EXPOSED: Terrifying Islamic tactics being used to conquer Sweden revealed by Journalist Ingrid Carlqvist (Exclusive Interview)

It increasingly appears that it will be Sweden that will be forced to integrate into the Islamic culture.

“Since 2016 there is a crime called ‘robbery against young people”, before that, it didn’t even exist – now it has doubled in three years’ – Ingrid Carlqvist

In an exclusive interview with RAIR Foundation USA, author and journalist, Ingrid Carlqvist, details the concept of “dominance culture”, by Muslim migrants in Sweden.

This happens in two different ways. One of which would be terrorizing non-muslims, with thuggery and intimidation, and recently, with humiliation directed at indigenous Swedish people. But also asserting dominance through the political process.

This has been a frequent theme in Ingrid’s regular podcasts and in that time, what began with gang shootings and a spate of explosions, now includes sadistic crimes committed against young Swedes, both male and female.

Carlqvist asserts Sweden’s ruling party, the Social Democrats, refuse to actually solve this problem despite widespread outcry from the public.

The horrifying reason being “an agreement made with the Muslim council of Sweden in the 90’s where they said, if you promise to vote for us we will give you influence and money for your organizations and so on.” This pact between the Social Democrats and the Muslim council of Sweden is a classic example of the Red/Green axis.

“Mark my words,” Ingrid tells us, “we have a new party, an Islamic party called Nyans, that will try to get into the parliament in 2022.” Nyans wants to make Islamophobia a crime classification all its own in Sweden, and ensure that Muslims are listed in the Constitution as a special group, with special rights.

In other words, sharia.

The horrifying reality is that violent crime committed by, and against youths in Sweden has seen a dramatic increase since 2016.  

A Gatestone Institute article titled, “Sweden’s Victimized Children” notes that “In 2015, there were 6,359 reported violent crimes where the suspect was a child under 15. In 2019, that number had increased to 8,719 reported violent crimes.”

It is easy to dismiss these crimes as robbery, as inevitably some cash or valuables are taken from the young victim. But the primary purpose appears to be humiliation specifically directed against indigenous Swedes as they are sneeringly referred to as “f**king Svens” or similar slurs’ and also, often ending with the victim naked and even urinated on.

And things are getting so bad that not even the mainstream media can ignore it any more. 

Swedish broadcaster SVT2’s nightly news program, Aktuellt,, is at least telling some of the stories and giving police an opportunity to let the public know what is going on. Still, the media uses coded language to avoid any direct reference to who is committing these crimes, and why.

Listen to one young Swedish boy who was robbed, beaten, and urinated on by culture-enrichers in Stockholm recount his horrific attack;

Police chief, Carin Gotblad, from the area of Sweden where the young victim was so grievously humiliated is interviewed below;

Swedish citizens are fed up with Politicians imposting dangerous migration on their communities and the left-wing media calling them “racists” and “fascists” for objecting to it.

RAIR previously spoke with Ingrid Carlqvist concerning the intimidation tactics used by the state against any classical Swedes, as well as left-wing activists towards anyone who dares to report truthfully on the problem.

For years, Swedish citizens have been vilified, demonized, ostracized, de-platformed, hunted down & arrested by the government for speaking out against illegal migration and the effects on their communities.

It increasingly appears that it will be Sweden that will be forced to integrate into the Islamic culture.

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  • This is a copy of what they have done in India, by supporting the Ruling Congress party and have increased their size to about 20% of the population. They call it Ghazwa – e- Hind, which means take over of Hind ( Hindustan- India) . This is again coming from The Kuran, they say.

    They have the same plan in UK, Canada and elsewhere.

    It is pertinent to note that if the same pattern is repeated everywhere, the WORLD should understand it and finish them off or control them strictly. Stop their immigration, put all offenders in Jail, and it will be normal again.

    • We are armed in America, they cannot take over here. They best be on their best behavior in red states where we are armed and ready for them.

      • Nonsense. Muslim populations are growing in Tennessee and other states. What have all those armed white people done to stop black on white violence, exactly? How many white people are killed per year by blacks compared to blacks killed by whites?

        You’ll do nothing whatsoever.

    • Yes, but I should point out that Hindus are doing the same thing to Canada. Go to Toronto and look at the suburbs. They are starting to look like India. We don’t want to be colonized by Hindus any more than you want to be colonized by Muslims.

  • I don’t even blame the Muslims nearly as much as I blame the corrupt and cowardly ruling elites of Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.


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