'Female Chauvinism': VOX Party Slams the Left's 'Pathological Hatred of Males' (Video)

“I don’t need any protest to be aware that I have the same rights as men.” – Vox’s Deputy spokesperson Macarena Olona

In a fiery debate, the Deputy Spokesperson of Vox in Congress, Macarena Olona, ​​dismantled a socialist proposal that criminalizes males for being male. Olona condemned the left’s “pathological hatred of men” and assured us that “violence has no gender.” 

“Men do not rape. Rapists do. Men do not kill. Murderers do. Men do not abuse. Abusers do. And men do not belittle others. Cowards do,” declared Olona. She continued, “As a woman, as the mother of a boy, as a daughter, as a sister, as a politician, as a Spanish woman, and as a candidate running for the presidency of Andalusia, I affirm that violence is genderless.”

Practically the entire Spanish Congress of Deputies supported the left-wing assertion that there is a so-called gender violence crisis in Spain. The only dissenters were the members of the Vox party, the country’s only conservative party. As Olona explained. “we have raised the flag of equality, and we are not going to lower it.”

Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) initiative is urging Spain’s left-wing government to “combat sexist speeches and denials of gender violence” based on their opinion that the fact of being women produces a specific violence against women.” Vox rejects this left-wing talking point and accuses the Socialists of hating males while abandoning real victims of violence:

Which is nothing but female chauvinism because it is based upon the mere pathological hatred of males.

Do not speak on behalf of millions of Andalusian people, men, and women, especially women.

Whom I am representing today to tell you: “Do not speak on our behalf.”

Because we perceive men as complementary persons and not as enemies.

Because we do not criminalize a sector of society on the basis of their sex.

Because I don’t need any protest to be aware that I have the same rights as men.

Because I certainly defend children and families with great pride.

Don’t you dare speak on our behalf! And, by the way, you are one step away from continuing to apply the policies that have abandoned the real victims of family violence.

That is, the number of murdered women, whose annual average is not decreasing. But also homosexuals, grandparents, children, siblings. Who in your eyes, do not even deserve one minute of official silence.

You have created first-class and second-class victims.

Watch Vox’s Macarena Olona’s powerful rebuttal to the left’s anti-male agenda:

Although the proposal will be voted on next week, all the parties, except Vox, have already stated that they will vote in favor of the Socialists’ proposal. However, some groups have wanted, without luck, to introduce some amendments to its content. 

Olona was the VOX party’s candidate for the regional presidency of Andalusia in Spain’s elections a few days ago. She did not win the presidency, but she made a respectable showing with 13.5% of the vote. Juan Manuel Moreno of the center-right People’s Party of Andalusia was the winner with 43.1%. His party will be supported by VOX in the regional parliament.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • ???
    I was under the impression that there was no difference between
    male and female. No one today can define what a woman is.
    Shaka Khan of Rufus sang a song years ago called, “I’m Every Woman.”
    If these “beings” who are sometimes refered to as “women” get raped, who
    are the ones doing the “raping?” Maybe the Swedes might tell us/


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