EXPOSED: Western Females Groomed to Embrace Islamic Garb as Afghani Females Shot for Improper Attire (Video)

Muslims have launched a sharia propaganda campaign aimed at veiling non-Muslim western girls using TikTok.

After the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan and declared they would reinstate Sharia (Islamic law), a group of brave women took to the streets of Kabul to demand that their rights to education, work, and political participation be protected. The Afghani women are terrified that the Taliban will strip them of the progress made in the last 20 years.

While the woman led their protest, reports surfaced that Taliban men gunned down a woman in a small Afghan province for not wearing her proper sharia burqa attire.

Many Aghani women reverted to their traditional attire and refrained from wearing Westernized clothing once the Taliban took over Afghanistan. Historically, the Taliban has required women to wear full burqas, so their entire body was covered, including a mesh over their eyes. In addition, under Islamic law, it is unlawful for women to leave the house with their faces unveiled.

Fearing attacks by the Taliban, stores around the city of Kabul quickly erased all traces of female advertisement images,



Women under Sharia and Taliban rule are not to be without guardianship and permission, from her father to her husband or the other male family members (if she is widowed or divorced). Many news outlets are reporting that young females are already being forced to marry Taliban fighters.

Stonings, honor killings, floggings, and even the mutilation of female genitalia are sporadically employed in Afghanistan to keep women in their place.

While brave Afghani women are protesting for their rights and freedoms, German and Austrian girls are being targeted and brainwashed by Muslims into thinking Islamic coverings are empowering and make them more beautiful.

Muslims have launched a sharia propaganda campaign aimed at veiling non-Muslim western girls using TikTok. The video-sharing platform has already been under scrutiny for its illegal use of data about children and ties to the Chinese government. Young women in German and Austrian cities are approached by Muslims who offer to “restyle” them with Hijabs and Islamic body coverings. Muslims film the young western girl’s “hijabi transformations” then post them on their TikTok channel. The channel is linked to an online Hijab store.

The videos are inundated with comments by hundreds or thousands of what appear to be Muslim men, praising the girls for their beautiful Islamic transformation. The videos are being celebrated among radical Muslim circles.

This embracement and glamorization of Islamic headwear and bodywear are helping to advances sharia in Germany, Austria, and the West. Cultural jihad is the attempt to change and subvert Western culture from within, or more simply put: to Islamize it. Sharia fashionwear is an example of a cultural and civilizational jihad   and the submission of Western non-Muslim women to that jihad.

As the Islamic scholar, Dr. Bill Warner explains, “most people see the hijab as religious or cultural, but the hijab is a symbol of the Sharia and has a very political meaning.” Thus, the hijab in the west is not about modesty or fashion but a hate symbol and a commitment to Sharia:

To learn more about the dangerous Hijabi Transformation campaign, read the following article originally posted at Exxpress and has since been translated by RAIR Foundation USA.

“Hijab Transformation”: New TikTok Trend Promotes Veiling to Girls
by Anna Dobler

A new trend on the video platform TikTok is intended to make the headscarf palatable to girls in Germany and Austria. For this, young women are “restyled” with a hijab in a pedestrian zone. The videos are very popular in radical Muslim circles.

Currently, videos under the title “Hijab Transformation” are storming the TikTok charts and are seen and shared by hundreds of thousands – but the message is questionable. The short clips, which at least at first glance appear to be advertisements for a Frankfurt-based merchant in hijabs, are also being eagerly circulated in radical Muslim circles.

They always follow the same pattern: a friendly voice approaches young, usually lightly dressed women on the street and asks if they would like to try out a headscarf. Then the “hijab transformation” takes place in a before-and-after styling show manner. The young women then look at the result in the mirror with complete enthusiasm. Not only is their hair covered, but their shoulders and décolleté as well. They are assured that the hijab looks very good on them. And in the comments, hundreds of male users confirm how “much prettier” the girls are after the transformation.

The clips are shared thousands of times and have now even conquered the TikTok charts. But, unfortunately, this content is also spread by supporters of political Islam, along with the message that young women are now much more attractive to men: “Wallah, so pretty,” floods the comment section in many languages.

It is questionable if all the videos are authentic. The scenes seem staged. However, this isn’t unusual on TikTok. The problem is that the platform is particularly popular with children and young people who have not yet acquired sufficient media skills to judge the authenticity of the content.

Islamic messages on the rise on TikTok

Like no other religious community, Islam has succeeded in recruiting followers on TikTok in German-speaking countries. In addition to completely innocuous videos that educate people about the Muslim faith, more radical content can be found there time and again. It is packaged in a way that appeals to young people. For example, teenagers tell how they have found a supposedly better life thanks to the Koran. In addition, videos often pop up in the charts that address the issue of forced marriage in a positive light.

Children come into contact with the content by chance

Many parents don’t have TikTok on their radar and don’t know exactly what content their children are watching there. As a rule, “trending videos” with many positive reactions are recommended, including the “Hijab Transformation” clips. In plain English, this means that children come into contact with the content by chance.

Last year, TikTok was the most downloaded app worldwide. It is believed to have more than one billion users worldwide.

The videos that are packaged to young people feature teenagers preaching how much better their life is thanks to the Qur’an. Video also addresses the positiveness of forced marriages.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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  • The photos disgust me. Europe already has a dire future with Islam and Turkey. U.S. citizens must stay vigilant against Islam. Know what is happening in your county and State. Please parents, understand the danger of your children using TikTok. There is so much garbage on it. Islamic propaganda is as bad as the Chinese communist propaganda. I worry so much about our youth in the States.


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