Father Beats and Sexually Abuses Daughter to 'Check if she is Muslim' - Sweden Refuses to Deport

Sweden’s left-wing government has chosen to import Islamic values that clearly demonstrate a lacking value for the rights of women

Sweden’s left-wing government has chosen to import Islamic values that clearly demonstrate a lacking value for the rights of women. Examples abound of the Swedish courts embracing sharia by allowing criminal activity in the name of Islam to escape typical penalties.

Mora courthouse

“Sexually abused his daughter to “check if she was Muslim”, by Fria Tider, January 25, 2021

“A 45-year-old Afghan man in Dalarna has been sentenced to prison but escapes deportation for sexually abusing his daughter on a number of occasions. He blamed the abuse on the daughter and told her to ask Allah for forgiveness, according to the verdict.

The man came to Sweden in 2015 from Afghanistan together with his daughter. The abuse against the daughter was committed while the daughter according to the Swedish population register was around 14 years or younger, until May 2020.

On a number of occasions, he lay down next to his daughter in her bed, kissed her and caressed her breasts while masturbating or pressing his sex against her and making intercourse-like movements.

The girl told in interrogation that the father after the first opportunity explained to her that what had happened was her fault and that they would pray together to receive Allah’s forgiveness.

When they lived at the home of a Swedish couple, he lay down near her in the morning, itched against her and “said he would check if she was a Muslim”, according to the verdict.

According to her daughter’s passport issued in Afghanistan, she was born in 2005. It has since emerged that the girl received from her mother that she was in fact born in 2007 and that she is therefore 13 years old today.

The abuse was discovered when the Afghan in the spring of 2020 abused his daughter in front of their neighbors after she had lost a mobile phone. The girl told the Swedish couple about what she was exposed to.

The father, who has several other children in Afghanistan, has denied the crime and claimed that he “only showed love” to his daughter when he lay next to her in bed. He also states that he “had problems with his penis” with itchy rash and that it was “difficult to control the itching”.

Mora District Court has now sentenced the man to 10 months in prison for four cases of sexual abuse of children and one case of assault. However, he is allowed to stay in Sweden because the prosecutor had not demanded that he be deported.”

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.



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