EXPOSED: Social Media Giants AGAIN CAUGHT Assisting Muslims Threatening Genocide Against Hindus (Viral Video)

Prominent Islamic party activist, Abu Faisal, calls for the genocide of Hindus and claims Muslims can easily kill, rape and wipe out Hindus in a viral Facebook video.

“…when we start killing Hindu people, you will not be able to find the dead bodies…” – Islamic activist, Abu Faisal

Facebook, Twitter and other American social media companies are helping Abu Faisal, an India-based local leader in the Islamic political party AIMIM with ties to Saudi Arabia, share a message to his followers which encourages violence against Hindu doctors and nurses treating coronavirus patients, further threatening Hindus with an impending genocide. 

Simultaneously, these same social media companies banned, and the left-wing media smeared, prominent pro-Hindu activists and news organizations condemning Islamic jihad threats.

In this exclusively translated RAIR Foundation USA video, Abu Faisal forbids sick Muslim women to accept coronavirus treatments in the form of injections as he claims they were designed to render Muslim women sterile. Faisal commands Muslim women to question the medical staff if they are Muslim or Hindus when they come to treat them. If the nurse or doctor is Hindu, then Muslims should make the medical staff take half the injections themselves first. Further, he instigates them to force the injections on the Hindu medical staff and break their hands if required. 

Faisal tells his thousands of Muslim followers that the coronavirus pandemic is also just a means to render Muslims jobless, damage their businesses and restrict their movement.

Abu Faisal calls for the genocide of Hindus and claims Muslims can easily kill, rape and wipe out Hindus. Faisal states that cow urine runs in the body of Hindus and that they are a blot on humanity, “swines”, “cow piss drinkers” and a choice of other sick expletives. Faisal warns that if Muslims do not unite, they will be destroyed by Hindus.

The following video was shared on Abu Faisal’s Facebook page on May 2nd and has received thousands of likes and shares:

Despite Faisal’s recent facebook video calling for genocide against Hindus or his prior Facebook “threatening abusive” video towards Syeda Shehzadi, a female candidate running against his political party, the social media conglomerate continues to allows his page to operate freely.

Meanwhile, radical left-wing organizations, many with terror-ties and based in Islamic countries, have successfully lobbied social media companies and the Indian government to silence and marginalize anyone bringing attention to threats of Jihad against non-Muslims.

Equality Labs, a far-left hate based group, spearheaded the targeting and banning of non-Muslims fighting to bring attention to the threats against their lives. The group’s spokesperson accused people of exposing Islamic threats that caused the killing of Muslims:

“Organizations and corporations like Facebook and Twitter have a huge responsibility, and they’re accountable to what’s happening on their platforms when people are dying because of something they read on Twitter, which is where the majority of these hashtags are taking off,” said a spokesperson at Equality Labs.

It is a common tactic of the Leftist fake hate crime industry to lodge unprovable egregious claims such as “people are dying because of something they read on twitter” with no source data to prove their claims. Furthermore, Leftists often “represent facts that are patently true as if they were self-evidently false, and egregiously hateful and bigoted” without any actual attempt to refute them.”

There has been a disturbing trend of Muslims using the coronavirus as a weapon. Coronavirus-linked threats have been additionally made toward Hindus. This trend has been suppressed on social media and enabled by organizations such as Hamas-linked CAIR and the discredited ADL, who have collaborated in the collective smearing of anyone reporting these coronavirus-linked threats.

Transcript: Many thanks to Bose for his translation

Abu Faisal, leader of the Muslim party in India spreading lies about corona treatment…

The issue I am talking about in our country, today I will talk about that they have people’s support… They are using the coronavirus, fictitious name, and playing games, where the number of Muslim bodies is few, and the work they are doing reveals all that, and alerts you.

From today don’t take any vaccine/injection for Corona… will explain more, and share it more. Which type of vaccine are they giving? What is there in the injection that our mother and sisters are not able to get pregnant? Can’t increase the Muslim population. Now I am saying to you, claiming I am not saying it to you people from their group only, they said it *hurling dirty abuses* [I will rape their mothers and sisters]

Don’t take any injection. If any doctor asks you to take the vaccine, break their hands and give that vaccine to them. If any asks you to take the injection, give half the injection to them, then you take the remaining.

Ask the nurse’s name. If she is not MUSLIM, if she is non-Muslim give her half the injection.

—- He is claiming his proof of a unknown caller no one knows who is spreading fake news.

Muslim party leader Faisal claims corona is fake/bogus. Corona is actually a conspiracy by RSS [Hindu nationalist paramilitary org] and the government. There is no corona shurona.

This is an RSS conspiracy, sending this virus to us. By keeping all media working as one, keep targeting only Muslim and Islam, defaming Muslims and spoiling the country’s environment continuously.

[Directing abuse at all Hindus] Those Hindus/bhakt/urine drinkers in this country, their body runs full of s*** and urine.

Because of that [corona conspiracy] Muslims aren’t able to work. Muslims can’t sell anything. Muslims are not able to travel. This is a big conspiracy by the government.

All Muslims get united. What lies ahead is very dangerous, yet there to speak of. Those swords/knives, see our Muslim ladies cut vegetables with them.

When we get the chance [become the majority] we will massacre them [Hindus], children of pigs [abuses]; we will genocide all HINDUS.

If I refuse my own words, it’s Ramadan that is why I am acting controlled. It’s Ramadan; that’s why there are limits. Otherwise, the evils of sinners… RSS *beep* frauds, thieves. Frauds, thieves, children of pigs, urine drinkers. 

If you have blood in your body, think about humanity and humans. Children of pigs, your body has urine in your veins. S*** eaters [hurling abuse]. You people eat/bathe in s***, then how you will have humanity?

We won’t let you drink our urine. You people drink animal urine, children of animals. You people [Hindus] got respect and a name from Muslims until yesterday.

Now you won’t get it, because the world is getting to know your reality. You [Hindus] are terrorists. You people are the worst religion. Remember it … when we start killing Hindu people, you will not be able to find the dead bodies. You can’t hide in drainage ditches or behind the Hindus’ sacred saffron flag.

Muslims enjoyed false claims, abuses and genocide threats against Hindus by their Muslim leader. Muslim followers made abusive comments with more likes and shares by appreciating him for that hate speech video.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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