EXPOSED: Turkish government forces migrants from buses at GUN POINT to be shipped to Greece (WATCH)

“Everyone get off now! I will beat anyone who doesn’t. Now! Run! Go. Go. Go.”

Migrants in Turkey who do not willingly want to go to Europe can be seen being forced off a bus by Turkish military officers and police at gunpoint so they can be ferried to the Greek border, as revealed in this RAIR Foundation USA exclusively-translated video:

Another video showing the abuse was posted on Twitter:

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s has opened his country’s borders with Europe making good on a longstanding threat to flood the continent with 3.6 million Syrian migrants.

As summarized at Breitbart:

“The European Union, including the United Kingdom, funnelled billions of euros to the Islamist government in Ankara in an effort to persuade it to bring the migrant crisis under a modicum of control after hundreds of thousands of illegal border crossings, often by sea, in 2015-16.

“That deal unravelled at the end of February 2020, as Turkish president Reep Tayyip Erdogan announced migrants were free to pass through his country and into Europe, seemingly as punishment for the West’s failure to offer sufficient support to his invasion of Syria, which has become fraught with danger as his forces clash with the Russian-backed Syrian government in Idlib province.”

Erdoğan controls the migration flows to Greece and continually uses the “migration weapon” to extort more money and other political concessions from the European Union.

RAIR Foundation USA recently reported on how the the Turkish government is not only transporting migrants and migrant prisoners to the Greek border but also arming them with tear gas to fight Greece’s border agents.

The actions of the Turkish authorities are inconceivable and should be perceived as an act of war by the European Union.

Transcript: many thanks to Bose for the translation:

Get off the bus. You are going across now.

What do you mean off? What about the kids?

We will cross on a boat. On a boat…Look, Turkish soldiers will take you on a boat. We will take a boat to Greece.

Then, why did you come? Why did you come? Why did you come?


Everyone get off now! I will beat anyone who doesn’t. Now! Run! Go. Go. Go.

Move it! Get off! Get off, son! I am telling you to get off! Move it! Quickly! Quickly! Empty this bus! Are we going to take care of you! [unintelligible] Move it. Get off! Come on! OK, OK, OK… Don’t be a drama queen. Get off!

[unintelligible] Everyone off! Everyone out! Then why did you come? What do you think this is?

Get off the bus! Don’t make this difficult! Don’t cause trouble! Everyone off the bus! Shut up! I’m not going to mess with you.

Did you ask me before you had the child?

Get off! OK, get out! Everyone off the bus! OK. Move it. Get off! Look? Get off now! There is no going back. Get off. Get offff! Don’t make me use force! Get off the bus! Quick… Let’s go quickly…

Look, I don’t want to turn you over to the soldiers. How is that my problem? What did you come here for? Why did you come? Get off!

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.

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