Famous Italian Writer Appeals to Putin: 'You Stand for the Last Stronghold Defending Western Values' (Video)

“I ask you, President Putin, to keep in mind that your enemies are neither Italy nor the Italian people.” – Ornella Mariani

Ornella Mariani is a famous Italian writer, historian, and noted EU-skeptic. The respected author released a video addressing Russian President Vladimir Putin and her government’s recent hostility towards Russia. She explains to the Russian leader that the rogue Italian government’s actions vis-à-vis the Russian invasion of Ukraine do not reflect the sentiments of the Italian people.

The famous writer has drummed up a lot of controversy in the past for objecting to the government’s Covid vaccine mandates. She has declared herself an objector to the socialist government’s “vaccine agenda” for ethical and moral reasons.

Mariani slammed Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi, explaining that the “Italians are waiting to quit.” However, she saved her most stinging critique for the globalist European Union, “But most of all, Italians wish to quit the Nazi, corrupt entity called the European Union.

For decades, the two countries have had strong economic ties, but the invasion of Ukraine has spurred the socialist government in Rome to realign with the EU but not without a high cost to Italy. Italy receives more than 40 percent of its natural gas from Russia. The Kremlin could cut off much of Italy’s fuel in retaliation for joining in on Russia’s European sanctions.

Beyond Italy’s economic ties with Russia, Mariani recalls the support Putin gave her country during the “first upsurge in Covid.” In an aid operation, the Italian media dubbed “From Russia With Love, over 70 planes arrived in Italy with soldiers, virologists, epidemiologists, medical equipment, and pharmaceuticals to combat the virus. Russia lent its support to the Italians when help from Europe and America was scarce.

Italy has also “responded to the appeal” of President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine for military arms, equipment, and vehicles. Like many Italians, Mariani rejects her globalist Prime Minister dragging Italy into an unlawful war with Russia and fears the effects it will have on her Italians.

Watch Ornella Mariani’s video appeal to Putin which has been translated by RAIR Foundation USA:

Read the video transcript of Marian’s appeal:

I am appealing to the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin. In order to clarify the Italian Government’s stance, the Italian Government’s hostility is ascribable to the Italian Government only.

It is not the Italian people’s hostility. Italians still recall the Russian physicians’ support during the first upsurge in Covid. And the gratitude we feel towards them is vivid.

So I wish to tell President Putin to keep in mind that the Italian people did not make these decisions. They are not Italy’s decisions. They were made by a group of unlawful representatives because we have a Parliament that does not identify with the people’s will.

A Parliament that is not in line with the people’s will. Our Constitution has been definitively dismissed. And many of us, who are not few, are forced to represent ourselves alone.

I ask you, President Putin, to keep in mind that your enemies are neither Italy nor the Italian people. Your enemies are Mario Draghi, the regime opportunists who indulge his delusional acts, and most likely, the Quirinal [presidential] Palace dweller, who didn’t say anything about Article 11 of the Constitution, and that is outrageous. Because Article 11 of the Constitution rejects war and considers it doable only as an instrument of defense.

The Constitutional Charter has been overturned. But above all, the stance of the establishment is not in line with the Italian people’s wishes.

Let’s be clear about that. Italians are waiting for this Parliament and this Prime Minister to quit. But most of all, Italians wish to quit the Nazi, corrupt entity called the European Union. Mr. President, you can help us do it.

And I am asking you to reconsider the rigorous resolutions you are about to apply against Italy, which you have blacklisted among other countries.

In order to make a distinction. Please, apply those resolutions against Mario Draghi and his partners only. And not against a nation that is helpless, weak, defenseless, and above all, misinformed by the subservient mainstream media.

In the eyes of those Italians, you stand for the last stronghold defending Western values and, above all, the ethics and culture of my country. Thank you, Mr. Putin.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Yes Putin, get rid of these corrupt EU leaders that take their orders from Klaus Schwab, Fauci, Soros, Gates and all the rest Great Reset and Genocide criminals!
    Merkel, von der Leyen, Draghi, Marin, and all the rest are as dangerous as Trudeau, Macron and Ardern, etc.

  • Problem is: for us, Russians, “Western Civilization” is not worth saving. It’s been antagonizing us in the East for so long, we got convinced that we are not part of it and we don’t want anything to do with it. But yes, we’re happy to help others getting rid of chains and self-appointed masters.

  • Isn’t that true for 70% of Americans too. We are lorded over by criminals and insane people who do not represent us but instead bleed us dry and cause us grief and misery.

    • This will all end abruptly if and when the saudis begin selling oil in all currencies. mainly in yuan. That free money from the banksters propping up the casino on wall street making all the gullible 401k participants (which is by default practically in everyday work places when u hire on) will come crashing down giving u its real value based upon the true value of the dollar. Most people dont know or dont care many of these large corporations are “zombie” companies who create virtually nothing and only remain solvent through an immense ponzi scheme in collaboration with US government and central banks AKA the FED. Now it appears the Fed has made it even easier to borrow as big firms can skip the US treasury and go straight to the FED window and borrow at less than 1%. How much are u charged for that credit card? The dollar will lose reserve currency status once the world accepts the fact that the dollar is backed by NOTHING. So what will the central banks do retain hegemony? WAR.

  • why would putin do shit for the west? all we do is let our unelected leaders create war for the banksters and go about our business pretending its not our fault. Even now we have dumbasses (civilians) sending arms and ammo thinking they are fighting against tyranny based upon propaganda media scripted by the elite. Faked bombing footage taken from other wars and so on. Oh… i am not blind to putin’s ways. I am sure he had his political opponents taken out years on. I do believe he wants to protect Russia from the west and will do anything he can to make it so. What does The US government do? poison our water, food stuffs, our air and now our medicines(as if it wasnt bad enough to begin with). Gee who are the real criminals here? I dont see weapons of mass destruction. I see paid off politicians lining their pockets with laundered money thru ukraine. Our entire system of government is corrupted by the likes of soros, gates, and klaus Schwab to name a few.


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