for their kind when their numbers grow.

    Erdogan is pushing migrants into Fortress Europe as the first step to build another Islamic Caliphate. Once the numbers increase they will repeat what they did to India with the help of the British, just before they left.

    Europe and the West have unduly criticised us all these decades. Now the stage is set within your borders. Let’s see if you stay put like ostriches with head-in-sand, or ditch your hypocrisy.

    • This is what Muslims do come as friends as soon as they get a foot hold they destroy there host COUNTRYS they did to India they did it to Afghanistan remember Afghanistan wasn’t Muslim it was buddhist n so may other COUNTRYS this we have to blame on Obama n Hillary why do u think they destabilized the Middle East THE BUSHES REALL STARTED IT THEY GOT THE BIGGEST PAY OFF THEY R VERY TIGHT WITH THE SAUDIS N OTHER RICH OIL STATES THE RELIGIOUS WAR STATED AS SOON AS THE FIRST GULF WAR DID IT TIME TO END THIS ITS TIME TO SEND THEM BACK WERE HAVE POURED TRILLIONS INTO THR MIDDLE EAST SO THE POWERFUL IN THOSE N R VOUBTRY TO GET RICH LOOK AT GERMANY THERE SO CALLED PRIME Minister is a staunch supporter of the Muslim horde no matter what they do who they kill the media is blocked and the news is whitewashed not to show them in a bad light like one so called refugee said you invited us hear we don’t have to abide by your laws. If any other Immigrant group acted the way they do they would’ve been banned pushed out or jailed Poland and 1 other eastern block country is the only ones that love there citizens. Why should the Muslims build a mosque in Greece or any other country that’s not Muslims first of all we the Greeks were slaves to the Turks for 400 years So many countries have suffered so much in so many millions of died at the hands of the turks and other Muslim nations and these so-called liberal politicians have not learned they push the Muslim floor so many countries have suffered so much and so many millions of died at the hands of the turks and other Muslim nations and these so-called liberal politicians have not learned they push the Muslim horde on there citizens n than say u object u will be jailed fined u will bow to us n them. Explain this why don’t Rich Muslim oil states except any of these Muslim refugees not one has been excepted thank you because they want to make the world Muslim this is a holy war watch as soon as the Turks plans don’t work on crashing the borders the uprising. Will come from inside these host nations look at Greek with a Population of around 10 million has over 1 million Muslims mostly men of military age you will see the uprising the guns at bar ready been smuggled population of around 10 million has over 1 million Muslims mostly men of military age you will see the uprising the guns all ready been smuggled waiting to see what transpires if they break through the borders if turkey gets its way if not they will make their way waiting to see what transpires if they break through the borders if turkey gets its way if not they will make their way. With a uprising from inside the host COUNTRIES Mark my words

  • I was hoping after 9-11 the worst day in history at least America would stand against terrorists but apparently CNN New York Times and the US president they’re supporting Turkey. That’s really disappointing 😞

  • All this calls to question
    Turkey’s continued membership
    of NATO.We can then stand back as Russia re-Christianises Istanbul.

  • Every K9 has its day. This man will pay for all the children he has killed. His own Turkish and immigrants. This is a long term problem, he facilitates human smuggling for many years now. Only now the media has shown border clashes. He kills Muslims everyday. He emptied his jails of all jihadis and drove them to the Greek border. Many countries are sick of the Turks and what they have done . Turks get ready the beginning for the end has began for you . We all have to pay for our sins

  • Turkey’s burning desire to creat migrant crisis have been known to western world in the first place but they not only turn blind eye to it but supporting them financially ,nowaday even mainstream media are no longer trustworthy ,media are making distorted,fabricated news with money making view.

  • This the reason that since many years the Greek governments are warning that Turkey gradually makes war preparations. The crazy Erdogan is preparing much worst scenario, starting from the immigrants, which are gathering there in purpose all the last years. That’s why Turkey is not asking visa by any muslim nation allover the word. And the tragic thing is that EU pays for their expenses.
    Turkeys are gathering in purpose all these muslim peoples to use them as a weapon. They are doing the same thing in Libya via the “legal” government who are also fanatics and Jihadis mercenaries among Turkey’s personnel. And guess by whom all terrorists are financed to make atrocities in Europe?

  • Our politicians have failed Wetern countries. We need to vote them out and replace the traitors with patriots.
    It is up to all of us Christians to drain the swamp. Elect patriots to restore our countries and protect our people.

  • Lebanon was the “Paris of the Mediterranean “ 30 years ago. It was a majority Christian population. Then came the Muslim refugees from Palestine and they became the majority. That is the future for Europe!


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