FBI, Media Ignore Majority of Bomb Threats, Focus on HBCUs to Promote Racist Narrative

By focusing on bomb threats against HBCUs and ignoring other bomb threats, the FBI & legacy media cater to the radical left’s racist agenda.

Historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) have been targets of “bomb threats” according to the partisan Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and their allies in the legacy media. But bomb threats are nothing new and are targeting non-HBCUs, as well.

“The FBI is investigating these cases as racially or ethnically motivated violent extremism and hate crimes,” a press release dated February 23, 2022, declared. It does not take much digging to poke holes in the “racism” narrative. On any given day local sources report bomb threats all over the country. Most bomb threats do not make the national media unless the target (HBCUs) promotes the leftist racist agenda.

A highly political NTAS [National Terrorism Advisory System] bulletin from the Department of Homeland Security dated February 7, 2022, warns that HBCUs have been experiencing bomb threats, but along with “other colleges and universities, Jewish facilities, and churches…”

See some of the easy-to-find results of a search for “bomb threats” in America from this week alone:

But cherry-picking facts to support a never-ending race-baiting narrative is sadly par for the course in today’s partisan climate. The opportunity to drum up fear over supposed racist acts, despite zero evidence of any such thing, has proven irresistible.

Where are the Suspects?

Back on February 1, 2022, ABC journalist, Luke Barr tweeted that the FBI “identified 5 persons of interest in relation to the bomb threats made against HBCU’s the past two days.”

The very next day, on February 2, 2022, the FBI put out a statement that they are investigating the bomb threats as hate crimes.

So where are the suspects?

During an exchange related to the bomb threats with DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis Leader John Cohen and Deputy Director of George Washington University’s “Program on Extremism” Seamus Hughes, Cohen confirms that bomb threats are not limited to HBCUs, but also “other schools around the country” including “a number of bomb threats here [Washington D.C.] at high schools…and middle schools…”

Note that this exchange took place on February 15, 2022, two weeks after the FBI initially said they were investigating the bomb threats as racially motivated hate crimes:

Notably, Seamus Hughes said “one of the callers in their [bomb] threat mentioned they were from the ‘atomwaffin division’….” This appears to be based on a statement from Police Chief Jakari Young, who gave a press conference in the wake of a bomb threat to HBCU Bethune-Cookman University.

Was Jakari Young really saying that neo-nazis said they were behind the bomb threat? At the time, neo-nazis gained national coverage for harassing people in Orlando.

Watch the relevant exchange:

Notably, Belvin Perry, chairman of the Bethune-Cookman Board of Trustees, fed into the lie by saying “white supremacist and hate groups thrived under the Trump administration, and the resulting effect is a more visible, emboldened presence.” He asked: “Why is this attack focused on historically Black colleges and universities?”

By focusing on bomb threats against HBCUs and ignoring other bomb threats, the FBI and legacy media cater to the radical left’s racist agenda. The bomb threats have been occurring since early January, yet the below report and many others state that the bomb threats coinciding with Black History Month prove a racist motive.

Watch this report at MSNBC:

Unfortunately, the FBI and the legacy media will never provide evidence of their politically-charged claims. Citizens must hold the liars accountable, or the lies will continue.

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Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.



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