EXPOSED: Erdoğan's Blueprint to Reestablish the Ottoman Empire - The Netherlands Case Study

Turkish led Dutch political party, Denk warns citizens to ‘Get Out‘ if they don‘t want to be a minority in the Netherlands.

It is not conjecture or hyperbole to say that Turkish President Recep Erdoğan wants to take over the world. Political power is being systemically siphoned by pro-Turkey Islamic parties led by Turkish immigrants throughout Europe as part of Erdoğan’s formulaic plan to ultimately re-establish the caliphate.

Erdoğan has openly communicated his imperial formula with the initial phase where Turkey floods Europe with illegal immigrants. He then sends subsequent educated Turkish citizens to legally immigrate into those migrant-dense European communities to run for office and organize the migrants to vote for them. As these Turkish immigrants secure political office, Erdoğan sets up mosques and sends Turkish imams into these countries to train the migrants (mosques also have schools to train the kids). As a final step in this formula, Erdoğan then uses these political parties (and they use the country’s laws) to push his agendas and re-establish the authority once held by the Ottoman Empire.

The Netherlands Case Study

This Erdoğan formula referenced above is taking hold in the Netherlands. Selçuk Öztürk and Tunahan Kuzu, Turkish born Dutch Members of Parliament, have been calling on illegal migrants and Dutch-Turks to bring his sharia-adherent Islamic Denk (or “Think”) party to power in the Netherlands. Denk claims to be an affiliate of Erdoğan’s AKP party, whose goals are to spread loyalty to him and Islam throughout Europe.

In the following exclusively-translated RAIR Foundation USA video, Kuzu exclaimed that the citizens can “f**k off” if they resist unchecked migration in their own country:

“[i]f they (native Dutch) don’t like the variegated Netherlands, where different people of different backgrounds live with each other in a city like Zandaam in a district like Polenbug, then they can f**k off.” 

This infuriated Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders, who responded in a speech in the Dutch parliament:

“I would like to tell him he can get lost himself. You are a poison of this society and democracy. This is our land, not yours, your land is Turkey.”

In light of Erdoğan’s involvement in the latest migrant crisis unfolding at the Greek-Turkey border, an acute awareness of the insidious nature of the Denk party in the Netherlands is critical. A quick review of Öztürk and Kuzu’s behaviors and voting records since coming to office reveal that they do indeed prove to be agents of Turkey carrying out Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s open plan for an Islamic Holy War.

One behavior is their suppression of all connections of terrorism of Turkish origin. In one case, Kuzu slammed the Justice Minister for “pouring oil on the fire” by daring to mention the ethnicity of a “Turkish immigrant” who shot several people on a tram in Utrecht leaving three dead. This tactic would serve to intimidate citizens who may otherwise investigate terror ties. Öztürk also employs intimidation tactics, such as referring to the death of Iraqi civilians during actions taken by Dutch F-16 fighter jets as “murder,” a statement which was condemned by over 600 soldiers and veterans, who “filed reports against Öztürk, accusing him of sowing hatred, insult and defamation.” The smear was repeated by fellow Denk MP Farid Azarkan, illustrating Denk’s loathing of their host country.

Inroads in The Netherlands

Öztürk and Kuzu were expelled from the Labour Party in 2014 and co-founded a new party over their disagreement with Labour’s policies on integration. Specifically, they wanted the term “integration”, which they see as a form of racism, to be replaced by “mutual acceptance.” Neither of the men accept Dutch culture as the dominant culture of the Netherlands.

Tunahan Kuzu and Selcuk Ozturk

The Denk party platform documents state that immigrants do not have to listen to the Dutch and they support discriminatory attitudes:

For instance, a Muslim woman may refuse to be treated by a male doctor. A Muslim may also be an anti-Semite who doesn’t want to be attended by a Jewish nurse. Both scenarios have occurred.

Since Denk’s founding, a majority of Muslim voters from migrant suburbs in Amsterdam and Rotterdam have fueled the rapid growth of the party. Denk secured three seats in its first national election in 2017, and was the largest party in Amsterdam’s Nieuw West district, receiving twenty percent of the vote from the mostly Moroccan and Turkish inhabitants of the area. 

Just like their political father Erdoğan, the three MPs from the Turkish-influenced Denk party were the only ones in the Dutch parliament that voted against recognizing the Armenian genocide. 

As further evidence that Tunahan Kuzu is controlled by Turkey, he recently announced that he is “leaving” the party in the wake of an extramarital affair. Extramarital affairs have been deemed unlawful to Erdoğan, who has sought to criminalize adultery.

Denk Supports Speech Suppression

In another move that should alarm the Dutch citizenry, Denk Party co-founder Selcuk Öztürk called for more control of the media, as in Turkey. After stating that journalists are like “a fourth power, that can do what they want,” he vowed to seek “more countervailing power against the media.”

Additionally, Denk was the sole party in the Netherlands that did not call for the release of a Turkish-Dutch blogger who was arrested for a tweet about Erdoğan. Consistent with Erdoğan’s suppression of speech practices, the party also advocates for “the creation of a 1,000-man strong ‘racism police‘,” because they believed that “too few people in the Netherlands were being prosecuted for racism and other forms of discrimination.” Denk calls for a ‘racism’ and Islamophobia register that would disqualify anyone who was listed in their database from holding public office.

The Dutch experienced some of the power of Erdoğan’s reach when Twitter users in the Netherlands reported anti- Erdoğan Tweets made by Dutch-Turkish columnist Ebru Umar to the Turkish authorities. Umar, who was in Turkey at the time, was immediately arrested and was not permitted to return to the Netherlands for several weeks.

According to the Trumpet;

The [Denk] party highly upholds Erdoğan’s image and suppresses any form of criticism against him. German newspaper Die Welt commented, ‘If other parliamentarians with Turkish origin don’t follow their submissive line, they are accused of being ‘apostates’ and denounced with name and image on the Internet’. Through a method of intimidation, any opposition and criticism is eliminated, and thus Erdoğan portrayed as a political hero.

Ironically former party leader, Tunahan Kuzu, while wearing a Palestinian pin, displayed his own brand of antisemitism when he refused to shake hands with Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu before a meeting at the Dutch parliament in 2016.

Denk, like Erdoğan, pushes an extreme anti-Israeli position. Denk is fighting to prohibit the import of products from “illegal” Israeli “settlements” and wants the Israeli government to reimburse the Dutch investments in ‘Palestine’ they claim the Israeli government damaged.

Denk’s Powerful Reach

The Diyanet, a Turkish governmental unit, has allowed Denk to promote itself in Diyanet-controlled Dutch mosques. There are 146 such Turkish-controlled mosques as of 2018. Denk is additionally fighting to have imams “placed in all schools, hospitals, and the military, whose education is to be paid by the state, but without any state interference in the curriculum.”

According to the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT), Turkey is allegedly paying imams in the Netherlands to urge Dutch-Turks to vote for the anti-integration Denk (Think) party. Mosques funded by the Turkish government in all foreign countries are military outposts for Erdoğan’s soliders:

“The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers”

Turkish Domination of Europe

Turkey has been candid in its desire to Islamize Europe and seize control. As revealed at Foreign Policy back in May:

Alparslan Kavaklioglu, the head of the Turkish parliament’s Security and Intelligence Commission, proclaimed in March 2018 that ‘Europe will be Muslim. We will be effective there, Allah willing. I am sure of that.’ Most recently, in a January 2019 speech in Izmir, Erdogan himself stated that the borders of Turkey span ‘from Vienna to the shores of the Adriatic Sea, from East Turkistan [China’s autonomous region of Xinjiang] to the Black Sea.'”

As previously reported at RAIR, Erdoğan is sending migrants to invade Europe’s borders to help achieve his goal, but he’s also infiltrating the government in the Netherlands and other European countries through proxies like Kuzu and other MPs elected under the Denk party banner. Other examples include the Parti Egalité Justice (Equality and Justice Party) in France, who recently made headlines as supporters of Erdoğan. Further, the New Movement for the Future party backs the Turkish president in Austria.

Violence alone won’t win Erdoğan’s Holy War. Placing subversive elements into positions of power among the ranks of your enemies is another integral part of the Muslim Brotherhood strategy, and it looks like Erdoğan’s proxies are well on their way to penetrating the government in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.

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  • This is horrible and the end of western civilization by the islamic death cult. See Essays on the Ideology and Menace of Islam.


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