EXPOSED: 'Mohamed' NOT 'Christiano' Held Security Guard Hostage in an Italian Church (Video)

Investigators are now examining his cell phone, which had been seized, to check for any contacts with Islamic terrorists.

Egyptian migrant, Mahmoud Mohamed Zin Elaabdin Elhosary, took a security guard hostage yesterday at the Milan Cathedral in Italy. Mahmoud held the officer hostage with a knife until police were able to intervene, disarm and arrest him. Mohamed initially told investigators his name was “Christiano” which Italian papers quickly reported.

The 26-year-old was born in Egypt in El Menoufia and is also accused of kidnapping, resistance, carrying a knife and false declarations of his identity. Investigators stated his name was ” Christian “, but then his real name emerged from the residence permit issued upon his arrival in Italy ten years ago.

Investigators believe that he fled to the Cathedral to evade a routine police check that had asked him for his documents while he was outside the cathedral. Inside, he pulled out the switchblade he had in his pocket and threatened the guard, only to be disarmed by the agents. Investigators are now examining his cell phone, which had been seized to check for any contacts with Islamic terrorists.

According to investigators, Mahmoud had been fired from his job in May, and had become homeless in recent months. The reasons for his firing are still unknown. He was being hosted by acquaintances and relatives from whom he was often estranged. Mahmoud had recently been thrown out of his uncles home for behaving badly and drinking a lot. According to Italian news site, Ilsussidiario, a SIM and a phone were seized at the uncle’s house.

Watch the full length video of the hostage situation and arrest translated for RAIR Foundation USA. Notice the police officers continually call Mohamed, “Christiano”.


Various police speaking with the man who took the guard hostage. This is mostly one officer, but now and again, another of the group of officers speaks to the hostage taker:

Drop it. [unintelligible]

Look, drop it.

Listen, Listen up. I don’t want to hurt you.

Come on. Throw it down. Come on.

Hold it. Hold it. Look. Throw it down.

Look, OK, throw it down.

Let… drop it.

Drop it. There’s no problem. Drop it and let’s finish this.

Look at me. Look at me. Look at me.

Look— what is your name?

Christiano, Christiano, Christiano, Christiano, look at me here.

Christiano, Christiano… Christiano. Let him go.

Christiano, let him go. Drop the knife.

Everything is OK, but just drop the knife.

You just need to let him go.

Look, look, Christiano.

Stand back. I want the space. [unintelligible]

00:01:45,000 –> 00:01:58,000


Christiano, let him go. Put down the knife. Christiano… Christiano…

Christiano… Let him go. Drop the knife.

Drop the knife, Christiano.

It’s a mistake… you know… a mistake. Drop the knife and let’s get out of here.

I am listening… —Listening? —Yes, do I go or you?

Christiano. Let him go, Come on.



Christiano, Christiano, throw that knife away. Let him go. Everything will be fine.

Christiano, Christiano. Look at me, look at me. Look at me, Christiano.

Christiano… [unintelligible]

Let him go. Let him go… —Christiano.

Christiano. Throw the knife away, Christiano.

It’s OK.

We aren’t going to do anything to you. You just have to put down the knife.

Everyone calls him Christiano. He said it now.

Where is it? We’ll look for it. We’ll ask. Find out who we can ask.

Put it down, Christiano.

Christiano, you said there is a room here, you said? You said there is a room here?

Right? We’ll look for it. We’ll ask where it is. OK? Just lay down the knife.

We’ll find out for you, but you have to put down the knife now.

Christiano. Christiano, listen to me… Christiano…

Look at me. Look at me, Christiano.

Look. The room, you told us about a room. Lay down the knife and come with me

to look for this room. We’ll ask and we’ll resolve the problem, OK?

But put down the knife. Put down the knife, Christiano. Christiano.

Christiano, we can’t help you with the knife in your hand, put it down, throw it away. Put it down.

Put the knife down.

Are all the [unintelligible] in the back?

Christiano, let’s talk.

Can you give us more room?

Listen. Let’s end this… [unintelligible]

Look for…look for it [the room] with me, Christiano.

Listen, put it on the ground, and we go get the room. —Exactly.

Look at me. Let him go. Look at me. [unintelligible] Let him go.

Christiano, Christiano. I told you before…

[Female officer] Look at my hands. I’ll come. Easy, easy, will you come with me?

…[unintelligible], Can I? Can I?… I want to help you.

Can I take a step? Can I? Can I come?

All of them. [unintelligible]

No, nobody, nobody,

Can I? [unintelligible] —Listen…

Look, I’ll come.

Christiano, Christiano, Christiano, let’s look for the room.

I’ll come with you to look for the room.

…your mama. Should I get together with your mama? —Huh?

Should I …take off my gear? No, no, no. I’m taking it off.

[unintelligible]. —Yes, I want to help you. I’m taking it off. Look.

Look. On the ground…

[unintelligible] to me… —Look, look, look.

I don’t have anything, look… look.

I want to help you… [unintelligible]

I’m far, I’m far.

Christiano, do you trust me?

I give you my arm; come take my arm…

Christiano… Look, if you trust me, I’ll come… Christiano.

Christiano… Him, what do I do? What do I do with him?

He [unintelligible] there in the corner … in the corner…

This here, I… [unintelligible]

I want to help you. —I have been here many years.

How many years? (suspect) [unintelligible]… —In this house? —Yes.

Christiano, Christiano, everything will be fine, Christiano.

Do you have children, Christiano?

Your mama? Your mama? —Why…[unintelligible]… No.

Now we’ll ask if [unintelligible] been sent… been sent? Come on?

Don’t you want to try? Yes. Don’t you want to try?

Christiano. —I’m a mama. I’m a mama.

Christiano, Christiano. Don’t worry, Christiano.

I don’t have anything. —Christiano, listen to me, Christiano.

Let’s move a little.

Hold it, hold it, hold it. Hold it. Hold it. OK. OK.

Give me handcuffs… handcuffs.

Open your mouth.

We can finish.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.

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