Exposed: U.S. Left-Wing Media Exploits Rabbi Attacked in Vienna (Video)

A woman threatened the man with a knife, tore his kippah off his head, kicked him and shouted anti-Jewish slogans such as “Slaughter all Jews”.

An antisemitic attack on an Austrian Rabbi was carried out in Vienna on Thursday. A woman threatened the man with a knife, tore his kippah off his head, kicked him and shouted anti-Jewish slogans such as “Slaughter all Jews”. Passers-by reportedly looked the other way instead of helping the Rabbi.

The U.S. left-wing media has focused a lot of their attention on this antisemitic attack in Europe while ignoring most of the harassment and violent attacks against America’s Jewish population. Did the media choose to highlight this specific incident because they actually care about antisemitism or because it took place in Austria under conservative leader Chancellor Sebastian Kurz? Meanwhile, the media selectively chooses to ignore the tens of thousands of Jews who have been forced to flee left-wing led France and Germany as direct response to their mass-illegal migration policies.

The perpetrator remains on the run and the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Counter-Terrorism has taken over the search for the attacker. Law enforcement have not released a detailed description of the attacker other than she is approximately 50-years-old and was seen wearing a gray coat.

The incident follows an Islamic terror attack in Vienna on the night of November 2, 2020. An ISIS terrorist opened fire in the city center, killing four people and wounding 23 others. Investigators recently revealed, the Muslim terrorists main target was a Catholic Youth group inside a Church. He failed as their door was locked.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and his political party The Austrian People’s Party (Österreichische Volkspartei, ÖVP), who are close allies to Vienna’s community of 10,000 Jews, immediately condemned the attack on Twitter stating:

I condemn today’s anti-Semitic attack on a rabbi in Vienna in the strongest possible terms. We have to fight anti-Semitism with all determination and do everything we can to make Jewish life safe here in Austria. Because Europe without Jews is no longer Europe. “

“This attack is an attack on Jewish life in Vienna,” wrote Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (of The Austrian People’s Party) on Twitter after the attack in Vienna’s Landstrasse district. “In addition to the increased protection of the synagogues that has already been ordered, all measures are being taken too quickly clear up this apparently anti-Semitic attack. There is no tolerance for anti-Semitism – regardless of whether it is politically or religiously motivated.”

Rabbi Avichail Apel from the Orthodox Rabbinical Conference of Germany (ORD) is disturbed by the increase of attacks against Jews in Europe. A surge which is primarily the consequence of the mass-immigration of Muslims to Europe. The Rabbi was also particularly shocked that no one had the courage to stop and help the Rabbi:

The spiral of violence against Jews continues to turn. It is frightening that such acts and attacks on the street are increasing – in a society that is more and more subject to permanent stress tests. What makes me particularly concerned is the sad fact that passers-by did not help the attacked rabbi. No one should be indifferent to such an attack, it is just as much an attack on our society, its diversity and values. We need more moral courage and we must not accept such attacks.”

Watch the following news report by Austrian news station OE24.TV which has been translated exclusively for RAIR Foundation USA:

Conservative leader Sebastian Kurz has been a target of the Europe’s left-wing politicians and media since the charismatic conservative leader was appointed minister in charge of integrating migrants at the age of just 24. Kurz was known for his hardline approach toward migrants from the Muslim world.

The media’s attacks only escalated when he was elected chancellor in 2017 at just 31 years old. Since taking the reins, he has continued to fight to preserve Europe’s historical values, close the country’s borders, end mass-migration, and crack down on Islamic terrorism.

The left-wing press has previously smeared Chancellor Kurz and his government as far-right and nazi-sympathizers. In actuality, Kurz is a staunch supporter of Israel, a friend of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and has adopted the strongest anti-Nazi policies in Europe. For example, Kurz’s government recently passed a resolution condemning antisemitism and the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement against Israel. Ironically, most of the left-wing media despise PM Netanyahu. Furthermore, most of them support the antisemitic BDS movement which calls for nationwide boycotts of Jewish-owned businesses similar to what the Nazis did before trying to exterminate the Jews.

If the U.S. media was in fact concerned with the safety of the Jewish people and antisemitism, why have they criticized the Chancellors’ policies of monitoring mosques for constant denigration of Jews and antisemitic threats? Why have they criticized his government’s desire to properly vet Muslim immigrants to Austria to see if they are capable of living in a multilateral society? Why have they criticized his ban on foreign funding of Islamic organizations? And why are they not demanding a more thorough description of the attacker so that the rest of the Jewish community might be able to be on guard should they see her approaching?

If the Rabbi’s attacker turns out to be another Islamic terrorist or “refugee,” will America’s left-wing media do a follow up story on the Rabbi? Will they support the Chancellor’s policies protecting Austria’s citizens and its Jewish population?

What was probably anti-Semitic attack on a rabbi Occurred on Thursday evening in Vienna’s 

A female attacker threatened the man with a knife and tore the kippah off his head.

She is said to have shouted inappropriate slogans and then fled.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz reacted immediately. He writes on Twitter:

“I condemn the anti-Semitic attack on a rabbi in Vienna today in the strongest possible terms.

We have to fight anti-Semitism with all vigor, and do everything to make Jewish life possible 
and safe here in Austria.

Because Europe without Jews is no longer Europe.”

“This attack is an attack on Jewish life in Vienna,”

Interior Minister Karl Nehammer also said in a broadcast.

In addition to the already strengthened protection of synagogues, all measures are being taken 
to clear up this obviously anti-Semitically motivated attack quickly.

There is no tolerance for anti-Semitism, regardless of whether it is politically or 
religiously motivated.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.

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