FACT: 'The Unvaccinated Are the New Jews' - Don't Let the Left Tell You Otherwise (Video)

The Holocaust didn’t start with death camps. It began with propaganda, scaremongering, scapegoating, and segregation.

Thierry Baudet, leader of the Netherlands’ populist party, Forum-for-Democracy (FFD), caused outrage among the establishment when he compared his government’s discriminatory policies towards the unvaccinated to those of Jews during the Second World War.

In a social media post to Twitter on Sunday, Baudet stated, “The current situation can be compared with the 1930s and 1940s. The unvaccinated are the new Jews; the ignorant exclusions are the new Nazis and NSB [National Socialist Movement in the Netherlands] members. There, I said it.”

Baudet’s statements are in response to a newsletter from opinion pollster Maurice de Hond, in which he expressed concerns about the Cabinet’s proposal to ban all unvaccinated people from specific locations. 

De Hond, who is Jewish, recognizes the same pattern of slow, systematic exclusion of people that mimics “the experiences of my parents from a period that is the blackest page of our history.”

Predictably, the left immediately launched attacks against the popular leader. Outgoing Deputy Prime Minister of the Netherlands and Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge called Baudet’s statements “disgusting, totally inappropriate and very hurtful to many people.” Additionally, Sigrid Kaag, leader of the left-wing Democrats 66 party, commented on Twitter, “he seriously damages the authority and dignity of the Chamber. I feel shame about that.”

To further exemplify the staggering truth in Baudet’s statements, many called for his imprisonment. 

Dehumanizing the Unvaccinated

It is dangerous to qualify people (the unvaccinated) as scapegoats, sources of disease, or profiteers, explains the FvD party. Historically, there have been (and are) vast and conclusive examples of the genocidal playbook that all begin with the political and social dehumanization of the “offending” population. 

Baudet’s party detailed that leading up to and during WW2, ordinary Germans were so blinded by propaganda that they actually cheered the hunt for the Jews. They were so severely brainwashed they felt morally obligated to help facilitate the slow and miserable demise of innocent people and families. The parallels to today’s policies are shocking.

According to Hugo de Jonge, only vaccinated people have taken social responsibility. Unvaccinated people are “antisocial” and therefore deserve to be expelled from society. Further, anyone who allows themselves to be pricked does so selflessly “for another person.” Those who do not let themselves be pricked “only live for themselves.”

According to state propaganda, unvaccinated people kill the vaccinated by taking up hospital beds, preventing good vaccinated people from undergoing surgery.

Shocking Parallels

Six million Jews did not agree to die in gas chambers. It started with small, measured steps.

Baudet compared the systematic exclusion of the unvaccinated with the exclusion of Jews in the 1930s and 1940s. Shockingly, there is much similarity in how the Jews were treated during the years leading up to War. There is also this similarity in the “measures” taken. As early as April 1, 1933, the German state organized a boycott of Jewish entrepreneurs and professionals. In September 1935, the state passed comprehensive and restrictive legislation on nationality and citizenship. Jews were placed outside the “German people’s community” with these laws.

In the Netherlands, it began when Jews were prohibited from working in the air protection service on July 1, 1940. This was followed by banning Jews from government service. Then Jews were no longer welcome at Amsterdam markets. In November, it was announced that Jewish civil servants would be suspended; they would later be fired on February 21, 1941. On January 7, Jews were forbidden to visit cinemas. A few days later, all Jews must register. Signs reading “Jews not wanted” appear in various public places.

Lockdown For Jews

Austria and the Netherlands have recently implemented lockdowns for only the unvaccinated. Similarly, in the past, the Netherlands only had lockdowns for Jews. Baudet’s FvD party detailed the measures that were taken against the Jews before WW2:

January 10, 1941: Compulsory registration in the Netherlands of all persons “wholly or largely of Jewish blood.”

March 12, 1941: Jewish students were no longer allowed to study at the university.  Jews were no longer allowed to have their own company. 

May 1: Jewish doctors were banned from treating non-Jews

April 1: Jews in Haarlem were no longer allowed to enter cafes, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, libraries, and swimming pools. 

May 31: Jews were forbidden to visit swimming pools and beaches. They were also no longer allowed to rent rooms in some seaside resorts or visit public places in those areas.

September 1: Jewish students were prohibited from attending regular schools and educational institutions.

September 15: Jews were forbidden to visit parks, zoos, cafes, restaurants, libraries, hotels, theatres, cinemas, and museums. Also, Jews were no longer allowed to travel or relocate without a permit. From this moment on, ‘Forbidden for Jews’ signs appeared in the streets.

October 20: The Jewish Council was obliged to register all Jews in the Netherlands. There was also a new regulation that restricted Jews from exercising certain professions.

On October 22: Jews were required to t leave non-Jewish associations and foundations. 

December 5: all non-Dutch Jews were required to report for ‘voluntary emigration.’ 

January 9: public education for Jews was banned on January

January 23, 1942: identification cards of Jews were marked with the letter ‘J.’ 

May 3: Introduction of the Jewish Star, effectively sealing the fate of Jews in the
The Netherlands.

June 5: there was a complete travel ban for Jews. 

June 12:  Jews were prohibited from shopping outside during certain times and were only allowed to enter a limited number of shops. They were also no longer allowed to practice sports. 

June 30: Curfew imposed. Jews were required to be home between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. 

July 6: Jews were no longer allowed to visit non-Jews.

The similarities to today’s unvaccinated people in the Netherlands and many countries worldwide are shocking. Laws are being changed solely to implement vaccine policies, putting unvaccinated people in the same terrifying position as Jews in 1930s Europe. The unvaccinated are already being fired in many countries, which the Netherlands Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, is also trying to implement as law. People without a vaccine pass, or “Green Passport” (as it is called in much of Europe), are no longer allowed to travel by public transport. In Canada, the unvaccinated are not even allowed to leave their country anymore. 

Austria tried imposing lockdown measures on about two million unvaccinated people. Now the state is mandating vaccinations for the entire population. Watch the following clips of Austrian Police officers monitoring compliance with the lockdown for the unvaccinated:

Auschwitz Did Not Fall From The Sky

Early last year, 94-year-old Auschwitz survivor Marian Turski gave a speech during the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the camp’s liberation. The Pole, who was imprisoned in the camp in 1944, had a warning: Recognize the signs. “Auschwitz didn’t appear from nowhere. So one could say, as we say in Polish: was not an implicit matter of course.”

The Nazi camp didn’t drop from the sky, he reminded his audience, but was the endpoint of a process that began with exclusion: from park benches, food stores, chorus’, swimming pools, and social clubs. Once they established a new reality of stigmatism, segregation, and exclusion, it was an easy next step to strip further rights, dehumanize, and brutally extinguish that minority.

But be careful, be careful, we are already beginning to become accustomed to thinking, that you can exclude someone, stigmatize someone, alienate someone. And slowly, step by step, day by day, that’s how people gradually become familiar with these things. Both the victims and the perpetrators and the witnesses, those we call bystanders, begin to become accustomed to the thoughts and ideas, that this minority that produced Einstein, Nelly Sachs, Heinrich Heine and the Mendelssohns is different, that they can be expelled from society, that they are foreign people, that they are people who spread germs, diseases and epidemics. That is terrible, and dangerous. That is the beginning of what can rapidly develop.

Turski, along with his family, was forced into the Lodz ghetto and later deported to Auschwitz, called on people not to remain indifferent when people are discriminated against and “whenever any government violates already existing, common social contracts.”

The survivor implored people to remain faithful to his Eleventh Commandment: Never be a bystander. He then addressed his daughters and grandchildren, warning them to “defend the constitution, defend your rights, defend your democratic order, defend the rights of minorities” and above all, “thou shalt not be indifferent.” Turski explained, “if you become complacent, before you know it, some kind of Auschwitz will suddenly appear from nowhere and befall you and your descendants.”

Watch Marian Tursk’s powerful speech:

The Holocaust didn’t start with death camps. It began with propaganda, scaremongering, scapegoating, and segregation. Unfortunately, the comparisons to 1930s and 1940s Nazi Germany are valid. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • My sense is that the “New Jews” are going to kill the “New Nazis” before they can put them on the railroad cars to the extermination camps.

    • I hope you’re closer to right than wrong. We’ve had (in the USA) a couple of generations where history has been taught with serious twists and omissions. CRT, although nonsense, is catching on in many of our institutions of “higher learning.” While they have torn down statues of Washington, Jefferson, et al, Abraham Lincoln is next, followed by Martin Luther King. Yes! “Thou shalt not be indifferent,” or who will help when they come for you?

    • Interesting to see Cuomo in the audience @ 14:09 minutes into presentation. Clearly no take-a-way knowledge after his “performance” as NY Governor during “pandemic”. Part of the “great” reset.

    • Do you really believe that the weapons that “we the people” possess are any match for the high tech weaponry of the state? Sure we have the ability to pick off a few here and there, but in doing so we only strengthen the resolve of the many remaining. May as well be going after them with fly swatters drawn and at-the-ready.

      • Looks like the weapons taliban possessed (even though inferior to the ones “we the people” have) were quite a sufficient match “for the high tech weaponry of the state…”

      • The citizens of the U.S. Buy more guns in one year than the top four militaries in the world combined. Which armed forces has over half a billion guns and trillions of rounds? None.

        • 50,000 US casualities versus 1.5 MILLION commie dead (1 decade of guerilla war).
          a weeks Tet offensive -where commies staged
          CONVENTIONAL war? 200 G.I.s dead versus 70,000 Viet cong-(the entire VC army and all their Chinese and Soviet supplies destroyed)-which is why North Vietnam finally agreed in Paris to end their war,allowing U.S. to pull out.
          Nixon had talked China out ,but after he was gone,Soviets resupplied the North while democrat congress cut off South from promised resupply in the face of a new full NVA invasion.
          even WORST than that was CARTER backstabbing the Shah,throwing Iran to the Islamists (THEN the Soviet/Afghan invasion after Marxists overthrew Aghan’s constitutional monarch).

  • That has already been said:

    “BUILD BACK BETTER”, is nazi-Schwabes, climate scam, great reset, and mRNA genocide evil people’s new slogan replacing the old slogan “ARBEIT MACHT FREI” where the unvaccinated are the new Jews and the Covid Quarantine Camps are the new modern Auschwitz, Bergen Belsen and Dachau.
    The Yellow Star is also replaced by the Covid Passport.
    If you have negative covid passport, or the worst, no Covid Passport at all, it is a sign that you are the enemy of the World Economic Forum and all their members, and away you go to disappear in the covid quarantine camps. No gas chambers needed this time, because you go directly to the camp’s cell waiting for your coffin. So no mess in the camps with cleaning the gas chambers of bodies, or messing with bones and ashes at the crematories, no, this time it is only just ordinary normal clean funeral stuff with your coffin.
    And this time the extermination is much more effective and cleaner, since the Nazi elite (=WEF members and followers) already poisoned most of the citizens with slowly killing most modern poison mRNA, which is a more cleaner method than giftgas Zyklon B (poison gas Cyclone B). So no need for gas chambers and crematories. The new modern Cyclone B is today not produced by IG Farben, but this time by BioNTech, Germany!, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen.
    The scary “extermination camp” names; Chelmno, Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, Majdanek and Auschwitz-Birkenau has now the more friendly name: Quarantine Camps, that are already built, and will be built in every country.


    Is the third dictatorship coming?
    By Marianne von Rosen November 16, 2021

    Marianne is 91 years old. What she’s currently experiencing reminds her of times gone by.
    She wrote this story down herself.

    I, Marianne, am the senior citizen of the family, born in 1930, 91 years old.
    What I am currently experiencing reminds me strongly of the times that I have already experienced twice.

    I was born near Stralsund, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.
    My grandmother was Jewish, so I was quarter Jewish.
    My mother was half-Jewish, but red-blonde.
    You couldn’t look more German.
    I was also sun-blond, with long hair and a braid that was up to 1 meter long.
    We lived in a village with three liquor factories because the water there was particularly good.
    My father was employed by the Raiffeisenbank in Stralsund.

    From 1933 on, our life gradually changed.
    My father lost his job at the bank because he did not want to part with his half-Jewish wife.
    He was allowed to work in one of the liquor factories that belonged to a relative.
    Many children were suddenly no longer allowed to play with me.
    If I played with our pastors’ daughters and the children of one of the schnapps manufacturers came there too, then I had to go home because the parents of these children refused to have contact with non-Aryan children.

    At school, my older sister and I got worse grades because we were non-Aryan.
    We weren’t allowed to join the BdM, the Association of German Girls, so we weren’t given a uniform or a scarf with a knot. Later, when we went to the Girls’ Lyzeum in Stralsund, we were no longer allowed to sit with Aryan children on the train to Stralsund.
    We needed our own 2nd class compartment, which of course had to be paid for by my parents.

    We were not allowed to take part in many excursions.
    One story is particularly schizophrenic.
    Grand Admiral Dönitz, chief of the German Navy, visited the Stralsund naval base.
    In an open car, like Adolf Hitler, he drove through the city, the streets lined with cheering spectators and a large contingent of the Hitler Youth in their uniforms.
    On the main street I, the non-Aryan girl, was allowed to give him an eel.
    Because I wasn’t afraid to say anything and I looked so Germanic with my blonde hair and long braid like no other girl at school.
    In addition, I was given the appropriate BdM clothing (white blouse, black skirt, brown jacket with insignia, black scarf with knot).

    After handing over the eel, I had to hand over the BdM insignia, scarf, knot and jacket.
    In the evening a reception was given in the theater in honor of Dönitz.
    There I was needed again as a particularly Germanic-looking girl.
    I received the complete BdM clothing again, stepped on the stage, said: “Heil Hitler” and announced with “German greetings”: “The Stralsund young girls choir is now singing …”.
    There were a total of 3 songs that I announced.
    After the event, all of my clothes were removed from me because they were reserved for the Aryan girls.

    The Gestapo carried out raids on our home several times.
    But my father received a discreet tip in advance so that the family was never home during the raids.
    I even went to Görlitz twice at the age of 13/14 with my 7-year-old brother from Stralsund because our paternal grandmother lived there.
    The other grandmother died of cancer at the age of 32.

    I particularly remember Christmas 1944.
    My mother tearfully asked my father to shoot her so that all the terror could finally come to an end.
    That was when I saw my father cry for the first time.
    The next day he was picked up by the Gestapo.
    It was really “heartbreaking” moments.
    Later my father also had to go to a concentration camp because he did not want to get a divorce.
    So we lived with great worries and were relieved when the war ended and the Russians moved in.

    Life in the GDR dictatorship

    Then the second part of my story began, life in the GDR dictatorship.
    My father was always open, honest and steadfast.
    That’s why he quickly came into conflict with the SED bigwigs.
    He was repeatedly in GDR prisons because he was accused of sabotage and the like.

    I myself always said what I thought was right.
    I have seldom held back my criticism of the system.
    I was only able to take the Abitur because I joined the FDJ (Free German Youth) at short notice.
    Shortly after graduating from high school, I left the FDJ.
    I started a teacher training course in which I entrusted my opinion on the political situation to an older, very friendly and helpful colleague.
    Unfortunately it was an “IM”, an informal employee.
    He immediately passed this information on to the “Stasi”.

    I was walking through Stralsund one afternoon when I met a friend and said: “What, you are still here? You’re already being wanted. ”
    I went home quickly (we lived in Stralsund after the end of the war) and saw two completely“ inconspicuous ”men walking back and forth in front of our house.
    I called my parents from a friend.
    That same night my father found me a way to escape to Berlin in a truck that was being used to smuggle car tires from West Berlin.

    It was scary, but I arrived in East Berlin unmolested and took the subway to West Berlin.
    There I was able to report to the refugee office and later also received recognition as a political refugee.
    This is how my time in the second dictatorship, the GDR, ended.

    The third dictatorship

    Now I am witnessing the entry into the third dictatorship.
    It started with the law of epidemic emergency.
    This law is similar to the Enabling Act of the Hitler era.
    Parliament is overturned and under the aspect of “epidemic emergency of national scope” a kind of emergency regime was started.

    In 1933, not all anti-Jewish measures were passed immediately.
    They came only little by little and got sharper over time.
    Because of this, many Jews thought it was unnecessary to leave the country until it was too late and from 1941 onwards almost all of them were sent “into the gas”.
    Now it’s starting exactly as it was in the thirties.
    Mask mandate is exercised, although a large number of studies since 1974, i.e. long before the Corona period, have shown that these masks, including the surgical masks, do more harm than good.
    Our decision-making elites are inaccessible to logic.

    Before I wasn’t served for being a quarter Jew.
    Today I am no longer served without a mask or am not even allowed to enter the shop.
    Then the vaccination is propagated, so that many get vaccinated because of social and professional pressure, even though they do not like to do it voluntarily.
    They hope that they will be able to participate in social life again.
    You are not convinced, but just too weak to defend yourself against the vaccination pressure.
    Gradually, 2G and 1G will be introduced.
    Unvaccinated people are marginalized and basic rights, which are not called basic rights for nothing and which we have at birth, are converted by the rulers into privileges for vaccinated people.

    Our political elite turns the so-called illness and death numbers exactly as they want.
    Above all, Karl Lauterbach, SPD, stands out particularly strikingly.
    What about the swindle with the corona deaths, with the intensive care beds, with the “epidemic emergency of national scope” that is being extended ever more?
    A factual discussion is rejected, a critical paper from the Ministry of the Interior, which showed the damage caused by this policy very early on (April 2020), is dismissed as a private opinion and the official who drafted this opinion as head of disaster risk reduction is sent into early retirement.

    Critics of the political and health-related measures are defamed, put under pressure, intimidated by raids and, in addition, brought into a “Nazi milieu” via the local press.
    As in the 1930s, people are defamed and denounced, and the judicial system is largely brought into line (judges who have not adapted are put under pressure).
    The children are persuaded that they could kill their grandparents with a corona infection.
    They are required to wear masks in schools and in the school yard, although the number of children seriously ill with Covid 19 is extremely low.
    Today children are no longer considered healthy from birth, but as a threat to their fellow human beings.

    Mental damage

    I get dizzy when I think of 1945 with the millions of deaths, the destruction, the unbelievable emotional damage, also in later generations.
    Unbelievable emotional damage is being done again today.
    The child psychiatric clinics are overcrowded.
    Many children no longer like going to their schools because they are constantly forced to use masks and tests.
    They can no longer see the faces of their teachers.
    The facial expressions of their teachers are particularly important for the little ones.
    We have seen that 10-year-olds could no longer run 50 m after a year without school sport because they got breathlessness. Many children have gotten fat in the past year and a half.
    “Home schooling” as a miracle weapon is only of limited use.

    There is so much that has gotten worse without there being an imperative to do so.
    Many doctors, the official media, the churches, the government and many others are calling for total vaccination, of course “on a voluntary basis”.
    The “unvaccinated” are allegedly inconsiderate, infectious and no longer socially compliant.
    They should be marginalized and curtailed in their activities.
    They suddenly pose a threat to the “vaccinated”, although the vaccination is supposed to offer protection against a new disease.
    Officials are lying through their teeth.

    The division of society into good = vaccinated and bad = unvaccinated is already well advanced.
    Hatred is sown by the elite for those who disagree with government.
    Many citizens agree to this and also begin with hate speeches against the “deviants”.
    The number of informers has increased, also encouraged by the political elite.
    We experienced it first hand here in Gersfeld.
    If it continues like this, and there is much to be said for it, then the division in society and outbreaks of hatred will increase considerably.

    I am currently experiencing the same thing that I have already experienced twice, in the Third Reich and in the GDR.
    The opponents are silenced, possibly sent to prison (or later to a concentration camp), the compliant and the followers are rewarded and the whole dictatorship now starts over for the third time.
    I never believed that I would have to experience such a development again.
    But a large part of our population, especially in the western federal states, has learned very little from the history of the Third Reich and the GDR.
    Almost everything is currently running as it was in the catastrophic years.
    I hope it won’t end as terribly as 1945.
    I’m still a living witness.
    But in a few years I’ll be dead and my story forgotten.

    The article first appeared in the printed Epoch Times weekly issue on November 13th.

  • If the left really cared about me and mine… they would give me 460K per family member up to a million for our family.

  • It starts out with telling you that one group is “privileged”….that is code for saying it ok to take from the “privileged” group.

  • According to S. Wiesenthal “there were no extermination faCILITIES ON GERMAN SOIL DURING THE WAR”. To understand the war and the work camps you only need to read the headlines in 1935-36 where they say “JUdea declares war on Germany” again. “Jews of the world unite against Germany”

  • I live in Germany after living 22 years in England and Asia many of those in China.
    What happens today has happened 100 years ago exactly to the letter.
    There and then as here and now the same families from the same occult backgrounds use the same game plan to do the same all over again just slightly different with different names.
    By their actions I shall expose them.
    And all the footprints lead to Klaus Schwab and through him to Henry Kissinger who is the cog of the Rothchild and Rockefeller Mafia who is behind all of this.
    It is fascism 3.0 together with an infrastructure of corruption where one pawn replaces the other but all actions are synchronized same as one hundred years ago.
    But we have a choice and I invite Amy and anyone to look at my writings where I expose Elon Musk Klaus Schwab the “Green New Deal” (Fascism 4.0).
    The “Green new Deal” in particular is of interest because I personally invented what I say is the absolute in transportation technology that is faster than the fastest missile but produces absolute zero emissions.
    Now the “Green new Deal” promises us net zero which is a scam by 2050 which is too late. On the back of the technology that we have right here right now we can have absolute zero emissions by the end of this decade with the greatest infrastructure the world has ever seen.
    Just like the Jews before fascism needs a target and this time it is us.
    They the Occult install anger in the people this is called “The invocation of RA”.
    RA is not just a god it in an expression of anger and anger they install in we the people.
    People fight for their freedom which will give the authorities the excuse they need to install a more tyrannical government and add more laws and more brutality.
    Then when the people had enough and want to take their freedom back there will be civil war everywhere.
    When this happens they will make their final move which is to release a robot army of ai drones and ai war machines against you and me curtesy of Elon Musk DARPA Klaus Schwab and Tesla’s new robots.
    Then there will be no escape.
    I know their plans better than anyone because of what they did to me and my life as well as I know technology quite well.
    I invite Amy and anyone to feel free and contact me and I shall give all information I have to expose them as I do.
    We are living in the 21st century and we shall never be enslaved again.
    Have a look at my writings on Substack.
    Fritz Freud
    Viva la Revolution

  • Very well said and done.

    The present American House of Representatives, led by the Democrat, ie, New Fascist-Totalitarian Party, treats Rep Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) as though she were a humanicidal reptilian from an alien world in female Earthly camouflage, shape-shifting her way from one House motion to another. How so?

    One reason is that she is on record as having proposed, as one of her many valid and on-target political points, in essence, just what this article delivers: the unvarnished, naked truth re the increasingly barbaric and flatly unconstitutional national policy toward the unvaccinated and its eerie likeness to the NAZI middle-era treatment of the Jews — that atrocious regime’s warmup, marginalizing and ostracizing exercises in what later became, in just a few years hence, full execution of the Final Solution.

    Being the first born to Holocaust-surviving parents from Belgium and Czechoslovakia, respectively, I’m keenly sensitized by and quite aware of the relevant history, ie, being just one generation removed and yet intimately familiar with the earliest steps and slow creep toward the near-complete genocide of Europe’s Jews, 80 years ago.

    And so, I applaud and follow the most unfortunately, but — given the clear and distinct nature between the two parties, that of relative evil vs relative good — understandably marginalized, constantly demeaned and defamed Georgia representative’s historical insight, courage, and principled conviction in her attempts to call attention to the sociopolitical, tyrannical parallels between today’s medical-global, and the Third Reich’s monstrously eugenic, supremacist methodologies.

    Beware the slippery-slope similarities, Harvard history professor George Santayana would have likely remarked, early last century, upon a magically constructed but careful review of the presently proposed historical parallel, separated by 90 years of time. He would have argued, I think, that 21st century Americans study far better to understand the comparable history of the similarly structured and detailed 20th century event — both critical and defensive rumblings of today suggest a great ignorance of what led to the earlier era’s event’s closing episodes — so as not to let the same, most tragic debacle repeat itself. People, are still human beings, still social animals governed by nature’s physical laws (if not already hybridized here on Earth to some extent by alien, intra- or intergalactic populations and forces), but sometimes, afflicted now and then by a socially malignant mass hysteria or psychosis, they are worse.

  • One small comment, there is no lockdown for uninjected in the Netherlands. Yet! (I live here) We are not allowed on the terrace of bars anymore (we were already excluded for entering bars and restaurants, movie- and other theathers) but so far we still have the option to get in with a negative PCR scam test (which ofcourse you have to pay for yourself – €30). But it’s not far. They are talking about implementing 2G even for your workplace. We’ll see. But the blindness of the majority is stunning. Every year the 4th of May on Damsquare the ‘never again’, and they are doing it again. Unbelievable.

  • Yes, and Feb 28th, 1933 a presidential emergency decree suspended basic civil rights for the German people for an indeterminate period and eliminated safeguards against arbitrary imprisonments.
    “Life unworthy of life ” justified killing their own so called useless eaters and the desensitized carried out the dirty work in the future.
    “Never Again” Lord help us!

  • I have thought of the similarity of all you are saying and I believe we are in what I call The Shotocaust!! Sadly, the German Jews were naive at first, like some of us are (I’m not) and we all know what happened to them. This is too similar lately to the Holocaust and we all need to wake up and pray to God to save our country.

  • Oddly, the reformed Jews are some of the few orgs holding onto the Vaxx mandates. “Case closed” I was told by one Synagogue President, supported by his Rabbi who didn’t want to “debate,” despite recent change in CDC guidelines stating no longer any difference in treatment among “vaxxed” and “unVAXXED” humans.


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