Exposed: Virologist Reveals New Covid Cases Appearing in Vaccinated Patients in French Nursing Homes (Video)

“…the rise in new cases is occurring in vaccinated patients in nursing homes in ‘Montpellier, in the Sarte, in Rheims, in the Moselle…'”

Virologist Christine Rouzioux dropped a bombshell during an interview with a French news outlet. There has been a new wave of coronavirus cases among nursing home patients who already received the vaccine.

Rouzioux made the jaw-dropping statement on an episode of 24H Pujadas with David Pujadas (see transcript below). In the video translated exclusively for RAIR Foundation USA, the virologist said that the rise in new cases is occurring in vaccinated patients in nursing homes in “Montpellier, in the Sarte, in Rheims, in the Moselle…”

Speculating that the cases may be “English variations,” Rouzioux said “studies are underway” to determine the cause of the phenomena.

Considering that the vaccines are not approved, one has to wonder what the point is of taking an experimental injection that may not even be effictive.


Many thanks to Oz – Rita for the translation!

The problem is that over the last few days an important phenomenon has appeared in several nursing homes all over France, for example in Montpellier, in the Sarte, in Rheims, in the Moselle. 

At several places the epidemic has resumed among the vaccinated, among vaccinated the civil servants. I remind you that the nursing home residents were the first ones vaccinated starting in January.

They have had both doses, so the protection is really significant, and it is not a default of protection connected to a recent vaccination, I am told.

So they tell me, “It is old people.” I understand, but in fact we cannot see it among the young, because the young have not yet been vaccinated, but it is quite important information, because there are not many severe forms, there are some, but there is great fatigue, a respiratory insufficiency; they eat less there are phenomena of malnutrition.

This absolutely calls into question the “protection”, and this means that there is circulating…

…the information from the Institut Pasteur is that these are English viruses, and studies are underway to see if these could be variations of English variations, if you will, but anyway, it is important to take this news into consideration, and I believe the main message here is that even when vaccinated, let’s be very careful with our contacts, and let’s continue with our preventive measures. We will look more closely at these nursing homes …we will take a closer look, because it’s important information.
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